[3.1] [3.2] Glacial Cascade Mine Chaos Conv (cheap 2-3 ex ) Shaper Deathless at lv 87

I didn't master the quintessence of BD. Maybe I was too stupid. 2 times, T17 didn't go to grade 90.

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Hey! English is not my first language so i couldn't understand what is the latest ascendancy order
I think the pastebin link is outdated
Could you tell me again what are the correct nodes?

Thank you
Bomb specialist - Specialist Demolition - Born in the shadows- Perfect crime
Thank you very much for your answer!

I would like to ask some other things, i couldnt find if people already asked that so...

On path of building you have the Wither support gems Increased Duration and Spell totem on lvl 18 and 19... but how did you get enough strenght for that?!

Same question the Increased Duration linked to Despair

and why are Lightning Traps, multiple traps and cluster traps so low lvl?
and flame dash only lvl 12? any reason for those lvls?

Im feeling very weak atm... do you think its possible to invest in a better Helm and Gloves for better res + Es + life maybe?

Thanks again and sorry to bother you
Atziri foible reduce attribute requirement
that s why you can equip some stuff without the attribute requirement necessary.

Now with the new patch lightning trap has a 4s duration so I changed it for conversion trap (8s)
and Ligtning trap was used for the trap bonus from perfect crime , so no need to level thoses gems( cluster , multiple ...)
and low level gem equal lesser mana cost ,same for flame dash.
so flame dash level 1 Q20 is a better choice .

Of course , you can equip gloves or helmet with more resist at the beginning, but the DPS boost from them is really important.

My new set up in Standard:
Of course is a little more expensive but not so much.
Im trying to keep that build cheap.

You planning to update your post/pastebin for 3.3? Think I'm gonna use this as my league starter so curious to get your thoughts on the patch notes.
Nothing changes in 3.3 , so Enjoy !

Unfortunately, I won t play this build anymore so its my last update.

I ll create a new guide for my new build soon.
Bamzyniigata wrote:
Nothing changes in 3.3 , so Enjoy !

A lot changed skill-wise, but my biggest issue is the reduction of conversion trap to 4s. Seems like Perfect Crime isn't really worth it any more with traps being all short duration.
its a nerf from 3.2

and in 3.3 new trap with 8 sec cooldown so no problem
sorry I made a mistake . 8s is the cooldownnot the duration.

anyway nothing changes from 3.2 to 3.3

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