Developer Interview: Felipe - Visual Effects

good article!

i enjoy reading the interviews, design goals, et al.

thanks for the best game ever, ggg!
Mas eu quero saber por que fizeram isso com o vaal pact !!! acabao como o jogo!!
VFX are way too flashy and take too much space. There are cases when you don't see anything BUT VFX, which is an immersion-murdering stuff.
Hm...does Felipe live in Brazil? I'm curious because I remember GGG saying they wanted to prioritize people living in New Zealand when it came to hiring new employees.
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4k hours of play.

pff casual.
Paldamus wrote:

Lol the game got elitist over the years? Nah more like, it has gotten QoL improvements and more streamlined and beginner friendly over the years, so it's vice versa to what you're saying imo. The old PoE was way harder, so dunno where you're coming from with that :D

Also if it takes you a month to get to 90, then maybe this isn't the game for you? I mean you can't expect the game to cater to your (1 person's) needs. You need too adapt to the game. Games catering too much to the ubercasuals is what ruined many of them. I mean you want everything to be changed for everyone, cos you only play 1 map per day or smth lol?

It's like going to a football game, which you know has the potential to last over 2 hours and you sit down and say: "i only have 10 minutes, make it fast!". Cmon man xD

Nice read btw, i wonder though how much performance is taken into account when creating visuals :p

If you look at the first leagues they where easy and not such an insane grindfest like they are today.
And yes it takes me a while to level, because i go to work and dont have that much freetime a few hours and some days i play another game or nothing at all.

I still have fun with the game after this many many year and why would you judge me because i play it more casual then you or others? This should not be a reason to be pushed away from the game.
That's cool, but I am more interested into interview with the guy which totally killed my fun of this game, and the fun of thousands other guys with the killing the witches, CI and ES.

As well I would like to read an interview with the guy which decided that PoE should be a "balanced game".

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