[3.5] Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Juggernaut U.Elder down

This is my first guide ever and my main language is not English, sorry if anything amiss.

Putting those aside, welcome to my Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Juggernaut Guide!

This guide started from 3.1. The real only significant change(buff) is Juggernaut Ascendency.
Passive tree also have changes that buff this build.

3.5 Change

Molten Strike
Now deals 120% of base damage at gem level 1, and 161% of base damage (up from 147%) at gem level 20.
Projectiles deal 40% less damage at gem level 1, and 30% less damage (from 40%) at gem level 20.

Grelwood Shank now has 185-215% (up from 170-190%) increased Physical Damage. Existing versions can be updated to these new values with a Divine Orb.

Molten Strike Labyrinth Helmet enchantments now grant 1 additional projectile from the Merciless Labyrinth (down from 2) and 2 additional projectiles from the Eternal Labyrinth (down from 3).

Wildfire is now limited to 1. This affects all versions of the item.

Items exclusive to the Shaper's guardians and the Elder's guardians now drop less frequently. (More expensive Grelwood Shank!)

Some Quick Math!
Old 7 Molten Strike Projectile Highest Damage
147% * 0.6 = 88.2%
7 = 617.4%
9 (1 GS) = 793.8%
11 (2 GS) = 970.2%
14 (2 GS + 3 Enchant) = 1234.8%
16 (2 GS + 3 Enchant + Dying Sun) =1411.2%

New 5 Molten Strike Projectile Highest Damage
161% * 0.7 = 112.7%
5 = 563.5% (10% Less)
7 (1 GS) = 788.9% (Close)
9 (2 GS) = 1014.3% (5 % More)
11 (2 GS + 2 Enchant) = 1239.7% (Enchant close up the gap )
13 (2 GS + 2 Enchant + Dying Sun) = 1465.1% (4% More Damage)

+ With highest possible projectile and the Generic Setup (2 Grelwood Shank + 1 Wildfire), we has slightly higher damage

- Lower projectile = less clear and less possible life gain on hit
- Grelwood Shank price hike. Switch to Beltimber and spec Point Blank if necessary.

War Banner is now a considerable buff to take for 59% accuracy increase which convert to more attack speed and that maximum 2.5 second Adrenaline buff on placing it down for boss fight.

Storm Brand will be replacing Orb of Storm. Storm Brand damage triggers once per 0.5s (can be increased by cast speed) while Orb of Storm can only be triggers once per 1s (unaffected by cast speed).

3.4 Change

Increased attack Range and Targeting Area on Molten Strike may screw Ancestral Call Molten Strike Ancestral Call Single Target strategy but help a lot if you willing to switch AC out to other support gem during boss fight. It's now easier to screw up AC single target if you are using Multi-Strike.

Passive tree update and its a buff for us. Templar area looks more juicy then ever.

Possible to spec into instant warcry on passive tree, so that you can still use Enduring Cry (or any other warcry) while Molten Striking.

CWDT + Orb of Storm is huge. Now we can easily sustain Elemental Overload by linking it with increased critical strike.

Herald of Purity is much better than Herald of Ash. Herald of Ash may outdamage Herald of Purity but the utility of Herald of Purity is endless. You can socket blind support (if you are not using Unwavering Stance, so you can actually evade and utilise blind) and culling strike (reserved mana from 25% to 28%, no big deal if you are only using 2 auras) to it for its summoned minion to apply them. The minions can also act as a meatshield and distraction.

3.1 has been a great update for PoE. Especially with the addition of Ancestral Call support that make single-target attack such as Molten Strike much more fun to use.
A newly added Unique weapon enticed me and make me create a new character instantly to build around it.

Why I Love Grelwood Shanks

1. 2 Additional Projectile on Enemy Hits ( 4 if dual wield )
2. 80% increased Armour while standing still ( 160% if dual wield )
3. It is an unique from a great weapon base, Eternal Sword ( 1.5 Aps, 475 accuracy rating implicit , can use Whirling Blades )
4. Free Point Blank (Save us some passive points)
5. Free Iron Reflex while standing

Required Uniques (Also Weapon)


Build enabling Unique. Neat

You can always go for 1 more expensive Rare 1-hand sword to get more damage ( just be sure the highest APS be the main hand weapon to get the fastest travel speed), or shield to get more survivability. Dual grelwood shank is already sufficient enough to get to end game.


