[3.1] DCLara's 11K EHP Solar Guard Witch Necro Build/ AHC and ASC/ SSF Viable

Hi there, this is the first build guide I have written because I have received an incredible amount of requests for the guide; so here it is :). Since it is my first guide I would appreciate any constructive criticism to improve the layout of any future guides! This is a Solar Guard spectre build that can be played in any league. This build is ideal for anyone that wishes to have incredible tankiness, incredible DPS, and low currency investment. This build was designed for HC but can easily be used in SC and SSF. The solar guard portion begins at act 8 (more explained below) and will carry you extremely smoothly from then on out. Levelling until act 8 is done using a standard SRS set-up. This build can do fast map clear-speeds and at the same time can do almost every end-game boss. This build is known for its immense HP pool- because other than that its similar to other solar guard builds- reaching around 11k EHP without using a Kaoms Heart, Kaoms Roots, or a Belly Of The Beast.


10k Life 1k ES
Very cheap
Can be played on any league with slight changes
Can do all end-game content comfortably except for Vaal Temple and Uber Atziri (can still attempt but risky)
Great league starter
Near indestructable spectres


Spectres are annoying to resummon at higher area levels if they die
Spectres are very vulnerable to heavy bleeds inflicted from saws and spikes in lab and also from the Trio in Uber Atziri and Vaal Temple
Can be hard on FPS at times

Feel free to come to my stream at www.twitch.tv/dclara1 to ask any questions about this build, im happy to answer :)


The way I levelled my build was through using SRS until act 8, this is because the OP solar guards are only obtainable in act 8.

While levelling initially you will want to use

Freezing Pulse / Fire Trap until you get access to the Summon Raging Spirit(SRS) skill

The suggested links for SRS are as follows:

Summon Raging Spirit / Minion Damage/ Increased Melee Physical Damage / Elemental Focus / Melee Splash Support / Spell Echo

Note: Not all of these gems are available instantly, certain gems are only obtained at act 4 such as spell echo or act 2 such as elemental focus. Until you get access to these gems feel free to use other support gems, such as: Added Fire Damage, Added Cold Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Added Lightning Damage, Faster Casting etc...


1.Generosity linked with Hatred (2L)

2.Haste (Optional, may have too high mana requirement)

Additional recommended links (will keep these links for spectres aswell)

Cast When Damage Taken (3L)

Cast When Damage Taken with Immortal Call and Bone Offering

Movement Skill (3L)

Shield charge / Faster Attacks / Fortify


Flesh Offering

Solar Guard Set-Up

Summon Spectre/Minion Damage/Spell Echo/Greater Multiple Projectiles (clear ) or Slower Projectiles (single target)/Elemental Focus (5th link)
/ Controlled Destruction (6th Link)

Places Where you can get Solar Guards:

Act 8 Harbour Bridge, Act 8 Battlefront, Act 8 Solaris Temple


1. Anger linked with Generosity (2L)

2. Purity Of Elements

We use anger with generosity because it enables our solar guards get a damage boost from this. Since we ourselves dont output any of the true dps (ball lightning is used solely for Elemental Equillibrium proccing purposes) it works out for us.

I used a Purity to help cap resistances, and also to help the resistances of my spectres from which they will greatly benefit at later levels. You could also use a jewel to help with minion resistances, a minion resistance gem, or spec into additional minion resistance on the passive skill tree.

Defensive Setup

Cast When Damage Taken / Immortal Call / Bone Offering (3L)


Curse On Hit / Elemental Weakness / [/span]GMP / Ball Lightning (4L)

Note: We use Ball Lightning to proc Elemental Equillibrium. This gives the mobs extra resistance to the lightning damage we hit them with, however less resistant to fire damage which our minions can capitalise upon. Also, your minions dont proc elemental equillibrium themselves. One very important thing to check for is that you dont have any added fire damage to spells, because this will make mobs extra resistant to fire!

