Winners of the 2018 Talent Competition

One of rules "Any work that is submitted must be your own and must be created after the launch of this competition"

So anyone can tell me why user Desiree14 got pionts for picture with 2017 date?
Good job GGG !!!
Love all the hard work done!

So many things to love, I think I especially love the Dialla fan art by GetsugaDante, the various art by Kardalak_IX, and the Zana art by thiagolehmann. And may be biased because I love the craft, but adore the amigurumi by newrachan and by DivDis.

Should mention to GGG that knitting and crocheting are not the same thing; one of the amigurumi ("knitted toy") entries even specifically says crochet in its original post.
Chrysantheme wrote:
It´s very hard to choose between so many great entries, yet this two are my personal Favourites. Yet, tbh....

Untouched Wraeclast and Tabula Cupcakes should have been (top 3) Winners (in my Eyes, at least)

It´s too bad we can´t know of any Contribution, they sure all rocked!

Glad you enjoyed my video so much, thank you ^^
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I like that last one
Very good jobs.. Congrats everyone !!!!
Gratz :)
Nice jobs, grats to all the winners!
PoE Monopoly board is my favorite, I'd love it to be made available for purchase!
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PoE 2013-2018
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Nice Job Guys , amazing video
Wooden Logo totally should of replaced the game in top 3 imo

Amazing hand crafted wooden PoE coathanger > Unity dress up game
Very cool art.
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