It's been a (long) week since the release of the Content Update 3.2.0 and the Bestiary League, and we know that many of you might enjoy a sneak peak into the development process for some new things that were introduced in this update. We've prepared several pieces of concept art including your good friend Einhar, new unique armour sets, Sin and Innocence armour sets from the new Mystery Box and Sin and Innocence Wings (which was recognised by players as 'the Best Microtransaction in game').

By the way, did we mention that all new unique Bestiary armour sets are getting 3D art? Please note that the armour below is still unfinished.

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Grinding Gear Games
Nice, it's always interesting to see those.
Nice :)
Looking good! Thanks GGG
The harpy set looks really cool and distinctive, both here and in-game. :)
pay up
delete all lootboxes
delete all lootboxes
nice la

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