Movement Skill:

Shield Charge / Faster Attacks / Fortify (3L)

Additional Skills That Are Unlinked:


Flesh Offering


Raise Zombie

One thing to note is that you do not require Slower Projectiles for significant single target damage. I used GMP for Chimera because it deals with the add phases better, but Slower Proj for Hydra because there are no adds. Their use changes based on the situation but hydra could easily be done with GMP aswell and SMP is just a convenience (yes, even on just a 5-link).


Most Often Used Major God:

Soul of Lunaris

Most Often Used Minor God:

Soul of Gruthkul


The most important and notable pantheon to use is Soul of Lunaris. This is because eventually you can upgrade the pantheon to be immune to chain, which is a HUGE deal for minion builds. A chain mod on a map without being chain immune could prove fatal because the projectiles will chain between you and your minions. Therefore, grab the upgraded soul of Lunaris, which can be accomplished by defeating Lycius in a Lair Map with a divine vessel. Once you have this pantheon you will be able to run maps with chain mods on them and will prove to be a huge convenience and time/currency saver.

For Labs I always grab soul of Ryslatha for life flask refills, and I keep Soul of Lunaris. Soul of Solaris can be interchanged for bosses that do not have add phases if you wish to do so.


Kill all


Mistress of Sacrifice> Flesh Binder > Soul Weaver > Commander of Darkness


Mistress of Sacrifice > Commander of Darkness > Flesh Binder > Soul Weaver

There are two options, because players (ssf players especially) might find that their resistances are uncapped, and may wish to benefit from the 20% all res early on. If you have your resistances capped, then I recommend you follow the first ascendancy pathing.

Skill Tree's


Scourge Terror Claw or BrightBeak

BrightBeak has amazing attack speed, and is viable late into maps still. For those on SSF, you can farm Chimera since the scourge claw only drops fom him, however you do not need a scourge claw.


Bones of Ullr

Bones of Ullr is a very common drop, those in SSF should have no problem coming by them- feel free to use a decent pair of rare boots until you find these.

Bone Helmet

We go with a bone helmet because of the minion damage implicit it has, if you dont have a bone helmet any rare helmet with high life (aim for 100+) and resistances will do.

Lioneyes Remorse or Victarios Charity or Rare Shield

Rare Shield (if you have neither) : Look for shields that have high life rolls, lots of resistance, cast speed

I tried both the lioneyes remorse and the victarios charity. I found that if you like to go quickly through maps then you should likely choose the victarios charity. Because of the fact that I stream and read chat, I found that I was running out of frenzy charges on my spectres and couldn’t sustain them for the shield to be worth it, so I went with a Lioneyes instead. Pleasantly, youll find the lioneyes makes an hp difference of about 1k, so if youre feeling squishy, it may be the better option for you.

Vis Mortis or Tabula Rasa or Rare Body Armour

A Vis Mortis is by far the best chest piece for this build due to the +1 to spectres, but I have gone into late maps with a tabula because the extra spectre is just a cherry on top, all you need is really the links for your gems. You can also use a decent rare body armour with high life and resists.

Rings and Ammy

Aim for atleast 100 life total (including strength) on both rings and your amulet, ofcourse we want lots of resistances aswell. Its good to mention that you will need lots of dexterity for this build so look for rings with dex aswell, so you can level up your gems.


A stygian vise with as high life rolls as possible along with as much strength possible is a must. Keep in mind that the jewel you place in the belt should have as much life as possible on it aswell.


If you do not have a Rumi's, you may submit a granite flask for the Rumis. Also many players find it confusing that I utilise 3 life flasks, this is simply what im comfortable with. With such a huge life pool, having a few instant refill life flasks are usefull in my opinion and are very good for when youre panicking. If you feel more comfortable with a utility flask I recommend substituting a life flask with a stibnite flask.

Map Mods

Can do any mods except:

Cannot Leech Life (your spectres may die)

-maximum resistances (our gear is not set up to account for additional max res)

Mods to be careful about:

Elemental Weakness (only if you are ele weakness capped)

Temporal Chains (if you feel comfortable with using a warding flask)

Vulnerability (if you feel comfortable with a warding flask)

Cannot Regenerate Mana (only if you have a mana flask)

Chain (run ONLY if you have the chain immunity pantheon upgrade)

%increased fire/cold/lightning damage (pay attention to the abilities of the unique boss eg. be careful on a reef map with %increased cold damage!)

