[3.4] Farrul's Hybrid Blade Vortex Trickster

Welcome to a build that balances high damage and EHP with multi-layered defenses for good survivability in PoE's endgame.

Feel free to ask any questions or add comments that can improve the build.

Showcase of a Uber Elder fight: https://youtu.be/v3GQgFgyQW4

Standard lvl 100 Gear and Gems
PoB Code: https://pastebin.com/5rYDK2Kp

9,8K EHP. 2 million Shaper dps w.o. flasks.

Budget Version lvl 90
Budget Version PoB Code: https://pastebin.com/nQMnC08Q

This is a lvl 90 version with what I think is the minimum gear requirements. Stats, gear breakdown and cost analyziz (click on links, choose your league to see costs). In addition comes the costs of recoloring items, the skill gems, enchants and master crafts. If you get this then these are some of the stats you will have:

800K Shaper Dps without flasks active (1,1 million with flasks)
6000 life
2200 ES
830 Es Recharge pr. second
1,25 seconds ES recharge delay
69% Evade chance with Blind active
27% Block Chance
10% Attack Dodge chance
29% Spell Dodge Chance

It can be equipped with a lvl 21 Blade Vortex at level 72 http://poe.trade/search/kamorikamenzum

It requires a total of 95% fire, cold and lightning resistance from gear at level 90
It requires a total of 46 Dexterity from Gear at level 90.
It requires 3 core items:

Farrul's Fur body armor - http://poe.trade/search/uinarunohuseno
Farrul's Bite helmet - http://poe.trade/search/asimasorenikii
Dagger or Sceptre with 2x Gain 30-40% of Physical damage as Extra X Damage + open prefix or suffix - http://poe.trade/search/miretonarimere

2 rings (preferably Diamond's) with min. 70 life and 60 resists and an open prefix for Leo lvl 3 ES recharge craft (get 18-20%) -

A pair of shaped gloves with minimum 8% Global Blind on Hit, Life and Es/EV (Dex, resists, attack speed and open suffix is bonus)

Amulet with Dex, Spell Damage, life and Crit Multi -

Atziri's Step Boots (with mana regen enchant if you have mana problems)

Es/Ev shield with minimum 200 Es and 90 life (can use pure ES shield as well) -

Stygian Vise Belt with minimum 40 Es, 80 Life and 36% resist, with a open suffix -

6 Cobalt Jewels with life and spell crit. multi (also look for resists and other useful mods on these)

Hypnotic Eye Jewel with life and physical spell damage

Then the following flasks (Switch out Atziri's Promise for Wise Oak in Ele.Weakness maps):

Watcher's Eye Jewel with ES Recharge:
Watcher's Eye Jewel with Hatred Crit:
Watcher's Eye Jewel with Hatred Crit and ES Recharge:

For leveling follow this guide made by Zizaran


If you help Alira for the Bandit Reward in Act 2 she will give you:
5 Mana Regenerated per second
+20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+15% to all Elemental Resistances

Use Hatred and Herald of Ash until you get the 4th and last ascendancy node, then you switch to Discipline and Hatred. You can also wait to this point with taking the Essence Surge nodes and getting Leo's ES recharge on rings.
Order of Ascendancy points: 1.Harness The Void->2.Weave The Arcane->3.Swift Killer->4.Specc out of Swift Killer and take Ghost Dance and Escape Artist(Same time you switch to Discipline and Essence Surge nodes and Leo lvl 3 Es recharge on rings.

For Pantheon Powers I generally use Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Ryslatha.

Moving, always moving. Moving gives mana, moving makes harder to hit. Moving costs no mana and increases attack and cast speed. Es is life - it is a buffer from big hits, attack when on full and retreat when on low. ES recharges fast, can go over 1K pr. second. Must keep up blades, 10 is max. Stop to make blades, move and attack, stop to make blades, push all flasks for max damage, rinse and repeat. Instant life flask as emergency buttons, slam and gtfo.


T16 Elder Haunted Mansion:


Shaper run:


Uber Elder:


Uber Atziri / Alluring Abyss:


Poorjoy's Asylum 25 million xp. pr hour @ lvl. 99


Hall of Grandmasters run:


Why Farrul's Fur and Farrul's Bite?

1. Free Aspect of The Cat (Like having a Aura with no reservation)https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Aspect_of_the_Cat
2. Permanent uptime of frenzy and power charges
3. Armor turns into a 200+ ES chest when using Trickster's Escape Artist node, the helmet 1K+ EV
4. Adds both offensive and defensive stats that synergize well with Trickster
5. Looks like you are wearing a Predator cloaking device

Ring DPS Combo
A very high damage from rings, and fairly cheap, can be obtained by using a Elder ring with crit. multi, and the unique ring Mark of The Shaper. I didn't use it in the video because the shaper balls from the ring makes the fight messy and more dangerous

Endgame Shield
Endgame shield can be crafted using Essences of Scorn on a ilvl 86+ Supreme Spiked Shield base. These shields can only get spell crit from essences. I spent about 200 Screaming Essence of Scorn to get a shield with high life, es, ev and spell crit. I ended up with one without life but spell damage instead, it was just too good to roll over..
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Did Uber Elder for the first time, got him down on 1st try.

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Made a video of Uber Elder fight:

Kitty's Guide On Post Formatting - view-thread/1913874

Chroming this was a pain D:

well, leveling my trickster now, lets see how it goes.
Meow meow secret mission meow


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I gave up on getting 5 blue and 1 green - phys 2 lightn. instead of empower would work well.
Then its possible to do go full conversion and run phys reflect maps, just swap in Hrimssorrow.
Less mana cost as well.
Atziri would also be easier, now I have to lower my damage to not get killed by her 1%(?) reflect.
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Dont think its worth grabbing the 4th frenzy charge by shadow area for 2 more points?
also didnt get lucky enough to hit 5b 1g D:
Meow meow secret mission meow


I prioritize jewel slots over frenzy charges, depends on how good jewels u got I guess.
Just test the changes in PoB and do what feels best for you. I spent a bit amount of time min maxing
the stuff i put together, trying to get the best balance between damage and survivability.
I think the threshold for good damage with blade vortex is around 800k to 1 million shaper dps without flasks active, after that just put everything in defense - life, es, eva, blind, dodge - u name it.
I actually specced out of a life node and the power charge node I had after you made that comment, spent the 3 points on a jewel slot and gained more life and damage. Had a pretty perfect unused jewel in my inventory for it.
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Hi, how do you sustain mana? because i have 210 mana unreserved and i cant sustain BV
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p3tr3b wrote:
Hi, how do you sustain mana? because i have 210 mana unreserved and i cant sustain BV
Do you have Weave The Arcane node for Trickster? And lvl 3 Enlighten linked to Hatred and Discipline? And the Quick Recovery nodes with life and mana regen?
And you need to use shield charge all the time, moving restores 10% mana 20% of the time.

edit: AND I forgot to mention, the Potency of Will node cluster is important for skill effect duration, that again affects the blade sustain. You can also get up to 15% skill effect duration on rare elder boots. Mana regen on gear will also help.
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