[3.1] DCLara's 11K EHP Solar Guard Witch Necro Build/ AHC and ASC/ SSF Viable

Hello this is a nice guide, i only wanna ask the following: wouldn't be better to skip the pathing from the right side of the witch grabbing es and mana , and instead connect from the left 2 intelligence nodes with occultist dominion ? looks like the mana will be enough for shield charge and by saving 3-4 points we could grab dual curse for bosses. or is my calculations about mana way off ?
Hey i was wondering dont i have to link generosity and purity of elements in order to buff my zombies and spectres or does it do it anyway? im loving your build so far, great stream too!
this chick got to 90+???
Ok. A couple improvements I want to suggest:

1.) Why is seemingly everyone using Ball Lightning with GMP? Use Arc with Blind/Culling Strike/Chain for the Curse on Hit. It's faster to dispatch and allows for extra utility.

2.) Probably one of the most overlooked Pantheons: Ralakesh. Why not use it? Gruthkul's measly % increase is garbage when your first goal is to not get hit in the first place. Especially when you already use CWDT + IC combo to avoid Physical spike damage. Some of the more vile threats are Shrouded rares and Puncture mobs. Shrouded reduce vision and hide their affixes, Puncture mobs can inflict heavy Bleed, depending on the mob type. This can kill you fast enough. The biggest seller though is the immunity to Hinder, which a lot of mobs inflict nowadays and especially Chimera. It slows your movement speed a lot and can make it harder to get away.

3.) Stibnite + Quartz flask. Smoke Cloud super strong, Phasing mandatory on a minion build. Getting stuck inbetween mobs is a death sentence. Phasing allows you to get out of those tight spots, reduces enemy's visibility of you and the flask also gives you some flat Dodge chance for both attacks and spells. Both flasks have huge utility and Stibnite also uses a low amount of charges, especially useful for Anti-Curse and Anti-Freeze suffixes. You don't need a Quicksilver when you use Brightbeak and Shield Charge. It's a waste of a flask slot.

4.) Anger + Generosity gives your Spectres a flat ~123 average added Fire damage. For a huge reservation cost of 50%. That's just a waste of so many resources for so little gain. Spectres don't really seem to have DPS issues, so your main goal should be to keep the caster alive. Use Arctic Armour. So underrated, yet so powerful. Its Chill effect alone is huge and its utility of the Chilled Ground allows you to kite around enemies and slow them. Also provides more phys reduction in case of a stun-lock scenario. And use any of the Purities to gain extra max res for the corresponding fights. I don't know what your reserved Mana pool is, so you decide.

5.) I've seen people mention Projectile Weakness. It's a more multiplier since it makes enemies take increased damage and doesn't just lower res. Also gives your minions Knockback, although it's debatable whether it's worth using since said Knockback can screw you over. The direction they will be pushed away is from the minion that hit them, so minions can potentially push enemies towards you. It's too risky in my opinion, but I'll just leave that here.

6.) Flat Life means nothing when your mitigation sucks. Not saying yours does, just saying :P I learned that the hard way with my 10k HP Marauder dying to Minotaur's slam. The passive node Indomitable is in reach for 3 points, gives a lot of % Armour and, most importantly, 20% reduced extra damage taken from crits. Since you will most likely die to crits and not regular hits, this can mean a huge deal.

7.) Anatomical Knowledge. Again pushing for flat Life. What a waste once again, no offense. Sure, the flat Life paired with the % seems appealing when you see those numerical values rise. But have you seen the new Abyss jewel mods? Minions can apply Hinder, you get extra Block chance, flat Life (the loss isn't that much), ailment avoidance, stun avoidance, phys reduction... They all add up to much more effective defense than the little more flat Life (~100 Life) you gain from the 2 jewels. Seriously, check them out. They are insane.

That's basically what I found for my first overlook. I've seen you play it, so I know the build already. But I wanted to throw in my 2 cents since I'm obsessed with efficiency when it comes to crafting.

Maybe you can take away some from this, hopefully I wasn't too intrusive :P Always glad to help out though.

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very well written , solid build
Malone wrote:
there are far better summoner builds than this one.

Nice criticism!
U know lara i luv you but i think this build is mediocre at best.

Two reasons.


you fell for some really common mistakes!

a.) Scourge is a terrible weapon for summoner.
I know its supposed to be meta, but its because people are stupid.
Spectres are NOT affected by the attackspeed buff on the scourge because almost every good spectres is a SPELLcaster, therefore the only minion that gets the attackspeed buff are your zombies,
what is the point of that?
Scourge gives u temporary minion damage on hitting, ok nice, but it also forces you to hit all the time, which is bad.
If u dont hit that weapon is completely useless,
instead of always hitting you should focus more on positioning, vaal skills and offering uptime.
Also the damage bonus is a recalculation, so the uptime is even worse because damage is always snapshotted, once the projectile is fired it does not gain any more bonuses.
I used this weapon some time ago, but it is really just a weaker severed in sleep in my opinion.

