War for the Atlas Concept Art

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What about scholar blue portal? It was there in previous ggg post. What about it? It looked great and it was as if stolen from supporter pack. WHY??

I think is the one from the karma coin promo "voidgate" is the same but blue.
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I was wondering the same thing. Whose eye did they pull out?

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"No! No, we don't. No, we don't need that guy's eye."
"No, seriously, I need it! It's important to me."
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Awesome art. What programme to draw you guys are using?
Amazing artwork!! I love it!! Keep it coming GGG!
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The wings are pretty bad ass. Also super absorbent.
Well done !
I got myself busy and I've did some stuff as well.

I have to say I am very happy with the Art team @GGG thats why I am glad to be able to support GGG through buying all of their MTX and the biggest support packs available. However there is one thing that really bothers me and that is that the art on paper looks way better than what we get in game, from the colors to the actual stance, to me it seems like those sets were designed for characters that we arent playing ingame, now I know this post was about a concept and not 1:1 what we got but I mean the finished product says something else.

To give you a good example I have included a screenshot that compares the Dominator Armor set (highest tier) ingame and the concept art because thats the one armor set that stood out to me the most, especialy since people pay so much more money for it.

On the screenshot you can clearly see that there is something wrong with the shoulders on that armor they are facing down unlike the concept art which looks alot better in my opinion, from the colors to the actual design, the orange color is way to overpowering for the whole armor and should be tuned down a bit otherwise its soon gona compare with the phoenix set and I dont want to see them fight against each other lol. But seriously the worst thing are those shoulders I love to mix and match mtxs to get a nice result at the end and so far I have not found a use for that body armor the shoulders just ruin it, and you have to keep in mind that this is on a marauder the most bulky character with broad shoulders they should be able to pull off alot more armor sets just by their physique in game but even they look like this, and you dont even want to imagine what this armor looks like on a skiny witch, atrocious. So at the end of the day all that I am using from this set is the helmet because the body armor is an abomination in color and design as far as shoulderplating goes and I cant really use the gloves and the boots because the colors are to bright on the orange - which is fine not every armor has to match with others and obviously people also dont have to like all the armors, but this is on a whole new level, the only thing that would make this worse if GGG sold armour sets with their concept art and then you see a entirely different result ingame, but thankfully GGG is transparent enough to not do that.

Sry for the rant folks, but I feel like this should be said and I feel like I have the right to atleast share my opinion since I bought it, maybe the art team can take something away from this and we all win at the end. Definitely love all the other sets from the supp pack so it was definitely a success overall, the art team just tripped at the finish line. :)

Oh and on a sidenote I wonder if we could get new character models in the next expansion, I mean they seem kind of outdated tbh, *cough* looking at the npcs that look better than the players. Obviously not high on the priority list, but you know. lol

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