Developer Interview: Felipe - Visual Effects

Parabéns Felipe!
Estou no começo da minha carreira de artista 3d aqui no brasil e sua entrevista serviu muito como inspiração para eu continuar seguindo essa carreira e atingir minhas atuais e futuras metas, muito obrigado!
thanks for the interview and all the best for your future career at ggg, it's nice they give newcomers a chance to unleash their creative power :-)

please keep the game as gory, gritty and dark as possible, some of the last remainings of the original game i loved so much.
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
Runslingan! The Power Of ~^S.W.E.D.E.N^~
Cool stuff Felipe,

living the dream!
Useless info. Better work on game bugs u know, like detonation mines when running...u told u know it and will fix - and u are actually doing nothing.
And where map tab changes? U are reslly refuse to work with game, butmumlove to post tons of "text info" news...
It's time for a new Q & A theme! Please, pay attention to this topic in the near future. Thank you.
Oh hello there Felipe, i got a favor to ask could you pls change or off visual effect of maddening presence of impresence Amy? Its really disturbing on the dark room, I can't see enemy nearby. Thanks Exile!!!
YordansRage wrote:
That's cool, but I am more interested into interview with the guy which totally killed my fun of this game, and the fun of thousands other guys with the killing the witches, CI and ES.

As well I would like to read an interview with the guy which decided that PoE should be a "balanced game".

Way to dress your own opinion. Games change, they evolve - the meta changes, it's necessary. Ever heard of Magic the Gathering? Go and read up about how they balance that game and you might start to actually understand this 'balance' that you speak of.

Nice article and great work Felipe.

MTG is a PvP game of course that should be balanced. I am with Yordan on this, i want to smash and dominate enemies and bosses after a certain amount of time i spend with my charakter (passive tree and so on) and not look up guides and follow the meta what's "op" at the moment to clear everything in the game.

Each skillgem (damage and of course with a suitable passive tree and equip) should be able to be carry you to all the content the game has to offer, if thats not possible then something is wrong.

PoE got very very elitist over the years or at least for me and i just don't have the time to follow everything that's going on. I hardly have enough time to do the challange leagues, which is sad because it's the most enyojable part for me to try out all the new stuff, but then i allways get sad because either the new skills are not good enough to get me to the endgame and the challanges get harder and harder each league and even more of a grind then before. GGG really i have a Job and in am a casual hwo needs about 1 month to get to level 90 (if i can reach it at all)
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