I farmed guardian shaper and stuff this league and i used Advancing fortress for all of those fights.
I farmed 5 scourges and sold them all for juicy chaos orbs, because this weapon is super overrated and real trash.

If you

scourge is good with SRS/animate weapon, i would never recommend it for spectres, unless you are SSF.

You didnt use vaal skills.
Why would you ever not use vaal skills as summoner?
Vaal haste, Vaal Grace, vaal discipline?

A vaal grace would have saved you from the RIP 100% and u can have vaal grace perma up.

Unending Hunger is a nubtrap.
The jewel itself does not provide much damage, just swap and out for a regular minion damage jewel or abyss jewel and u will feel NO difference.

But Unending hunger has a huge downside, it steal souls from your vaal skills.

in short, vaal haste/grace > unending hunger

Why so many life flasks :<
Basalt, stibnite are so strong, you should never skip those in any build.

Vis mortis.
I only like it for mapping below tier 15, but i guess it can work.

i dont agree with a lot of you gear choices :>


There are way better builds.

While your build might seem strong at first glance it is just a weaker version of hybrid summoner.

Im playing summoner since 2 years straight and i always go for life/es hybrid with max block.

On my current char i have 6k life, 7k ES (40% chaos resist + pantheon), 75/75% block with bone offering,
20% flat physical mitigation (9 zombies, 4chaos golem, 7% from watchers eye conversion)
without any flask + arctic armour + overcapped resist for ele weakness.
My minions also taunt and blind on hit thanks to abyss jewels.
I also use dual curse temp chains + enfeeble (also viable with only enfeeble)
And ofc i use vaal grace which is basically perma up, esspecially when fighting abyss cracks.

--> layers of defense.

Also your zombies are completely useless, I saw them die to anything at any point, because you completely ignored minion life +vis mortis, poor zombies never stood a chance :<

There is no way to do überatziri or shaper as summoner in HC if your zombies cannot survive the fight.
They are not the damage dealer, but without them blinding/taunting and meat shielding, its becomes way more dangerous (also u lose the %mitigation).
The only time my zombies ever died is shaper phase 2.

And more importantly i have shit tons of more damage than your build, because almost every jewel i use has minion damage on it while all of your jewels have life.

--> scale damage with jewels, dont waste all jewels for life
combination of both is best ofc, but damage > defense on jewels.

I did 80+ guardian kills, 3 überatziri runs and 4 shaper runs with this build and im sitting at 156/157 completion (didnt do HOG) and i did not die (all solo, no supports or partying).

So i like your build in a sense that it is a real hardcore build and u did well with it, that RIP was really unfair :<

but i think by using bone offering over flesh offering you would have survived easily.

You build is so low damage that you kinda have to use flesh offering, and thats my problem with it.
I dont see any reason to ever use flesh offering unless u do some really low level content, like xoph breaches or something.

Otherwise the combination of rathpith and bone offering is just to strong.

Also hybrid can hit much higher EHP with less effort imo.

(i just respeced my current char for some fun map clearing with some golemerinos, but if u want an idea what that build looked like before check out my "Dogetheonetrveking" character which i also geared this league, he is still on shaper/überatziri setup, sadly he died to a random offscreen DD... )

I guess your build is mainly for mapping?
But why then go for so low damage and such high defense.

I dont think this build could ever clear guardian, über, shaper reliably, while it is way to slow for mapping (i know u killed all the guardians, but im talking like 40+ kills like completing the endgame grind challenge).

In my opinion it makes more sense to go for a 8k life mapping build with more damage or for a hybrid maxblock boss killing build.
I think your build is a mix of those 2 and therefore bad at both things kinda :(

You went for high lifepool but 0 mitigation (even ignoring flasks!) which resulted in are 100% avoidable RIP.
This build would be 10 times better with only 8k life but above mentioned mitigation/layers of defense (and more damage too!).
Or just go hybrid because its OP as f.

But anyway was fun watching you play it and u did well anyway, just think it could have been way better.

Much ♥ anyway, looking forward for more build guides from you, please dont be mad at me :<

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Really T H I C C summoner BTW.
Nice thread but nothing new, you have another 4 builds on this forum with spectras, same items, same skilltrew, looking like copypasta with new design, sorry but its true
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I will try it, but maybe with a different built.
It seems OP, fun and more end game friendly than SRS build.

Level 95 in HC with own custom build isn't that bad, it's more than 90% of nerds here, including me.
Well, probably a lot more in fact, this game had a huge amount of new players recently, or people that came back.
Have fun with your next build.

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