[3.2] Poet's pen ele Kinetic Blast wander(There is a big change added in this build)

It's not a Volatile Dead Bodyswap build!!!! But it's fun and strong and show you what you can do in this game and use lots of new items.
New video guide added!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.Why use poet's pen for ele wander?

Because you can use
Bodyswap as your movement skill so you can drop queen of the forest and those evasion gears so you have more freedom to redress your gears. And you don't need a jade flask so you have more freedom to management your flask.And you can even play this build in one hand.

2.pros and cons

First let's discuses pros and cons for this build.

Pros: First, for my opinion, Kinetic Blast is the best mapping skill in this game.And Barrage is a good skill for killing boss. So basically this build can do any contents in POE. But you have to set up right gears.And you can build it very cheap.
And only press one button you can attack and move at the same time.If you set up your gears correctly you even can farm up to T15 maps without flasks so you can truly play this build with one hand. So maybe you can use your left hand to eat something touch your cats(I pet two cats, they always sitting on my legs when I'm playing POE) or you can even touch your big banana when play POE.
Second, you can use MF gears on this build. Wander build is very good for MF. If you are a big MF fan it's a good build for you.
Cons:You need to use to Bodyswap as your movement skill. Bodyswap is not that easy to control and sometimes you need to walk a little bit to path some rocks. But after you use to it I think it's way faster than queen of the forest.
If you want to do boss killing you need a different set up for gears and some big jewels. So it's not the easiest build to kill bosses but YES! You can.

3.required unique gears

Because this build called poet's pen wander. The only required unique item is poet's pen. But since Piscator's Vigil is the best unique wand for ele wander so a Piscator's Vigil wand with culling strike corruption mod is highly recommended.

4.recommend unique gears

Since we don't use queen of the forest chest to get movement speed. We have a lot of space to use other unique gears.Depend on what you got and what you want to do with this character. And these are some recommendations.

Lioneye's Vision can give you two 6 links. Because it gives you lv15 pierce support for free. You can put both of your Kinetic Blast and Barrage skill in it. So you don't need to take pierce notes on passive tree.

Piscator's Vigil is THE best unique wand for ele wander. This item itself is very cheap. But if you have enough currency you can buy a Piscator's Vigil with culling strike or get one yourself. Attack speed crit chance and WED rolls are all important for this item. So try to get a good one.

Lightpoacher is just for Abyss jewel sockets for this build. You don't need the damage from lightpoacher but with a certain gem set you can get power charges from it.


When you swap your weapons you can use Lycosidae to do boss killing. Since you don't use poet's pen in this set. You're just a normal wander, Stand still and Barrage boss. This item let you always hit bosses and if you have enough damage you can leech back your life.

These gears are all for MF. MF is fun but you need to get ele res from somewhere.

I know a lot of players hate headhunter in POE because it's very hard to find and gameplay looks kind of broken. But it's a fun item and can buff your clear speed. Of cause this build don't need headhunter at all. But you can set chasing headhunter as a goal for you POE gameplay. It will gives you a purpose to play POE and have lots of fun.

If you don't have headhunter you can use this belt for extra Abyss jewel sockets.

With these items you can drop all your flasks and play this build one hand.

This unique buff your damage and crit.

This unique is a cheap way to buff your damage and you can use it for endgame.

And of cause you can use Tabula before you get a good 6-link chest. And you can get pierce by useing Deadeye ascendancy or take pierce notes from passive tree. Pierce is good but not necessary.

5.my current gears
My current gears for MF

Off hands

My current gears for play in one hand and read twitch chat


Abyss jewels are very good. Good mods on Abyss jewels will be add maximum life, crit multi, attack speed and add flat lighting damage to attack and wand.
Because we use Wrath aura, all Wrath related mods on Watcher's eye are good. But I think crit chance is better.
And you can use normal jewels. Crit multi and increase life mods are good.

