Developer Interview: Felipe - Visual Effects

my wife didn't leave me!

Ah, the mark of a true former denizen of the forums. :P

Anyway, nice to hear from you and keep up the great work, Felipe! :)
Nice work! keep it up
Interesting, as always.
Though if it'd be possible, i'd love to see the video of a VFX creation accelerated x20/40 or something if needed to let it at a reasonable length.
That's also true for anything related to the art of the game (visuals, music).
Arevalo wrote:
If only there was a setting where I could completely turn off the visual effects so that maybe I could somehow play this awesome game on my brick pc.

Soloing Kitava with 1-3 fps is not a fun experience.


same here atm (:

> An unexpected disconnection occurred.

good job Felipe
DenSan1587 wrote:
Cmon guys... If you don't have anything to say don't just say "nice"

Nice comment !
I think the graphics are very cool for this stage of the game HOWEVER, could you guys please keep in mind that optimization is sometimes needed to keep the core stable. I realize that making great visuals is important (specially to the newer gen of gamers who would prefer a 20-40 hour game with super graphics over old school games with 50-60 hours of play and less graphics) but so is stability. It becomes an issue when you cant party very well or even run certain things because of what i like to call "partical bombing" which in essence means the game over loading you with too many partical effects at once with an on the spot loading (like perandus league did) which causes deadly graphic freezing even on high end pcs. This is the first league i have lost so many hours of game play exp due to random studders and the mass dc when trying to enter towns and such. While i applaud the customization of characters appearances through mtx and such. Some things should be for the player to see, or give people options to turn them down on other people if they desire, (many games have added features like this for stability) the game isnt that hard on processors untill it comes to all the "extras" hitting it like a truck. It may be time for you guys to do an over haul of the coding. Fix your patching system to be smoother ( 1 huge file is not a good system) and work on changing some of the hidden layers for your effects. I have some experience in graphics myself as i went to college for game graphic design. BUT all in all the game is getting better all the time. Even though some questionable decisions have been made (vaal pact really?) and i do enjoy the new reflect system HOWEVER, maps still roll reflects old style which are devistating.

All in all I would just like to say, GJ Felipe love the work. But GGG its time to polish the game up and clean up the extra crap left over. Make it more stable. Get things smooth again before adding more stuff thats making it more difficult to play. Love abyss league btw. Ton of fun. If i could ever get the lich to drop the damn armor i would be stoked but alas not yet lol.
The optimization should be more stability. I have good pc but still noticing a lot of fps spikes. Even in hideout, especially when you using movement skills like shield charge.

Some skill effects like molter strike lags as hell when i meet somebody with this build.
Would be also nice if you introduce fps limiter in options because when i set fps limiter in riva tuner i got very often crash games, probably because of riva tuner. Nvidia users don't have any other alternative options to cap the fps.

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