[3.4] Teleports Behind You - Poet's Pen Lightning Warp & Arc, MF / Facetank t16 / Shaper / U. Elder

Yeah this build is not tanky at all, the title is misleading. It's got great clear but you're just so squishy against syndicate and endgame bosses. If you're looking for a build to carry you through all content I'd look elsewhere.
TheOfficer wrote:
I am having a lot of fun with this build. I have pretty much everything minus the Impulsa. Maybe 3.4 but there is no face tanking in 3.5 with this build, you stop attacking aka leeching and your dead 1 hit. 99% of the time it's no big deal because most of everything dies before it has a chance to do anything to you but when you do get hit you know it. Some bosses will just one shot you regardless of hitting them since they attack the whole screen via aoe. Overall though a pretty decent character. Very fast farmer and Ossuary Syndicate farmer.

I have the same question : How its possible to face tank with this build? I really have a bad time against bosses. Its sad because i did that build because of the Facetank mention U_U
Anyone running this build at higher levels?

I'm level 92 and can destroy a T15 or T16 map but have had some frustrating one shot deaths. Trying to figure out ways to make it a bit more defensive and am looking for suggestions.
80% loreweave would help a lot, inpulsas really isn't necessary.
You can't facetank everything but most of it you can.

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Cheers OP for the good times

Had several good leagues out of this build

Whatever army I have, I'll lead against them...
...until I've won or I'm dead.
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colwyn wrote:
Cheers OP for the good times

Had several good leagues out of this build

Same. RIP my favorite mapping build :'(
I wanted to try this build this league, I've never tried poet's pen and am annoyed now I'll never get to try the unnerfed one.

I heard Uber say that poet's should still be good as long as you have enough attack speed, and attack speed isn't usually too hard to get, but that doesn't apply to this does it?
i think you still can use various set ups with the PP nerf but it won't be as efficient anymore.

my bigger question is how is the game mechanic going to work when you have dual poet's pens. will the attack animations alternate?

becoz its kinda funny if you have warp lightning on one and arc on the other and when you barrage the warp lightning and arc takes turns triggering.

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(((( i hope he will work ;]

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