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IronMask75 wrote:
Tornado Shot + GMP + Pierce + Poison + Culling Strike + Summon Phantasm on Kill.

Phantasms poison enemies, the poison kills them.

Everything works exactly the way you're expecting it to, you're just missing the above bit.

Oh, right. The degen is getting the kill. FML. I was using the Poison Support to proc the Scion: Trickster Ascendancy and I was just trialing the Phantasms.

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To compliment an earlier post about general reworks for Chaos damage, I'm replying to the individual skills I wanted to talk about. First post here:

Summon Phantasm on Kill - as a Herald! Though the name would need reworked (Do thing on kill Support -> Herald of the Void or Herald of the Grave, etc) the SPoK support gem has the first (and most necessary) of elements for a minion-based skill. It feels cool. Killing an enemy, and before its soul can escape to the void, ripping it back, filled with rage and pain, feels like the description to a Necromantic minion skill.

The most necessary part, is that you can scale and design the minions separately from the skill that causes you to summon them. Killing enemies is hard enough. Losing damage on killing enemies, for later reward is mostly passed over. That's the providence of herald skills. We can reserve mana - scaled with whatever is supporting it - for an effect that happens later; Freezing enemies when you kill a frozen enemy, igniting nearby enemies for overkill damage, or summoning a swarm of phantasms to kill your enemies for you. None of these herald skills are particularly impressive, on their own. And phantasms are the same way. But when linked with on-hit effects, or after having their damage, speed, and duration increased, Phantasms feel like an appropriate reward for killing enemies.

Unlike many before me, I'm okay with Phantasms being unable to self-propogate. Herald skills are a great way to see why. for example, Herald of Ash allows damage on other enemies, after killing an enemy. This burning damage has real potential to kill other enemies, but it does so without being able to trigger itself - A) it doesn't hit, and so can't trigger on-kill effects and B) it uses Degen in order to reduce enemy hit-points, and thus doesn't cause overkill damage.

Third, I advocate that Phantasms be made to deal chaos damage. While this seems powerful, Their damage scales with the gem level - which as a Herald skill will have a much later start than as a support gem, and while the top-end gems will do a significant portion of damage, that's okay. A 6-linked Herald of Phantasms will reserve quite a bit of mana, and should have the impressiveness of a 6-link skill to go with it. The Chaos damage lets Herald of Summoning fit in with the other herald skills - as a non-physical damage type, and requiring specialization to be more than a mediocre, short-term boost.

As an added bonus, Necromancers will really have to check where they reserve their mana! hah!

Comments or collusion are always encouraged!
The main thing I would like to see changed is that summoning a new one beyond the max limit should maybe refresh the time on the oldest phantasm instead of killing it
I'm a currently level 78 ascendant in delve. I'm planning deadeye/necro as soon as I get the eternal lab done, but it's working fine for now. In my build, summon phantasm on kill supports scourge arrow and the summon snake on yriel's fostering. I'm building around Null's Inclination and the minion heralds, and use scourge arrow to trigger on kill & on hit affects and poisons rapidly. I don't have clear speed issues yet because the minions are excellent at mopping up.
Anyways, for summon phantasm on kill, it would be really nice if they could get a chance to summon on hitting a unique enemy, like herald of purity. I'd be happy with 10%. It just feels bad that it takes up a support slot when it's useless against bosses that don't have adds, you know? The build is stretched a little thin to sustain with writhing jars.
I'd also love to see the extra projectile to skills in deadeye/deadeye ascendant apply to minions like summon phantasm on kill. It feels like it would.
Does Spell Echo work for them or not?
I'm a necromancer in Delve, and I wish Phantasms would work like the new Herald of Purity Sentinels, that instead of despawning and summoning new ones when the maximum number is reached, it would simply refresh the duration of older ones. The new unique SoulWrest gets a bit screwed in some cases, such as using detonate dead/volatile dead, the phantasms don't get much time to attack before getting re-summoned.
Been using this support a lot recently, and I already kinda thought so before but now more than ever with the introduction of Soulwrest, these little guys could use the 'refresh not replace' treatment. More often than not I find they're not being very effective before they get replaced. Would be a HUGE QoL to phantasms in general if this were baked into the support, or at least put as a modifier on the staff.
As those previously stated, would be nice to see the same treatment to these guys as has been done for Dom blow and purity sentinels.

Refresh on excess kill and chance to summon when hitting a unique.

Currently it's a useless skill against a lot of bosses, which is where they should be the most useful. As it's a support, you don't want to lose its use in the middle of a fight and opt to switch to something else.

I feel like you guys forgot this skill existed when you were making the balance changes to the other skills and simply adding the chance to refresh vs uniques would have been enough to keep this as a socket vs staged bosses.

Animate weapon's base duration is so long, and the fact you can carry weapons in with you it's less of an issue on that skill compared to this. A couple of writhing jars can only go so far when these guys are so squishy.

Its damage type is fine, it being a caster makes it unique among most summons and phys scales best with summons (except for some spectres)
Goddamn why does it have to be so difficult to understand... shoots physical spell wtf.. what is it then? Do i stack spell damage or physical damage or minion phys\spell damage? no explanation at all wtf GGG..

Also no way to see WHAT damage they do... this is stupid.
Mathils actual cat
Is there still not any information on their damage?


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