Decent Molten Strike damage and coverage boost. A must have.

If Grelwood Shank is now too expensive since 3.5 to you, go for

It's also grant you 2 additional projectile, evasion rating and far shot maybe useless but the additional projectiles is always active since we move around by movement skill.
Spec Point Blank if you are using 2 of Beltimber.

Alternative, not recommended on 3.5 though with Molten Strike projectile source nerf and Dual Stick Nerf

With this build having 7 Endurance Charges (Can get more endurance charges from item), this weapon is a good choice. Focus on getting Nebuloch with 40% physical added as fire damage.
On full endurance charges, when compared to Dual Grelwood Shank, this weapon gives :
1) 30% more tooltip dps boost ,
2) more Armour (about 10k more),
3) 7%+ reduced elemental damage taken on hit,
4) 28% chaos resist+.

Negative Side:
1) You take 1400+ Fire Damage per second on enemy hit (Can be reduced by your fire resist, taking 350+ fire dps on 75% fire resist) for 4 seconds.
2) Force to use Leap Slam, you cannot use Whirling Blade with a mace off hand now.
3) 2 less situational projectiles on enemy hit
4) Less overall attack speed
5) Cannot utilise Soul of Araakaali increased recovery since you always taking damage over time

Optional but nice fit (and change) to the build:
(I Love Thief Torment)

More reason later in other part of equipment section.

Other Part of Equipment

If you don't have enough Dexterity (and you will) or Intelligence (more likely to meet requirement), you might want to get Dexterity or Intelligence from Uniques or Rare equipment.

You can always get Strength from Rare equipment to get more HP/Damage :D.


Focus on these stats
-Nearby enemies has -% fire resistance (Only craftable with Scorch Fossil from Delve League)

If you have decent resists

Fill our missing dexterity, HP and attack speed. High evasion rating to be converted to Armour. More crit chance to proc Elemental Overload.

New upcoming helmet in Delve League

Get red socket to get bonus added fire damage similar to a lvl 15 Anger gem. Nearby -10% resist is nice as long the enemy don't have overcapped resist. 1 socket is a pain though.

Body Armour

Focus on these stats
-Damage Taken As Cold/Lightning/Fire Damage (From Delve Fossil Crafting)

Recommended if you can get 5-link version

Brass Dome not only provides a huge armour boost, it also make us receive no extra damage from critical strike, thus no sudden spike of damage from BOTH spell and hits.

Update from 3.2 : For mapping, the new Unflinching + CWDT combo is sufficient to significantly reduce much of the physical damage you face in map. Unless you want immmunity to critical damage, Brass Dome is not quite the top choice now :/

For much labyrinth QoL and you have the currency,
Get the Crab Armour,
Craiceann's Carapace
Besides huge Life and Armour with some resistances, it also has Immunity to Bleed! ( Hurrah for Lab and screw you Corrupted Blood )
Aspect of the Crab is optional but usually ignored, we have sufficient T H I C C to go for pure damage aura and buff.

NEAT, another great Armour of Choice discovered :O

Some Life, Elemental Damage, All Attributes and Global Crit Chance for Elemental Overload ! The best of the best is locked Max Resist so unaffected by - Max Resist Map Mod! (Which is deadly to us)
You can vendor 60 unique rings to get this Armour, but I sure even random unique rings gonna cost minimum 1 chaos orb now. (Maybe lower in the future)
To compensate for the low Armour, you can choose to go for CWDT + Immortal Call + Increased Duration Support to mitigate sustained heavy physical damage from enemy.


Focus on these stats
-Attack Speed
-Added physical damage
-Projectile Damage Implicit
-X Fire damage against burning enemy (Delve Fossil Crafting)

If you have decent resists

Permanent Intimidation and sweet abyss jewel socket :D



Immune to Stun+Immune to Temporal Chain+Immune to freeze and chill+Huge life
All in one boot.

Since we have dual wield bonus along with Undeniable attack speed bonus, we just use Whirling Blades/ Leap Slam as our method of travel instead of walking.

If you have Unstoppable, you can skip Kaom's Root and go for Life + Resist. Movement speed is very optional but good to have for Haku mission.

120% critical chance increase if not crit recently boot enchant is BiS enchant for this build.