%increased area of effect (certain bosses have one-shot slams that already have a large AOE that can be dangerously amplified with this mod)

Elemental Reflect (can run because spectres leech decent life, but you cannot speed clear the map or your spectres will die. Pay attention to their life and gauge how quick to run through the map after testing out a few mobs)


We use 2 Anatomical Knowledge Cobalt Jewels and three 7% increased max life jewels with attributes and resistances on them that are required to fulfill attribute requirements and cap resistances. The DPS is amazing so Unending Hunger Jewels are NOT required at all.


1. Watch out for Antalie Napora
Antalie Napora is a rogue exile that attacks with lightning arrow. This was unfortunately the rogue exile that ended up killing my character with this build at level 95. The chain pantheon does not provide protection against her attacks. Antalie's lightning arrow damage has an AOE that can overlap based on how many targets it hits. I was in a T13 map with: 95% extra damage as lighting and 100% increased area of effect.
On top of this all, she had
The Deadly Rivalry prophecy which gave her a soul eater nemesis mod. Please watch out for this. If you see Antalie Napora try not to convocate your spectres to avoid the AOE damage, and seal this prophecy and destroy it as soon as you see it in a map.

2. Spectres are highly vulnerable to bleed, pay attention so that they dont get caught in lab traps- but if they do, try standing somewhere safe so that they dont perish- because causing them to move will make them bleed even more. This is also the reason why I dont recommend running Atziri or Uber Atziri at all.

3. Pay attention to elemental thorns
When a creature has "Elemental Thorns" as a nemesis mod, your spectres could very easily pk you. This can happen if youre right up against the elemental thorns creature and your spectres are shooting at it from behind you, because this causes the projectiles to all run into you.

Thank You For Reading!

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this is the best build ever
Nice cheap effective build for league start, OPOP endgame pls don`t nerf :D
Thanks! :)
Nice one, will have to try it out!
My livestream - twitch.tv/davo1
did everything with the animate guardian 8 zombie variation of this build except HoGM, danzig one-shots ilvl 84 specters, too bad they removed the afking bosses part, oh well more adrenaline now.

PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
great guide going to try it on sc for fun
Only a dumbass pays for a F2P game.
Hey DCLara, you've asked for constructive critique, here we go!

Build Guide... guide

A while ago I made this little guide to help build creators like you, to get a good formating and a good readability.

As of now I don't have much to complain about (if so). I would suggest to not hide every thing behind a spoiler and do not go ham on colours. I look at the skill gem section here.

Just check the link above.

About the Guide content itself, you missed a some wonderful items to consider about.

For Example:
My fully on defense oriented Necro wears the following Core Items:

I've decided to use the Advancing Fortress for easy Max Block and Spellblock. This is so incredible trivializing the game. In terms of Clear Speed I use Flesh and Spirit, Rampage is so underrated. Try it. Imagine your Soul Eating Solar Guards on Rampage. Its exactly how its sounds.

Also about the Skill gems, I would leave out Controlled Destruction and instead get Minion Res or a green socket for Pierce (clear speed) or Faster Proj (also clear speed but I prefere Pierce) or Slower Proj for Bosses or Slower Proj + Pierce (without gmp).

btw If you can manage a +1 curse stone of lazhwar we (you) can go ele weakness/flamability for some res shreddings.

This should be enough for the moment. :)


edit: if you want some more discussions about the stlye/layout feel free to PM me
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there are far better summoner builds than this one.
IGN TylordRampage
DCLara wrote:

Mods to be careful about:


Elemental Reflect (can run because spectres leech decent life, but you cannot speed clear the map or your spectres will die. Pay attention to their life and gauge how quick to run through the map after testing out a few mobs)

From my experience with a spectre summoner, using a level 20 Bone Offering instead of Flesh Offering in such maps allows me to just run them without thinking about the reflect, the block allows the spectres to survive. I'm also generally spamming my life flask of animation, which probably also contributes to their survival.

Great guide, and a real shame about that death.

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