Summon Phantasm on Kill Support

Cynooo wrote:
armyguyclaude wrote:
Apparently Path of Building gives Summon Phantasm Support Gem the levels for damage, hp, life regen, etc for application, but doesn't actually state it gains the levels

PoB is wrong. It uses the level of the active skillgem you've linked the phantasm support to for determining phantasm stats, instead of the level of the support. This is not how the Summon Phantasm on Kill support actually works.

Thanks for that clarification.

Do you know if Spell Echo actually works with it? I've heard a lot of differing things on that answer. PoB states it at least gets the Increased Attack Speed.
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Currently using these guys with my spectre's (Thaumaturgy Officer, from Heist) and it seems both GMP and Spell Echo are working. Looking visually from a slowed down video you can see the echo in the rate of their projectiles. It's staggered double shots rather than a constant rate. Seems like their DPS is decent too (given my trash SSF gear) since I'm converting it all to lightning with Triad Grip for the EE. Still need to lvl my spectres to 25 for the extra spectre, since they scale the same way, they should be a bit more lethal when I can.

lvl 10 = (120-180) (150 avg)
lvl 20 = (610-915) (762.5 avg)

lvl 25 = (1242.475 avg)

Accounting for exponential growth and a given value of 0,0 for lvl 0

Not proven, just more theory to add in.
Whenever I start a new character Phantasm Support is my support gem of choice. Just because of the random damage these fellows soak up.

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