[3.5] Lioneye's Signal Fire Tornadoshot / Barrage [Video from Shaper & Guardians included] Updated!


So im updating this kindoff, because i love this build and wanna share it (basicly not a lot changed). The single target setup "changed" from Barrage to Scourge Arrow, but it all comes down to what you prefer to play and the optimal choice of Body armor changed.

Quick introduction: I wanted to play a conversion bow build and didnt want to spend 20 ex on a Harbinger bow that is not 6l .. so i looked for a cheapter alternitiv .. after some theory crafting me and a friend came to the conclusion, that lioneye's has the same mod as Lycosidae .. and see there we made a passable build with 80%~ ish crit with power charges on a 5% crit base without a Hatred crit base Watcher's Eye

If you are intrested feel free to continue reading :)

First of my PoB:
Updated the Tree for the "new" ascendancy, which is Deadeye and some minor changes.

Get the belt with 2 abyss sockets, get the abyss gloves and buy some cheap abyss jewels with flat elemental damage (preferable lightning) and boom leveling will be a brease.

Use Sharapnel Shot with Mirrage Archer + Volley untill you can go Rain of Arrows, swap into Tornado Shot once you have GMP or once it feels good.

For bow get a Stormcloud and if you wanna spend some more chaos for easier leveling get a "Tempest"

I took Alira at first untill i got good enough gear to replace her to gain 2 skill points.

But, its not a problem to stick with Alira since 20% crit multi is huge dmg aswell


Lightpoacher is the best with 2 abyss jewel sockets, but can be played with only 1 socket easy aswell.

For Entchant you want either a Barrage or Tornadoshot entchant, but since they are not required!
ALSO PRETTY EXPENSIV(more then you even need to make this build rolling)

EDIT for 3.5: Can also use Starkonja's, but keep in mind Abyss Jewels will be the highest dps changes you can get.


The Quiver gives 50% conversion and extra fire dmg which is nice.

+1 Arrow corruption is an expensiv bonus but not needed. I used one with a conversion corrupt,
untill i luckily corrupted this one

EDIT for 3.5:Can also use Rigwald's Quill which will give a good boost to ur Clear (not needed tho) or a Shaper Quiver with +1 Arrow some Added as extra and WED. You just have to fit an "Physical to Lightning" Support gem into ur Setups to get the Conversion ur otherwise missing.


These are the best gloves since they give you more abyss jewel socket/s, 2 sockets are not required but they are nice since they allow you to use both bonuses from the jewels not just the INTIDATE (needs the murderous eye jewel in there)


Generic rare with life, movespeed and resists


Abyss base with Life, Resist and WED


Preferable WED, Life Resist, Added Phys
The Curese on Hit Assasins Mark ring is quality of life for bosses and Enabled to use Herald of Ash instead of Herald of Ice + CoH + Assasins Mark


Life, WED, Added Phys / Ele, Stats

EDIT for 3.5: Using a Elder Base on the Amulet which grants "Added as Extra" is probably better but might be hard to aquire depending on what the budget is, or the state of the league. Perfect would be WED, Added as Extra, Life and some stats depending on what you need.


1 or 2 abyss Jewels Lightless (5L is more then enough dmg with the Ele pen)

But can use a belly aswell (since shroud of the lightless is so expensiv right now just go with a belly it offers a little more aswell), lightless is just more dmg with the sockets and pen

EDIT for 3.5: Loreweave is absolutly broken, best in slot chest. Also swap the Barrage setup for a Scourge Arrow Setup with following links: Ele Focus - WED - Inc Crit Strikes - Slower Proj - Faster Attacks (not sure if they are correct, since i haven't tested this out myself yet)


Here comes the Heartpiece, Lioneye's Glare => Hit's can't be evaded is huge here, you dont need acc.
on gear, more crit chance because you never miss and good phys dps for a cheap price


Atziri on a 3l Barrage (to show DMG with "low" gear):

Just a Lich i was able to encounter in a T15 (really short video):

Minotaur Map (Deathless):

Hydra Map (Deathless):

Shaper (Deathless):

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Looks solid. Got any shaper/guardian videos?
rectis wrote:
Looks solid. Got any shaper/guardian videos?

I can get something going. Let me get my hands on the maps.
why not raider ?
erxan wrote:
why not raider ?

Because Pathfinder is better on Single target and better on conversion builds in general

Alone the node that gives 10% extra as random element and 10% penetration makes pathfinder better then raider if you wanna do bosses

And in general im not a big fan of raider .. taking all frenzy charges .. only immune to status ailemnts while on full frenzy etc
erxan wrote:
why not raider ?

Raider is great when you don't have your flasks. Once you get your gg flasks Pathfinder is roughly the same damage, better survivability, on demand elemental immunity, and better ele pen (assuming you can deal with the piano playing of the flasks).
Why not Barrage in 6l and Tornado Shot in your Chest ? o:

Wanna test this build, if i got all the equip! :)

EDIT: nevermind. the chest got ele pen, that's why! okay.. that's awesome!
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i have all itens but i dont have currency for the flasks,
even so it becomes viable?
Drevar wrote:
i have all itens but i dont have currency for the flasks,
even so it becomes viable?

You should be able to afford an Atziri flask .. for example in the video were i did atziri on a 3l i didnt use dying sun either .. if you just use a generic 5L Barrage for example (in lightless) without ToH you should still be just fine :)
Any tips :) ? I planning to respec, got currency for most of items. How is working on maps/bosses. Video looks promising.

Update 12/01/2018

Someone playing this build (only me ?) ? I got all eq without barrage/tornado enchant.
Lvl 90



Still not compared to your pob hehe. Fast mapping, insane boss killer.
Using this for bosses:

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