7.flasks set up

Because this build don't need to use queen of forest for movement speed so you don't need to get evasions from flasks either. You don't need any unique flask. But you can get anti-freeze curse and bleeding from flasks. And if can get ant-freeze and bleeding from gears you even don't need to use flasks.
Here are some recommend unique flask.

A Vinktar with add flat lighting damage to attack mod is for damage. But if you use Vinktar please use a flask with anti-shock. A diamond flask with ant-shock is good.

This flask is anti-freeze curse and stun 3 in 1. It's hard to sustain but if you kill quickly it's good.

Dying Sun can gives you extra projectiles and can buff the AOE from Kinetic Blast's explosions. So it can buff your clear speed.

You can see unique flasks are mostly for offence. But you can get good defense ability from normal flasks depend on what you need.

And since this build is a crit build, a diamond flask is good for crit.

8.gem links

1.link in chest

If you use Lioneye's Vision as your chest piece(I think it's very good). You can get two 6-link from this set. But since it's very hard to get a 5 off-colors Lioneye's Vision you can change gems depend on what color you got.
If you get another red socket instead of blue socket you can use

instead of added lighting damage gem

2.link in poet's pen

Bodyswap and Unearth are for movement. The whole thought about this build is to use poet's pen and Bodyswap as a movement ability for wander build since wander build is lack of movement skill. These new contents gave us a way to have fast movement without queen of the forest.

And you can see we still have a free socket to use. I think a curse is the best spell you can cast for poet's pen. Since we don't need damage from spells. And basically you can get a curse on monsters for free. Warlord's Mark curse is good because you can get defense ability from extra leech. And you don't have a way to get power charges you can use Assassin's Mark curse.
BTW those gems don't need to be linked!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.link in Lightpoacher

If you use Lightpoacher you can use this set up to get power charges.
And since Lightpoacher's spirit burst's projectile speed got nerfed in 3.2. Maybe you need to use

to buff spirit burst's projectile speed so your spirit burst can hit monsters. So one Abyss jewel socket Lightpoacher is better in 3.2.
BTW gems in Lightpoacher don't need to be linked too!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.other links and auras

You definitely don't need another movement skill. But since we have so many extra sockets. And Flame Dash can past small rocks but Bodyswap can't.

Herald of Ice gives you extra flat cold damage and you can freeze those trash mobs with it. And you can use those fancy MTX on Herald of Ice to look cool.

Wrath gives you so many flat damage! And Wrath is big reason why lighting damage is the best ele damage for ele wander.

You still have a lot of extra socket for this build. So you can use vaal auras. Vaal Haste is for damage and movement speed. Vaal Grace is for defense

9.Ascendancy and Passive tree


Why use raider?
Because you can get a lot of attack speed from raider. And attack speed is both damage and movement speed for us. Since attack speed effect cast speed for poet's pen.
If you chose raider you have to use Avatar of the Chase instead of Avatar of Veil. Because we don't need movement speed for running at all.
And of cause you can use other ascendancy for example Pathfinder to use those big unique flasks, and Deadeye can gives you an extra projectile and chain and free pierce.

But the passive tree is basically the same for wander build. You need to take lots of life notes, crit related notes. weapon ele damage with attack skill notes. And there is a big circle of wand notes on top of passive tree. Take notes right side of that circle.
If you need Int and Str when leveling you can take those +30 Int and Str notes first and regret them after.

10.talk about rare items
As you know the best items in POE are always rare items.
YES. Unique items can give you some unique stats. But rare items have 6 mods and you can craft those mods all toward buffing your build.
So a build can use a lot of rare items can be builded very cheap and can be upgrade consistently!
This build have a lot freedom to chose gears. So you can use a lot of rare items for this build.
And you can use a nice rare wand instead of Piscator.
And good mods for a rare ele wand are: T1 or T2 add flat lighting damage, attach speed, local crit chance, crit multi, weapon ele damage. That's why a good wand is so expansive.

