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lionpants wrote:
I can clear T16 maps with ease, but Fortification Syndicate encounters are such a pain in the ass. Syndicate members in general usually are.

Am I missing something?

I think what really made a difference for me was +1 curse with Assassin's Mark on top of Vulnerability, and if you have like a 5-link vaal double strike, that feels like a cheat code to be honest - good for breaking walls and generally cleaning up. Syndicate melts like butter with that combo and evaporate altogether with flasks on.

I'm on just above 7k life with one life-on-hit ring as well as using Grace, so unless the high tier map mods are crazy, I don't even see the hp go down. If I roll for quant, then I can sometimes see the hp bar spike down to like 500-1000hp, but the leech and leech rate is insane and it's back to full immediately. Very rarely get one-shot, but that can happen. Remember that at the end of the day, offence is the best defence.

One place where this build struggles is absorbing physical damage. While normally Minotaur and Chimera are easy to face tank depending on the character you're playing, it hurts on this scion, especially Minotaur. Again, vaal double strike is literally the cheat code. It's not an insane one-shot shaper character, but with everything mashed you can kill a phase-less guardian in like 1-1.5 seconds.
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Want Practice Against Uber Elder? https://poesimulator.github.io/

I don't need to play POE anymore and waste my time on leveling. Thanks!
Is possible fight breach bosses with this build ? Any tip to do it ?

Otherwise,anyone has some tip for get exp faster , after reaching 90 ?

Just wanted to share that I just killed Uber Elder for the first time with this build, it was a blast and only lost 3 portals. I'm sure with more practice, deathless is attatinable.
Curious question, but would you also recommend Carcass Jack's Varnished Coat for a chest in place of Bronn's Lithe considering the increased AoE and AoE damage?

Thanks in advance!
What's your opinion on Belly of the Beast as a 6L chest?
is this build still going to be viable with the balance changes for synthesis that affect leech / slayer ascendancy for scion?

thanks in advance
POEfan111 wrote:
is this build still going to be viable with the balance changes for synthesis that affect leech / slayer ascendancy for scion?

thanks in advance

Ascendant - Slayer
No longer grants 20% increased Damage while Leeching. Now grants 30% increased area of Effect if you've Killed Recently (up from 20%). Now also grants 50% reduced Maximum Recovery per Life Leech.

This is straight from the patch notes. The translation here is "per life leech".

Cyclone in itself doesn't actually hit really hard each tick of the skill.

However, it will definitely hit the build.

There are many ways to help this out:

Carnage heart - 50% increased Life Leeched per second.
1.2-2)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life

Unless there are new crafts that deal with life leech, this amulet will become the most stable/wanted amulet for the build. (Please add in more information if you have any)

As mentioned this past league and much earlier, if you want to become tankier, try Slayer/Jugg for ascendancy choices for a slower, yet more defense oriented approach if that is your cup o' tea.

Now I'm not sure about the exact crit chance with this build, but even when we are getting a nerf on leeching, do we, on the other hand, get a buff on the 100% critical strike chance? What is the exact critical chance we can achieve here, please?

Also, do we really suffer that much with the leech nerf? I was not even using Vaal Pact much....

Also, I was going to do a Winter Orb build during Synthesis. No way, Tesla Cyclone since Incursion on the way!

Hello Vashseden and friends,

I followed you build in the Incursion league, and it was a BLAST. Fast clear, nice DPS, easy to play and understand. It was my first good character.
I did not play in Bestriary nor in Delve, but I came back in Betrayal. Tried some trap build, not for me. So I did this build again. And obviously, due to the league "mechanics", I got OS by every syndicat member. I had to change this so loved speed farmer to survive my syndicat encounters, and I learned a great deal from it. Especially since i am a total noob.

I managed to do Shaper and Red Elder without dying consistantly, even though I never tried them before this league. I managed to reach depth 300+ without any problem, did not go deeper as I could play 1 month only.

I tried, Slayer/Jugg, lacks the speed and DPS from this build. Raider ascendancy is a must to me. Also the tree management was a pain. So i went back to Raider/Slayer, included 2 Might of the Meek for Hp, and changed some items.

Overall, I definitely lost speed and QoL (no blood magic on leap, very small mana pool), but boi you have to make serious mistakes to die. And the build stays cheap if you do not take the +1 curses amulet combined with the Vulne gloves. I ended up changing the gems in the weapons, as i did not manage to craft the rings i wanted. It actually works nicelly.
Aspect of the spider is some bonus DPS boost on bosses, and the new war banner is INSANE.

The Cyclopean Coil belt brings some nice QoL (cannot be frozen), and combined wil a "no corrupted blood" gem, you never die by lack of attention. Kaom's root are fitting nicely also, but one could change them if you want another setup, such as Bubonic Trail, emptying blood rage from helm ( inducing possible use of blood magic), and leaving one slot for utility (portal? I love it). Carnage Heart is so good that'll never try to replace it again.

Regarding the chest, i like to keep it cheap with a Belly of the Beast, great res helper and life. However, i'll try this league to move to +%crit with maim chest, and see if I can replace the sword. Same goes for the ring, will not being worth 1c, way better ones can be obtained.

For the burst, vaal haste, flasks and adrenaline form banner allowed me to pop T16 syndicate members in less than 2 sec.

As I am still in the learning phase (aren't we always?), any input on the build is welcome.


EDIT: I see that 14% res are somehow missing with the current gear, probably tried to change some jewels before stopping playing.
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