[3.1] [3.2] Glacial Cascade Mine Chaos Conv (cheap 2-3 ex ) Shaper Deathless at lv 87

yes, there is the path of building tree on first page.
Bamzyniigata wrote:
yes, there is the path of building tree on first page.

Ive seen it , requires a registration a dog walk or somethin to work .

edit . My bad . went to ur char and the build is reseted (after the update..) . seems like i might register to see the tree at last :D

IGN = Tominsideeeee

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Just killed Uber atziri for fun.
Still strong
Very interesting build! However, it looks like the pastebin is a little out of date/incomplete. Still showing old ascendancies, and only leveled to 87.

For those last three skill points, do you recommend going for Snowforged (seems like best DPS option giving an extra 4.6k poison), or picking up a few stray Life/ES nodes (seems like best option is 5% life & 13% ES for about 200 extra hp), or grabbing another jewel?

Also, seems like you could easily add a third skill socket to the corrupted dagger for a golem. Looks like Flame Golem is slightly better than Ice Golem?
Bamzyniigata wrote:

I still prefer Perfect crime ,use bear trap and increased duration for the traps boost

Edit: Never mind, I think I solved mine own issue here. You should be running Conversion Trap not Bear Trap. That will give you favorable socket colors, a trap that lasts 8 seconds at base, and it will preserve the effectiveness of Perfect Crime after.
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4 off color with vorici is easy , do you know the technic?
Bamzyniigata wrote:
4 off color with vorici is easy , do you know the technic?

As far as I know, the best options to take a piece of full Int gear to GGGR are to Vorici for GGG or GGR, and in either case it's ~1k chroma on average. Unless I'm missing something?

Like I said, I think Conversion Trap is the better move. I don't really see any reason not to favor it over Bear Trap. It's an Int skill so it fits perfect for the gloves, it's cheaper mana cost, same duration, etc.
Ok , Ill tell you a secret lol.

for a 4 off color by Vorici.
Dunno if it was fixed , but it worked.

imagine you want 4 blue on a pure strengh gear, so 4 off color .

take your gloves.
2 socket - vorici 25 chrom - 2 blue

next with vorici still, use craft for 3 socket - if you have a another blue bingo ! if not pay for 2 socket and as you can see when you turn back for 2 socket by vorici the first two blue colors stay.

So just continue until you ll jave 4 off colors.
Of course you will use a lot of jewellers but less than you need chrom for coloring that.

Sorry if my explanation is too bad, search there will be a topic about that.
Hello, how many seconds does the DPS of glacial landmines hurt?
Hi !

Its not a duration skill, so it s difficult to say.

I just know, the number of hits depends on the area .
Small area -- more hits

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