[3.9] Frostblades Assassin SSF Viable. 1M+ DPS w/ Budget gear! League starter! Insane Clear Speed

Is this 3.10 viable?
So far I'm loving this build, only about mid 40's so far but quick question, very noob question, how do you generate frenzy charges? I can't seem to find it in the guide so I assume I'm just blind and missing it like an idiot. Also when should I spec into acrobatics? Atm struggling for right colors, with high evasion and life.

Ty for any help <3

Edit: WHen do you use Beserk, when rage is full?
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whats best to allocate on ammy??
@ Bourimly07:

you will later generate much frenzy charges with your 2 claws, the "Touch of Anguish". It has the modifier "10% chance to generate a frenzy charge, when killing a frozen enemy" and a basic chance to freeze enemies. with your support gems, (was it hypothermia or herald of ice?) you increase your chance to freeze enemies as well. Additionally your passive skill node "Claws of the magpie" gives you the chance to steal power/frenzy/endurance charges from enemies you hit. (i believe 20% or so).

If you find yourself dying too much, change some equipment to increase life and elemental resistances, at least fire/frost/lightning - chaos resistance isn't mentioned in this build as far as i saw the YT video - i personally running this build atm and im on lvl89 and still having much fun with it. I changed some equipment and crafting mods to increase chaos rs as well.
Also pick skill nodes with increased max life/evasion (like in the POB or in the youtube video shown).
If you find yourself dealing too less dmg, try to find better weapons or pick skill nodes which increase physical-/claw- or cold damage and/or "while dual wielding" stats

Currently im not running around with "rage/berserk" because im not getting used to the rage mechanics. i switched out rage on chest piece with ruthless support, so i have permanent my 3rd attack with increased dmg. Instead of using berserk i slotted 3red gems in my touch of anguish, they are "Vaal Ancestral Warchief + multiple totems support + pulverize support" (didnt know, which to put in the 3rd slot, so pulverize has to do)

Any ideas anyone, which gem i could use instead of pulverize for VAncestralWarchief?

Edit: What do you mean with "ammy"? i dont get it

ohohoh, long long text, =)
greetings, Mane
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For Ammy (Amulet) check the guide, it has a stat priority for the rare pieces.
Life - INT/STR (If you need) - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Crit Multiplier - Added Physical Damage Cold Damage - Accuracy

I pop Vaal double strike and berserk at the start of a boss battle. I also have vaal ancestral warchief that I try to keep up during a boss fight. Can also use them to take down rare mobs during delirium encounters so you can keep pushing forward.

I specced into acrobatics as soon as I could, not sure if thats correct but then I can't forget to pick it up later.

I wouldn't worry about linking your skills too much at the lower levels, your gear is much more fluid so you will change it out frequently. Once you get to higher levels and start looking at picking up some of the uniques is when linking really starts to improve your output.
hey hey, now a question on my side.

i just had a 6linked Belly with 1 blue socket (corrupted). to not waste it completely, i socketed a "Critical Damage Support" gem. Now with a new 6linked Belly (3green, 3red) i socketed:
FrostBlades - AddedColdDamage - AncestralCall - Ruthless - ElementalDamageWithAttacks - IceBiteSupport.
The tooltip now tells me, i loose around 11k dps (from ~104k down to ~93k).
Is Ice Bite worth though for constant dmg or would it be better to go critical damage spikes? im around 32% crit chance going upwards with 5 power charges and a diamond flask popped.
Whats your opinion about this? im only having around 170hoours playtime with my assassin, so im not the professional one =)

Thanks in advance, stay healthy guys.
Have you tried Hypothermia instead of Ice Bite? I have the Touch of Anquish unique claws that give similar to ice bite's effect.

I've been liking multistrike instead of ruthless, the increased attack speed feels better to me.

I'm no pro either, I just like the build :P
It is still viable on 3.10 ???
I'm playing this build currently in standard league (dont know, if 3.10 is live in standard or only in delirium league, though i dropped bladeblast, spellslinger & co).
This build has a very good clearspeed, is a decent bosskiller with Vaaldoublestrike + vaal ancestral warchief and is pretty agile with whirling blades + faster attacks. ATM I'm at map tier 11 and killing every magic pack with ~2 hits.

I switched out Ice Bite with Hypothermia (both lvl 20) and my tooltip dps did go down around 20k from 94k to 75k or so.
When I have time again, i might test out, if Hypothemria feels smoother to play, but as i remember, hypothermia only adds around 39% bonus damage with hits to already freezed enemies?
Thought it might be better to take the IceBite gem for more constant dmg + bonus dmg per frenzy charge. But, like said, i will test out hypothermia as well.

If i would use multistrike, will it hit 2times more even, if i hold down attack button? (in my case W).
Had the situation where the two additional hits from Multistrike where cancelled several times, because of dashing around or new positioning.
What about #% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage on gloves? Would it be worth?

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