[3.1] DCLara's 11K EHP Solar Guard Witch Necro Build/ AHC and ASC/ SSF Viable

Solid build presentation :)

I may have skipped but didn't see Unending Hunger mentioned, which seems pretty much BiS jewel for most spectre builds.

IDK if you skipped it by mistake or if there is any reason for not using it, in any case you may want to mention/explain it, specially for new players.
Great build guide, I might try this build in the next upcoming league :)
best build there is
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Nice guide girl!!

congratz and keep going this way!

i love your streams btw
Seething flasks are almost useless for minions as they get only half of the life if you have a good roll. The flask nodes help a little but at the end of the day you don't even get 1k life per use. When a minion has more than 15k life, healing it for 600hp is nothing. I suggest using Catalyzed or Bubbling flasks for healing minions.
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great build, gl on stream.

also i am sure community will love this build.
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1. Watch out for Antalie Napora
Antalie Napora is a rogue exile that attacks with lightning arrow. This was unfortunately the rogue exile that ended up killing my character with this build at level 95. The chain pantheon does not provide protection against her attacks. Antalie's lightning arrow damage has an AOE that can overlap based on how many targets it hits. I was in a T13 map with: 95% extra damage as lighting and 100% increased area of effect.
On top of this all, she had The Deadly Rivalry prophecy which gave her a soul eater nemesis mod. Please watch out for this. If you see Antalie Napora try not to convocate your spectres to avoid the AOE damage, and seal this prophecy and destroy it as soon as you see it in a map.

cwdt + flame dash is the answer. it teleports you out of the overlapping projectile aoe range and saves your ass. cwdt flame dash can also make have you killed too, so it's better to use it carefully.
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Check this out, DClara.
I've been using a pretty similar setup, but with Animated guardian for damage icnreases and speed boost auras. However, I like the idea of setting up bone offering on CWDT - good survivability boost. I currently don't have a CWDT setup and miss it. Will experiment.

My actual tree is pretty similar, although I dip a bit into the duelist tree to make the dext required for this build a bit less painful and for the movespeed bonuses :)
But there's a problem... Where are the flamegolems ? :'(

Nice guide BTW ! :p

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