Path of Exile 3.2.0: Bestiary League Patch Notes

RIP RF zerker. You had a good run but that 5% dot filled you full of aids.

Now that the 40% more multiplier is gone, because zerker is now much harder to sustain, RF is sort of shyte. I mean, dang ggg what did RF ever do to you. The clearspeed it had was alright but not even close to top tier. :/
Scion - Ascendant
40% chance to Poison on Hit, 10% increased Movement Speed, and causes Damage from your Critical Strikes to not be Reflected.
work with totem?
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How can I release some of the captured beasts in my Menagerie? I want to get rid of some white ones.
the "cannot be stunned" change to the Vile Bastion on the Occultyst killed the "when you block a stunning hit" part of the Cast on Stun gem, can you guys fix that :c
Would you have rather read the bestiary patch note again?

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