Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018
Hello guys! This is my submission, a fan art based on the unique item 'Jack the Axe' designed by XvXReaperXvX -

Back Story -

This is the back story he made for it and it was awesome! So I decided to give Jack an appearance before he got turned into a talking axe. Enjoy!!

Sad creatures in dark corners

The ice cold water rippled as she ran her fingers through it, creating layers of circular patterns that were only disturbed by the bits of rotten flesh or sharp splinters of bone, that drifted slowly by. In days long gone, the sewers would have cleansed the city of Sarn from all kinds of waste, now it was an unholy graveyard, untended and festering.
The cold should have bitten into her naked foot, as she stepped into the water, putrefying flesh squishing between her toes, but she registered it only as a distant memory of a feeling. She was long past feeling earthly sensations.
The pain did not start here on Wraeclast. Had it been back in Oriath? She could still feel the heat on her face, the smell of burning flesh, the bite of the thick smoke in her nose. The screams that haunted every dream since then. But that was not the beginning. Before then? She remembered running for her life. Every muscle in her body screaming in exhaustion as the will to survive whipped her to run like a frightened animal, looking for shelter from the frenzied mob. If she could clearly remember it, she would have said, it all started back when she discovered, that she had been different from the rest. The world was not a nice place for people like her, but still she moved on. Had to move on.
She remembered good things too, like Oref. Faithful Oref, who would have helped her even in death. Her personal knight, even if he never had worn a shining armour.
New ripples grew in the water, as something shifted beside her, broke her small moment of clarity. The zombie groaned through his broken jaw that hung loose on one side. She could not tell if it tried to bite her or leaned into her touch, as she tenderly caressed his cheek, flaking off rotten pieces of skin.
“We still have to go a bit further” she told the creature, but if it even recognized her voice, it never showed in his dull, dead eyes.
She unconsciously wiped her hand somewhat clean on her blood-soaked jacket that clung damp onto her skin and tried to decide which way to move on. Like her whole life, there was only one way. The sewer pipe lead on into the darkness before her, filled with monsters that wanted to rip her into pieces. Still she would take that path, would defeat nightmare itself, because the monsters that haunted her made her fear more.
We need more of our boi Innocence

(My submission sorry its not the best but I did spend alot of time on this)
Also a 2ed submission hope you like

P.S. hope it don't hurt your eyes too much with his beautiful sine
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So I've played Fall of Oriath theme on guitar with little variation at the end :-).

It's posted on youtube if you want to watch me playing it:

There's also soundcloud link for those of you who just want to listen to it.

edit: I've made tabs for this, because some people asked about it. They are here:

Hope you'll enjoy it :-).
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My entry: The mirror shapes the very fabric of reality
Animated version:

Something I came up with using the lore around the Tears of Maji.
Helloy guys, this is my submission based on abyssal depths hope you guys like it. :D

GGG thank you so much for making Path of Exile the game that is.

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