[3.9] Frostblades Assassin SSF Viable. 1M+ DPS w/ Budget gear! League starter! Insane Clear Speed

Well, I´ve been using this build for a while, spent few exalteds on it and I can assure it doesn´t work. Goes fine on early end but Conquerors spawning from 3 watchstones and avobe are too hard to defeat. I did a few changes to maximize the DPS but the result was almost the same. The main issue is LIFE and survability. As Frost Blades is a Melee skill you have to fight too close to the enemies and as long as you are not able to instakill, you will die quickly.
I am using Circle of fear as it gives you a ton of Cold Damage (proved on PoB).
Maybe I´m missing something but I really don´t get it.
go play sims it doesnt work i just wasted my time thx
Compiled the guide on a PoB, https://pastebin.com/eiaf7DZQ
Is this viable for Heist?

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