Focus on these stats
-Attack Speed
-Life gain on Hit (Elder mod)
-Added Physical damage
-Added Fire Damage
-Weapon Elemental Damage

Or just completely change your way on sustaining in fight
(I Freaking Love This Ring With Molten Strike)

Wait! No Life, average elemental resists and zero offensive stat on both 2 Ring Slots! What madness is this!?
Some Item Quantity, Fantastic Life and Mana Gain on Hit (4 extra projectile from Dual grelwood shank say Hi), curse effect reduction. 5 (or 4) passive points since you can now respec off leech.
Also can do these map mods more effectively too !
No Leech Map Mod
60% Less Recovery Map Mod

Alternatively, you can go for double
X Life gained on hit
on Elder Rare Ring to gain similar effect of Thief Torment, while able to get more life, resist and damage from rare ring.


Focus on these stats (You might want to go Offensive with Amulet because if you gonna change to Xoph's Blood, you won't worry about other Rares)
-Physical added as Fire (Elder Mod)
-Added Physical Damage
-Added Fire Damage
-Weapon Elemental Damage
-1% increased damage per 15 strength (Elder Mod)


League starter amulet. Cheap and great for early uber labyrinth lab running.

Life, Added Fire Damage, Life Regen and Free Flammability Blasphemy Curse at the cost of your 2 gem socket.

Recommended if you can finally afford this (Or as a lucky drop by doing Xoph Breachstone which can be cleared easily with this build)

More than 30% damage boost in an amulet.
Free AoF (save us 1-3 passive points depend on tree), fire penetration.
Enemy who hit us is covered in ashes and triggers our Grelwood Shank bonus effect, nice!


I recommend Stygian's Vise. Stygian Vise is undeniably better than other bases as long you can get a good Abyss Jewel.
-Weapon Elemental Damage

If you can get god-tier Abyss Jewels

Socket those God-Tier Abyss Jewels in for Damage/HP !


Get Bleed Immunity and Shock Immunity. Curse Immunity is Optional.
Get Life Flask with increased Recovery or instant recovery.
Recommended utility flask bases are Silver, Sulphur, Granite or Basalt.


If you want to further boost your damage with flasks. These 2 unique flasks are recommended.
For Wise Oak, get your uncapped fire resist to highest of all 3 elemental resists to get fire penetration.


With decent attack speed, abyss jewels with raw damage is better than normal Jewels with %damage, with 4 Abyss Jewels my damage is boosted by 30%.(It's nut)
After 3.2, you may need to craft your own abyss jewels since they are more scarce.

Abyss Jewel
-Fire Damage (Base or Sword)
-Physical Damage (Base or Sword)
(50% recommended)-Other elemental damage (Converted by AoF with 50% value)
-Attack Speed when Crit

-Max HP%
-Fire Damage %
-Attack Speed %
-Area Damage %
-Damage %

Wildfire, already mentioned in above.

Watcher's Eye Jewel (Optional)
Get the Anger Version (Fire Penetration, Added %Physical Damage as Fire Damage, Fire Leech).

Equipment Combo

Only use these equipment if you have both of them.
A lvl 20 Concentrated Effect + Lvl 20 Immolate Elder Helmet

or add "socketed gem have 30% more elemental damage for a 6.5 link


Less gem sockets. Trade other body armour unique attributes (Max resist lock for Loreweave, Immune to Crit for Brass Dome) for more HP.

Why Juggernaut

+1000 Accuracy, 1% increased Attack Speed per 200 Accuracy Rating. 30% increase damage/ accuracy rating if you have crit in the last 8 seconds. 1 Strength = 1 Accuracy

With 475 base accuracy implicit from Grelwood Shank, combined with Undeniable Ascendency Node from Juggernaut, you can easy achieve 90%+ Chance to Hit easily with only passive points on tree. You can then utilize Elemental Overload for more damage.
The bonus added attack speed is nice (Even essential if you want smoother gameplay).

The tankiness also make farming high tier maps much less nerve-wrecking.

Unstoppable is optional but huge QoL for mindless mapping if you don't want to use Kaom's Root.

3.2 :
Lvl 1 CWDT + Lvl 20 Increased Duration + Lvl 3 Immortal Call + Unflinching (Ascendency) with minimum 5 Endurance Charges. Welcome to physical mitigation addiction with no armour/flask investment and growing hatred for elemental/chaos damage. This combo maybe unoptimal for Unyielding though.


