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I just want to say that the phantasms are one of the cutest things I've ever seen in this game. When I first used the skill it made me giggle like an anime girl.

Will try to figure out a build based around them at some point in the future.
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I used them leveling a witch into necromancer as my second character. Started with them linked to SRS leveling with poet's pen and swapped them to flame golems at 42 when I could run 3 with clayshapers.

They are a great boon to clear speed but rather fragile and ineffective on bosses. For bosses without adds, I use a writhing flask to are least get a couple of them so the gem link isn't worth, giugh I'm trying with swapping in fire penetration (requires a white socket - I'm using tabby).

They synergize well with flame golems since both use projectiles. The key to their usefulness likes in making sure the supports for your triggering skill benefit them too.

Used them throughout leveling process for summoner, my biggest issue is that they were visually very difficult to see. The second issue is that they are very slow and usually by the time they caught up with me all the mobs were dead anyway.
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Currently 81 Necromancer in Softcore Beastiary.

I was playing a skeleton summoner using this gem. I was saving up money for a Dancing Duo and planning on putting it in there as a full phys necro. Since Dancing Duo and Phantasms are both physical they can scale the same way and the Swords can cyclone for AOE while the Phantasms could single target well with Skeletons as back ups.

Sadly the day after I saved up and got Dancing Duo the support was made to not work with it for some reason. This makes me really sad since it seemed like one of the logical choices. I personally hate Solar Guards and other projectile specters and they seem to be the only other good way to support this gem and I wish there were more options.

The only other thing I could think of is something like Speaker's Wreath so your minion's don't kill anything and you can always keep a cap of phantasms out, and get the kill with an attack skill or a damage over time, but that requires your minions to poison which is harder nowadays and a shitty helmet you don't want to wear.

Overall I think the gem just doesn't fit well into many things, it seems very niche and unusable. I honestly made this character specifically for that gem + skeletons and I don't really see a good way of using it so I will probably stop.

As far as the phantasms themselves, their AI feels a lot like zombies when I would really prefer they were a bit more aggressive. They often seem to just float around me doing nothing a lot of the time, especially if I am chasing skeletons or dervishes they aren't attacking ever.
I've played two summoners (Skellies/Golemancer) in Bestiary so far, playing around with this support on both. These are my thoughts on Summon Phantasm on Kill as a summon-only necromancer (no hybrid shenanigans):

The phantasms don't help much in harder bossfights as they either die or expire on the longer/harder fights without mobs (Shaper/Atziri). Using it with melee skellies/zombies felt pretty good though, as it gave me a little range and more spread to damage when I was clearing, and I didn't need the help for single target. They are a bit too squishy, and their projectile feels too slow. I think it's fine that they are momentum-based, but there aren't a lot of skills that want to use the same support gems as them.

Very fun to level with though.
One question, would it be that overpowered if we allowed phantasms to summon more phantasms? Obviously still counting towards the minion limit, but it would allow us to make a self-sustaining death ball of phantasms instead of having to let the main skill/minion get the killing blow all the time.
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It would be cool if the gem grants the skill or minion a chance to summon on hitting an unique or boss enemy, even if it is very low, like 3% or 5%. I linked the phantasm on zombies, and can have them pretty much all the time while mapping, but some tankier bosses or Izaro make the support almost useless; even giving a low amount of phantasm would be good
I really like the phantasms. i wrote my experience with them in another thread:

tesb wrote:
just a little report about wraiths:

i tried a Sire of Shards with the wraiths as spectres (4 total) and the phantasm on kill support to maximize synergy. i also ran with skeletons and maim to further boost phys dmg from all 3 sources (wraiths, phantasm and skeleton):

Sire of Shards:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Controlled Destruction - Spell Echo - Phantasm on Kill - Faster Proj.
(the last one is just qol for the phantasms)

Vis Mortis:
Summon Skeleton - Minion Damage - Melee Physical - Maim - Melee Splash* - Physical to Lightning

*exchange for WED if you need damage

all 3 summons also get ~100% of phys added as cold damage from Hatred + Generosity and grip of council. EE is triggered with Firestorm. the other aura is haste and lvl 1 clarity.

I mainly played this build for it's looks (phantasms look really good and all 3 summons have a nice theme). The damage is really good, however it is a staff build, so i have ~105% movement speed (i run with 2 quicksilvers) without any movement skills which is mediocre (leap slam with SoS is too slow and i need sockets).

Personally i think Solar Guards are just broken and are therefore better, but if you want a good all-rounder build with a nice theme give it a try.

The wraiths themselves have very good ai and meh clear (no pierce/fork/chain), but the phantasm are fantastic, the only problem are their short duration. the phantasm support should be reworked imho as i really like those little guys, especially with Sire of Shards and faster Porj. the clear very very well. Just make them permanent please.

if anyone has better spectres for this build, please let me know (==> phys. proj. spell).

my main problem is phantasm generation:
1) with sire of shards they clear very very well, especially with faster projectiles support ==> no phantasms because phantasms can't generate phantasm on kill. i only get my compliment of full phantasms in high density events (breaches, chests, abysses) and i have 75% inc. duration from my passive tree.
2) no generation on bosses (not that it matters as bosses melt to skeletons)

i would really like to see a mechanic added to them so they are more consistent, e.g. if a phantasm kills an enemy or hits a boss/unique it has a chance to refresh it's duration, similar to raging spirits with the "Mark of the red covenant" helmet
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I wish the phantasm would do elemental damage instead of physical damage, and have a low percentage of summon them with each attack.
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