[3.8] Tanky Aurabot - a combined Guide

Stefler12 wrote:
"As this Build is specifically made to start a League and level with Friends."

How would someone go about getting these unique's at level 17? at league start? I'm wanting to support its my first time. Ive only ever played legion! Thanks for the help!


What do you need at lvl 17 - nothing.
At 30 you might want an Aurumvorax (1Alch day one) to max out your resists.
At this level you could get Solaris Lorica (1c day one) and go Bloodmagic.
Consider this will eat up some jewelers for the Benefit of 1 extra Aura and a shitton of Armour, yet your overall EHP will be a lot lower.

I would only recommend this if you rush down to Champions Auracluster and get Determination.

Now you wait. the next good Item is 64 and 68 - Prism Guardian and Alphas Howl.
Both are usually less then 5c each after the second Day of the League.
A well rolled Victarios will be around 5-10c in the first Week.

SO all in all:
You spent 1-2c at the Start for convenience.
You get to Ilvl 60 and do unidentified Chaos recipe ASAP.
You got your your ~20 chaos for the base Uniques within days of the league. You slam the Chest with Jewelers for a 6 socket, then Sell of all fuseings or give them to friends.

Next you but Gloves/Belt/boots with ES/Chaos resist. - this will be more expensive depending on the item.
The big shit like Chayulas and Watcher's Eye costs Exalts anyways, and there might not even be any on sell that you want.


I have my base Gear on Sunday morning every league.

That beeing said this league i play in a private League with 6 People.
Dont do this build if you cant trade...
i did my leaguestart in metamorph with a similiar version of your wintermaul to support a phys zombie mancer. it was really great we didnt struggle any moment. i just start with smite and some mana reservation when i got some auras. as well rallying cry. got vigilant strike and a the vigil(for 1 alch) quite early to give the party some nice fortify.

didnt reserve any life until i got my prism guard.

love this build thank you for making it :) the only lategame think whats a bit annoyying is this mana reduced corruption on the jewels. i just hitted it once on a garbage jewels at the start :D
Ditt j*vla flöte Danne!!
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Is this build still competent in 3.9? I don't think I've seen much change for aurabots this league. I've played this a couple leagues already and it always was my go-to build and I'd like to play it once again.

Edit: side question aswell, can you fit a pair of Skyforth in this build? Dropping Zelot's Oath and going for the 6% reduced mana reserved?
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Hey, I've been gone since early bestiary, and I wanted to run an aurabot again now that I am back. I've always rolled necro, but I wanted to try out occultist for some cursing on top of the buffs. There are some new auras though, and I haven't played with curses before this so I need some advice on which ones to run. I've got a few people I know that are playing (cold bow attacks, lightning bow attacks, a melee, and an essence drain), but I would like to shoot for general utility where possible.

My current Defensive auras are: fire/lightning/ice purity, discipline, grace, and determination.

My current offensive auras are probably going to be: Haste, wrath, anger, hatred, and precision linked with an empower.

My curse setup is currently: elemental weakness, flammability, conductivity, assassin's mark, and projectile weakness. (all being manually applied through vixen's entrapment.)

I am not entirely sold on: Hatred, precision, taking an empower over an extra aura, assassin's mark, and projectile weakness.

I am strongly considering switching projectile weakness out for temporal chains and hatred out for malevolence. I am wondering if enfeeble would be a better curse than assassin's mark, and if I get rid of assassin's mark would precision still be worth running? Those last 2 defensive auras vitality (I'd also be grabbing zealot's oath and a rejuv totem) and flesh and stone (sand stance), don't look bad to replace some of these with.

I've been socket starved, and I am trying to figure out whether a smite, vigilant strike, molten armor, increased duration link would be better than a 4 link summon to protect me if I am on my own or a traditional cast on damage taken setup. Then if I choose to go with the first setup I have to figure out if a rejuv totem, frost blink (I already have shield charge + faster attacks), or a 1 socket summon gem would be best.

Anyone more experienced have advice?

Here is a path of building of what I am going for

Personally Vitality and Determination are the Auras most people dont notice too much - aside from precision if youre not Crit.

There is a strong point in us providing the flat Armour through life reservation and then doubleing it though.

About Empower - I usually dont bother.
If you support Ele builds exclusivly - great.
I would also only Empower Offensive Auras with numbers instead of %.
Namely Anger and Wrath. If you empower Hatred, you get like 1% extra?

Not worth it in my opionion. Better to try fit Aspekt of the Avian in.

I like the new neck-piece, especially if you use a few curses.
Still hopeing I can oneday use Dying Breath with it.

my opinion for Skyforth - do it if you can.
I planned to last league but then just kinda forgot about it.
Seems i just love Lifereg too much.
But with our Armour Molten Shell soaks 80% of the Damage anyways, so I think we can skip Zealoths Oath!

Also frees up some Jewels!
There is a strong point in us providing the flat Armour through life reservation and then doubleing it though.

Is this possible with the ascendant class?? I've searched but it seems to be a guardian thing only.
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sejintsume wrote:
There is a strong point in us providing the flat Armour through life reservation and then doubleing it though.

Is this possible with the ascendant class?? I've searched but it seems to be a guardian thing only.

Guardian only skill.
Do you have a preference on ascendant vs guardian then?? I did a man's guardian aura not once and it seemed great. Your guide while it offers or mentions the other builds. Seemed to be more about the ascendant's version.
I used to have 2 different guides for the 2 Versions (guardian and Ascendant). Nowadays simply the same guide.

I prefer the Guardian, because I like the Armour Buff. That beeing said depending on your playstyle Ascendant can be just as tanky.

You can do some fine INT Stacking with the ascendant, allthough expensive I guess.

My personal Goal is something silly next League (for example Dex-Stacking Life Based Aurasupport with the Mask. And see if we can buff some 150%+ Critmulti or so.

Or Maybe Aura Hierophant. Sometimes it just doesnt make sense though and I just stick to the basics...

I really like the interaction on the Guardian with CI + Apeps Shield, Golden Rule + Balllightning.

Keeps up all charges on the group, permaheals 250ES a sec. and gives +3 maxres to you.

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