Skill Revamps - Part 1

Dominating Blow Please! :D

It was my favourite build in the way back when. I'd go ham if it ever comes back into viability.

It never ceases to amaze me how well the devs have always taken community criticism to their advantage. Many devs would be crippled by the perceived negativity. I think its what makes this game continue to be so great for me even after thousands of hours. The only games I have played more of are D2 and LoL. I have no doubt that one day this will be my most played game of all time.
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Sounds good, I hope that there is a emphasis placed on making the skills feel good to use, I think the whole skill casting/ attacking system system needs a bit of a rework to feel more in line with modern ARPG's and not a clunky old DOS game.

Please dedicate a patch to making the game *feel* good, I know you can mitigate the jankyness with speed... but it is very off-putting for newcomers
Grand Slam and heavy strike come back? Good NEWS
Hell, it's about time.

Very excited to see this.
Will there be threshold jewels for more of the skills ?
Sounds good.

One easy skill you can "fix" that isn't all that old though is Cremation...that should never have been corpse based in the first place.
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Ice Spear, i can finally use you again, maybe?
Uncuck traps :rage:

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