[3.2] Norse's TS Deadeye MF Windripper - Low Level Map Farmer - Make BANK

Recommended Budget: Enough to buy a Windripper, +2 Tornado Shot Helmet and a 5link are the bare minimums to make this build feel good.

Build Explanation: This build is made to clear maps lower tier maps at a very fast speed with high quantity, I wouldn't recommend this as a budget build or for a build to clear Tier 11+ without a support.

Will add a leveling section some other time, pretty much just use Storm cloud into the tempest bow while using lightning arrow/barrage


Windripper is our go to weapon but if you cannot afford it then The Tempest is an alright bow until you get a Windripper.

Rigwald's Quills is the most insane item for increasing clearspeed but it can be fairly expensive so just use a rare with Life/Multi/WeD until you get one.

Devoto with +2 TS enchant for the movement speed and attackspeed, Starkonja's and Rat's nests are also useable.

Sadima's with 16% Quantity, usually very cheap

Goldwyrm's for the extra quantity.

Queen of the forest for general movement speed, because we rely purely on movement speed to clear fast.

A shaped rare with quantity/Int and some other stats is what I personally prefer but a Bisco's
Collar can work, you will get a bit more loot but getting the int requirement for Wrath is going to be very tricky

Two decent Ventor's with high quantity, Life and resist is the rings we use

I use a rare Stygian Vise for the Flask mod and the damage increase, If you feel your damage and resistances are fine without one you could run a Biscos Leash for the quant and rampage

I mostly aim for Lightning damage and Movement speed when killed recently, also one or two Evasion % While moving is required to hit 45k Evasion and also use some jewels to cap your res once you gear



There are a lot of empty gem sockets in this build, I recommend leveling Spells/Auras and Empower/Enlightens to either vaal or sell, you can make a lot of profit from gems alone.

Bow OR Chest
Tornado Shot - GMP - WeD - Inc Crit - Added Cold - Mirage Archer

Cast when damage taken - Immortal Call - Wrath (Doesn't need to be linked)

Curse on hit - Herald of Ice - Assassins Mark - Blink Arrow

Bloodrage + 3 leveling gems

Ascendancy / Bandits

Normal: Fast and Deadly, the damage and attackspeed early on feels really good and the blink arrow reduction is amazing.

Cruel: Gathering Winds, Just generally good for going fast.

Merciless: Farshot

Uber: Ricochet

After you get some good gear where you're comfortable with your damage you can regret out of fast and deadly and get endless munitions for the AoE and + Projectile.

Bandit: Alira for the Resistance and Critical Multiplier.

My Gear

IGN: @Norse
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Any suggestions for the next upgrades?
nice build norse, thanks

what about pantheon ?
Maybe video farm?? Pls rly help)
barrage links?
Is Point Black really worth? Since Deadeye has Far Shot.
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Hey do you mind explaining how do you scale the character in a mf build? Currently running t8 shaped burial chambers and i have some issues with clearing the boss.
How should I roll the maps?

And how much currency should I use on Shaped Burial Chamber. Chisels, sextants, zana mod?
Did u tried using lightpoacher for a better clearspeed?
How did you shape your atlas for burial chambers? and how many sextants do you have on it?

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