Winners of the 2018 Talent Competition

wow :) Thank you so much for the price GGG. I finally have the opportunity to name a Rouge Exile "Penisslayer9000".

JK... for real, thank you. It was a great competition with many beautiful artworks. Such a talented community. My personal favorite is the artwork made by Kardalak. Would love to print them and use them as a poster series.

Hope to see another great contest next year. Cheers! :)
grats everyone...
@Axdie >>> Wolves of Wraeclast <Wolves> >>> Morbid Torc | Old #1 Howa Amulet
Incredible talent! Good choices, too. Congrats to the winners!
amazing entries, such dedication!

good work everyone, i quite enjoyed it.

overall good stuff but i liked the dialla art the most.
Wow! Thanks! I'd have never expected to be among the runner-ups with all this awesome submissions this time! Great work everyone!
Damn some of these are Amazing !!
Really Liked the Piety Miscreation Maker haha. Really clever idea.
I actually spend some time Making something:
Ain't he cute? His hobbies include blood and skulls. He hopes to be like Elder when he grows up.
Really nice !!! Congrats at all :D
IGN : Anaxiliia

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