Hideout Showcase

Xanin wrote:
So, when do we get to import other player's hideout to our own?

A pleasure to look at each one!

Beside all the other ones, I just finished watching all the videos of DerroK...
and I am ... I have... I just... I can't...


not even talking about the mastermind Sie_Sayoka, I just can't find words...

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thats nice but 3.2 announcement plz!!!!!!!!!

cant wait :D
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Moribundus wrote:

Beside all the other ones, I just finished watching all the videos of DerroK...
and I am ... I have... I just... I can't...


Thank you!!!)
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I need someone to decorate my hideout
Great looking collection of hideouts, Any chance of adding some new decorations from the new tilesets (Magma, snow) or even some new base hideouts?
The last video is amazing.
Am I the only one who wants a MTX to save multiple different Hideouts?
I'd pay loads for something like this!
If only levelling Masters wasn't so boring and time consuming then I'd have the houses from Vorici and other great Master level 8 decorations.

Thankyou for posting my hideout and Grats! to all the people who shared theirs as well. I really enjoy creating a themed hideout to match each new league. It's also nice to see other people enjoying "Path of Hideouts" too.

I would very much like to see some new decorations and tilesets added from the new content. Like leveling a master to 8 would grant you access to one or two other tilesets.

Just as a suggestion here is a short list I compiled of some of the tilesets that might work out well for hideouts.

Haku Lvl.8
- Kaom's Stronghold tileset
- Ridge tileset

Elreon Lvl.8
- Chamber of Innocence tileset
- Templar Courts tileset

Tora Lvl.8
- Submerged Passage tileset
- Ascent tileset

Catarina Lvl.8
- Ossuary tileset
- Belly of The Beast tileset

Vorici Lvl.8
- Crypt tileset
- Sewers tileset

Vagan Lvl.8
- Crematorium tileset
- Cathedral Rooftop tileset

Leo Lvl.8
- Bath House tileset
- Grand Arena tileset

Zana Lvl.8
- Lunaris tileset
- Reliquary tileset

Any further ideas or suggestions welcome. :)

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