Those good mods for rare items are:
add maximum life on gears
add flat lighting damage to attack(or other ele damage)on rings, amulets, gloves(You can get add damage to attack from a elder base helmet)
attack speed from gloves
weapon ele damage from rings, amulets and belts
increase ele damage or lighting damage on rings,amulets
and you can get a lot of ele resistance from rare gears

The most easiest way for leveling is use poet's pen and Bodyswap set up as soon as possible. Use Kinetic Blast for attack skill. 4-link Kinetic Blast is good enough for leveling. Link for 4-link Kinetic Blast is Kinetic Blast, GMP(or LMP), WED, Increase Critical Strike(or added lighting damage).
With this set up you can go through all acts very quick and have enough damage.
You don't need Piscator for leveling. Poet's pen can gives you a lot of physical damage through leveling.
Passive tree for leveling is hard to explain. Because I always take notes depend on what I need. If you die a lot, you can take life notes first or just practice leveling. If you need damage you can take those ele attack damage notes first.

I will consistently update tips for this build

13.POB link, bandit, the pantheon

POB link:

bandit: help Alira
the pantheon: Soul of the Brine King, Soul of Ryslatha

I will consistently update videos for this build
video guild: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1O8spjEvcs&list=UUKMgZ_7gwCMjSZvRLHr3g0A&index=1

T14 shaped vault map with beyond:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd2Ael3VsJo&feature=youtu.be sorry for no sound

Clear a T15 map without bossing in 1:20

15.final thoughts
This build is like a bottle. You can put anything you like or you want in this bottle. I just post the way how I made this build. And you can make this build in any upcoming leagues. Put those new contents from new leagues in it.
And I want to show you guys. What is the true fun part of POE. It's options. POE is fun because we can have a lot of options for leveling and endgame. Depend on what kind of play style you like. You can practice racing for leveling. And you can chose mapping for endgame or chose bossing for endgame or chose crafting for endgame or even you can chose hideout warrior for endgame.
And this build gives you freedom to chose your options. If you drop a nice item yourself you will think:
Oh I can put it into my build. And if you have enough currency you can buy a lot of good gears to buff this build. POE is not just about farming currency. Currency is for you to buy gears or craft gears yourself to upgrade your build. See your build get better and better is the true fun part of this game.
And finally sorry for my English. I'm not a English native speaker. So maybe there're a lot of English mistakes in this post. So if you find some mistakes please tell me let me learn English consistently just like upgrade my character. And learning is fun.
And of cause if you have some ideas or thoughts or suggestions for this build. Please tell me. Let me upgrade this build consistently. There is no the best player or the best build in POE. There're only options. There're so many options I didn't find out.
I will make poet's pen ele wander in every league with new contents. And upgrade contents for this build consistently.
And thank you guys for come to read my build. Hope you guys drop some big currency!!!

16.Big Big Big changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a big change has been add in this build.!
You don't need third spell(I put a curse in poet's pen) in your poet's pen.
Just leave the socket open.Just pet Bodyswap and Unearth in poet's pen.
So you can Bodyswap 33% quicker!!!!!

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In "gem links" u've got some flasks instead of gems (missclick I guess).

Edit. Some mistakes in "flasks set up" as well.
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In "gem links" u've got some flasks instead of gems (missclick I guess).

Edit. Some mistakes in "flasks set up" as well.

Thank you for your reply. The post was bugged. I will fix them now
hold right click clear map LUL
This build helped me kill uber elder on a 30c budget. Thanks!
What should i replace Poet's pen with if i dont have enough chaos for it currently?
What should i replace Poet's pen with if i dont have enough chaos for it currently?

You can use a rare shield to buff your life and res.
Which of the bandits should I kill?
Which of the bandits should I kill?

Sorry for forget to explain bandit!
You can help Alira since it's a crit build.
Is it normal that I need to do 3 attacks to teleport?
The first is a corpse, the second is a curse, the third is a teleport.

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