+ Being a Tank (7 Endurance Charges or 5+ Endurance Charges with CWDT + Immortal Cry + Unflinching)
+ Being a FAST Tank (Attack Speed from Undeniable really shine here, zip-zap everywhere)
+ Can do Uber Lab full key run reliably while decent geared
+ No weapon swap (Unless you want much faster Leap Slam)
+ No gem swap
+ No movement speed necessary needed)

- Caution : Molten Balls may affect your FPS and drown your GPU.
- Grelwood Shank require you to face-tank hits to dish out more damage
- Can't do Reflect (With thief torment on + 4-Link Molten strike + Yugul Pantheon, you can do reflect map somewhat but still dangerous. Go for Elementalist/ Raider Scion if you want reflect immune version and say screw you Atziri Mirror Clone)
- Can't do No leech Maps (If you are using Thief Torment, ignore this)
- If you looking for high-end DPS destruction or sonic-speed screen clear build, this build is not for you
- Not block/dodge/evasion focused, any dangerous 1-shot (especially elemental damage) will still possibly 1-shot you if you don't dodge.
- 6k-ish HP with no block/dodge/evasion mechanic. Still need to beware "extra damage as elemental" map mod and "- % maximum resistance" map.
- Expensive at league start and moderate price at mid-league since 3.5 Grelwood Shank buff alongside drop rate nerf

Passive Tree

3.5 does not change our pathing on passive tree. So i am still using the old recommended tree at 3.4.

My proposed passive tree for 3.4 Delve League (Same in 3.5 Betrayal League)

At start of league, both Grelwood Shank and Thief Torment/Life Gain on Hit Ring can be quite expensive, so here my alternative :
Lvl 85 League Start Life Leech + Non-Grelwood Shank version :

Lvl 85 Thief Torment / Life Gain on Hit Elder Ring + 7 Endurance Charge version :

Lvl 85 Thief Torment / Life Gain On Hit Elder Ring + 4 Endurance Charge + Instant Warcry + A tons more jewel sockets :

Lvl 85 Thief Torment / Life Gain On Hit Elder Ring + 4 Endurance Charge + Bunch more Jewel Sockets without Chaos Resist Wheel (Potentially save more passives point when you have Xoph's Blood)

Lvl 85 Thief Torment / Life Gain On Hit Elder Ring + 7 Endurance Charge + Nebuloch Main Hand / Grelwood Shank Off-Hand :

A PoB example since someone requested for it :

If you wanna go for Life Leech version and use other rings, you need to spec out 6 passive point (take your pick) to get life/mana leech.

Pre-3.4 skill tree compilation
Revised version for more HP% on tree(For Thief Torment)

haGrOck Skill Tree recommendation

Thank haGrOck for enlighten me on this build route. Has more damage.
His Post:
haGrOck wrote:
Have you ever tried this route on tree?


Looks slightly better to me, with 1 more jewel socket. ;-)

And alternatively for only 2 more Points a Little bit increased dmg and better attack Speed this one:

Or moving two points to get access to the little sword cluster: poeurl.com/bM7q

Also possible with 4 more points for more armour, movement, res & reg: poeurl.com/bM69

And this would be the leveling route for the first 65 points spent in the new league due to having bad gear with bad res early on: poeurl.com/bM7m

Onwards is old passive tree recommendation from 3.1, nothing is changed.
Newer or haGrOck version has more efficient usage of passive points but require higher lvl to spec into keynode such as Avatar of Fire or Elemental Overload. If you want quicker access to key node, use below passive tree recommendation instead.


If you are using Thief Torment, you can unspec Life Leech and Mana Leech and go for more HP and damage.

If you have Xoph's Blood, you can use those unspec Avatar of Fire (3 passive points) for HP and damage.

Act 2 - Bandit Choice

Either Oak or kill all.

The 2 passive point usually end up as 2*5% maximum hp node = 10% maximum health, but is very useful if you want to reach Avatar of Fire and Elemental Overload early.

2% physical reduction + 1% hp regeneration on Oak is very useful in labyrinth while the 20% global physical is a bonus.

