Path of Exile 3.2.0: Bestiary League Patch Notes

Super hyped for GC Mines SSF this league!
No ignite changes and elementalist stays shit see you next league maybe
Weak patch
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Almost none old skill balance changes = bad patch notes. Huge disappointment.
The best patch to date since 2.5.
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Bex_GGG wrote:
Path of Exile 3.2.0 - Bestiary League

Some maps which had several high-value cards have had some of those cards moved elsewhere.

bye bye shaped vault
"You are now twice as likely to obtain maps you have not yet completed on the Atlas as maps you have. This is intended to help players who choose to play solo complete their Atlas."

This is AWFUL
We were officialy promised to get skill buffs in 3.2 yet we get nothing...
If I am reading it properly, it means that all versions of Zerphi's Last Breath will change to be over 4 seconds, but there will be legacy versions that has 800%. Not that there will be legacy versions of Zerphi's with instant heal. Correct?

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