[3.2] Chin Sol Blast Rain Raider 3m+ Shaper DPS 6500+ Hp [League Viable] Video's Up.

Welcome to my 3.2 Raider Blast Rain Guide!


Guardian of the Hydra

Guardian of the Minotaur, 72% More Life, No OP Standard Gears

Hi guys this is my very first guide so feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated!

Introduction/Build Concept

Blast rain is a underrated bow skill because its overshadowed by the single target DPS of barrage. I personally dislike barrage for numerous of reasons, few of them being: the hit box feels awkward on moving targets, needing a high pdps bow, +1 arrows quiver and additional barrage projectiles enchant can be fairly pricey especially in league. The bread and butter of this build comes from stacking fire damage from abyss jewels then getting the 100% more bow damage at close range (this gives the added fire damage from abyss jewels 100% more damage multiplier as well) on top of this we have huge amount of penetration (from fire pen support gem, passives on skill tree and wise oak)

-High DPS 3m+
-Tanky for a ranger build, 6.5k+ HP
-Fast Clear Speed with Tornado Shot
-100% elemental conversion
-Onslaught is almost always up
-150%~ movement speed with frenzy charges and quicksilver flask

Bandits and Pantheon
Bandits: Kill all for +2 passive
Major God: Soul of Solaris
Minor God: Soul of Garukhan

Play Style
Because Chin sol knock back enemy in close range, if the boss you are fighting does not have unweavering, you need to attack then step forward, and repeat. For bosses that cant be knocked back (like shaper and guardians) just stand in close range and spam blast rain in their face. At level 100 you can achieve 7k+ hp using league gear fairly easily, this is very tanky especially for a ranger build, but this amount of health cannot save you from 1 hits such as: shaper slam, core malachai slam, uber atziri flame blast, guardian of the phoenix explosion.

Path of Building
League Passive + Gear: https://pastebin.com/rKd3t1t1 (level 93) 3m dps, 6.5k hp, vaal pact
Standard Passive + Gear: https://pastebin.com/KYt50zCq (level 93) 3m dps, 7.8k hp, instant leech

Keep in mind path of building cannot calculate the 75% chance of blast rain dealing a additional explosion enchantment, this is equivalent to 75% chance to deal 25% more damage which is equal 18.75% more dps, so the real dps using the league gear setup is 3.3m x 1.1875 = 3.56m dps.

Passive Tree
Level 93 League Tree Using Vaal Pact:

My Standard Gears and Links

League Gears and Links

ABYSS JEWELS STATS IN TERMS OF PRIORITY FROM HIGHEST TO LOWEST: fire damage with bows, fire damage to attacks, attack speed if you dealt a critical strike recently, life.


Tornado Shot and Conversion Explaination
For Map Clearing we use Tornado Shot, Blast rain is meant for single target.

Tornado shot is a good clearing skill especially with pierce and is able to ignite to nearby monsters because of herald of ash.

Signal fire Quiver is used with tornado shot setup as it gives us 100% fire conversion (50% from xoph's blood, 50% from signal fire)

A rare quiver with high elemental damage and crit multiplier gives more dps than signal fire, because we are already 100% phys to fire conversion (50% from blast rain, 50% from xoph's blood) and because chin sol have a low pdps it doesnt benefit alot from phys as extra fire damage, while the rare quiver with elemental damage is able to scale all the flat fire damage from your abyss jewels.

Shaper Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlLe12nEGhw&feature=youtu.be&t=
*Ignore my nooby death at 4:00, was over confident and thought I could get few instant leeches in.

Guardian of the Hydra Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnhMSiN9Fsk

Guardian of the Minotaur, No OP Standard Gears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egoNyA3D9AE&feature=youtu.be

Thanks for Reading! If you have any questions please leave a reply on this post, and I will answer it to the best of my abilities.
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nice build, rarely see that high of damage with blast rain, let alone with chin sol. what are your thought on other ascendancy options such as inquis or new deadeye?
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TNaZa526 wrote:
let alone with chin sol.

With Abyss Jewels Chin Sol becomes one of the highest damage bows you can get.
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_Saranghaeyo_ wrote:
TNaZa526 wrote:
let alone with chin sol.

With Abyss Jewels Chin Sol becomes one of the highest damage bows you can get.

indeed in this case chin sol out dps brood twine if you are always in close range
Git gud
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TNaZa526 wrote:
nice build, rarely see that high of damage with blast rain, let alone with chin sol. what are your thought on other ascendancy options such as inquis or new deadeye?

never played inquisitor builds, but dead eye in order for it to be amazing you have to inflict bleeding on the enemy to get the bonuses from rupture, if you are a 100% elemental conversion bow build using with phys to lightning support and a signal's fire quiver you can think about buying a legacy signal's fire which has a 30-50% phys to fire conversion, ideally you want 1 with 49% so you are still 99% conversion and 1% phys to cause bleeding which helps proc rupture. In my case i cannot go dead eye because I'm using xoph's blood and the avatar of fire doesn't allow damages other than fire.
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BIIue wrote:
Git gud

Plis no bolly
League gear setup added, guardian of the minotaur without OP standard gear video added.
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nice build my friend :)
ty :*

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