[3.6] Ele Spectral Throw Slayer/Pathfinder (7.5k+ HP, 1.5M+ Shaper DPS, All Content down- VIDS)

how tf can you call this a 3.6 build if the passive tree aint updated?

I've played ST twice before and liking this build very much so far.

I went a bit mental on it and trying to build it up in Duo SSF (Private League), so far clearing T13s and T14s without much of a problem, Uber Lab is a joke, no content has really gotten in the way yet.

My question is on the Body Armour - I was pondering Belly, Shroud, Loreweave and a very well rolled Elder +Crit Crafted Chest. Do you think that no matter what, Shroud is the BiS? What else, if anything, would you consider?

Second question, which is much more confusing - why are my Foil upgrades not showing in PoB? I've configured it correctly, yet every 80eDPS upgrade I make adds like 5% to total DPS. Are Abyss Jewels and WED what scale this build up? I'm slightly confused, upgraded to Triple T1 Ele Foil (420 eDPS, +90 eDPS) and the total deeps increased by 5% total in PoB ONLY.

Thanks and Thanks for the build. For anyone curious what I've done in SSF:

Deathless Shaper with this build in Duo SSF, if anyone's curious.

0.1% players chose Spectral Throw in Synthesis, non-meta skill, nerfed this, nerfed that, but still perfectly viable. This was done in about 17 days of the league, I bet with more fine-tuning it could do all content.

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