[3.8] Tanky Aurabot - a combined Guide

Well the biggest single Upgrade to this build is Presence of Chayula, as it fixes the Chaos Resists and grants massive ES + Stun Immunity.
This will then enable you to choose more freely cheap Equipment in Helm & Gloves so you get good ES without burning your wallet.

Did I mention maxblock anywhere in the Guide?
Im Sorry if I did, this was converted from the Guardian, which gave more blockchance with his Ascendancy. That paired with Rumi's Concoction gave quite a lot of Block.

I however decided against it this League and im just useing Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire since I ignore phys. anyways.

Have you checked those?
Any way to lvl up it alone?
urenemy wrote:

Have you checked those?

"You and your Minions" will not buff Partymembers. The phrase that includes [Minions + Party Members] is Allies.

I have mentioned this bevor, but here we go again:

This is not a build to be played alone.
If you want to level solo there are 3 Ways you can do it:

- Totems (spec into the Double Totem while leveling)
- Minions (spec into some Minion Nodes while leveling + Auras)
- Poets Pen (specc into Chaos Orbs and insert any Spells you like. Even SRS or Skellies)
Hi, there is no gameplays video?
gorus_grind wrote:
Hi, there is no gameplays video?

I can look into it if my Card has a capture software.

It depends if you enjoy seeing 90% Clacial Cascades with 10% Aura Animation in the middle of the screen, all the while having max 24 FPS and Freeze Frames that last for Seconds.
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Hi! First at all, wonrderful guide and sorry for my bad english.

I got many questions first

Are prophecy's important? What you recommend?

In ascendancy thread u told us to "Take the other Soul" u mean necromancy if we took guardian? Or what you mean? ^^U (sorry im a lil noobie)

Plus, what setup of auras u recommend to do maps? All of em activateds? Or wut :_

And for last (for now) how the resistance auras work? You can pass the 75%? or its other parameter? Thanks

Well that's all for now, thanks for the replys
How do u deal with poison dmg?
IF i dont have chayula, which amulet use?

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