In the end, it's either more max health ( I usually take more max health because most of my death are from elemental damage/chaos damage )
more QoL. ( Physical reduction work against trap and more hp regen for labyrinth run)



Significant change to Juggernaut Ascendency.
Now with more added tankiness!
For Kaom's Root :
1 / 2 : Unflinching or Unbreakable
3 : Undeniable (Latest being Merciless Lab before you proceed to mapping)
4 : Unrelenting

For Other Boots :
1 / 2 : Unflinching / Undeniable
3 : Unstoppable
4 : Unbreakable

Unflinching is much more better now because beside the old + 1 Endurance Charges and 30% chance to gain Endurance Charges on Enemy hit. You gain 1 Endurance Charge every second for 4 seconds if you taken damage recently and 25% chance to gain up to max Endurance Charge.
Thus, before proceed to boss fight, just use

and you should have max Endurance charge before even starting the fight!

Unbreakable 2% HP Regeneration and 5% Reduce damage taken is huge QoL for Labyrinth. 1.5% prevented damage gained as HP regen for 10 seconds may be Minor but maybe more insane than I though.

Undeniable much buff. Very crit recently. WOW ! Also Strength = Accuracy helps a lot in boosting accuracy for more attack speed !

Unrelenting can be taken last as you can only access to more Endurance Charges Node at higher lvl to get more out of it. Decent tankiness against map mobs ! ( While magic/rare map mobs getting buffed to oblivion as damage increase is now multiplicative)

Gem Link

Get this link on sequence
Reminder: Don't take Elemental Damage with weapon or Fire Penetration until you can convert 100% of physical to Fire with AoF or Watcher's Eye Anger convert physical to fire version.

Normal Life Leech Version:
6L - Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + Elemental Damage With Attacks + Concentrated Effect + Combustion Support + Fire Penetration

Concentrated Effect can be used before Elemental Damage With Attack if you want significantly more single target damage.

We have decent attack speed so we don't really need multistrike/ faster attack for smoother game play on 5-link.

For Thief Torment (We need more attack speed) :
6L - Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + MultiStrike
+ Elemental Damage With Attacks + Concentrated Effect + Fire Penetration or Combustion Support (If no other skill that can proc Combustion Fire Resist Reduction Debuff)
Why not Elemental Focus? (Warning : Maths!)

(All gems are lvl 20)
100 Fire Damage
Against enemy with 50% elemental resist

Elemental Focus(49% more elemental damage, cannot inflict burning):
100 * 1.49 * 0.5 = 74.5

Combustion Support(29% more fire damage , -19% fire resist for enemy inflicted burning by you)
100 * 1.29 * 0.69 = 89.1 (include some minimal burning damage)

Fire Penetration Support(37% fire penetration)
100 * 0.87 = 87 (include some minimal burning damage)

Against enemy with 94% elemental resist (overcapped by map modifier)

Elemental Focus
100 * 1.49 * 0.25 = 37.25

Combustion Support
100 * 1.29 * 0.25 = 32.25

Fire Penetration Support
100 * 0.62 = 62

Against enemy with 40% elemental resist (Shaper / Guardian)

Elemental Focus
100 * 1.49 * 0.6 = 89.4

Combustion Support
100 * 1.29 * 0.79 = 101.91 (include some minimal burning damage)

Fire Penetration Support
100 * 0.97 = 97 (include some minimal burning damage)

Against enemy with 0% elemental resist

Elemental Focus
100 * 1.49 = 149

Combustion Support
100 * 1.29 * 1.19 = 153 (include some minimal burning damage)
Notice :
Enemy damage taken is consider More damage that only additive with other source of damage taken.
For example, enemy covered in ash = 20% more fire damage taken
Enemy has -20% fire resist = 20% more fire damage taken
Enemy total damage taken = (20%+20%)=40% more fire damage taken

Fire Penetration Support
100 * 1.37 = 137 (include some minimal burning damage)

Conclusion :
Combustion support is pretty busted and win against Elemental Focus support in almost all occasion unless the mobs is extra buffed on elemental resist. ( > 75% elemental resist ), which Fire penetration support excels at (no surprise).

Combustion fire resist reduction will only happen if you ignite enemy with skill it linked to (in this case Molten Strike), so the first few strikes may have less damage.

Igniting enemy deal some damage but igniting monsters will sometime make them flee which is annoying.

For enemy with low fire resist, use Combustion support unless you can proc combustion fire resist reduction from other source (like CWDT + spell).
For enemy with high fire resist (map buffed/rare mobs), use fire penetration support.

We do not swap Ancestral Call while Bossing.

Molten Strike has an unique mechanic which even if your melee hit miss, Molten Balls will still be produced on attack.
Your play style against boss would be :
Attack In Place an area near to the boss ->
Let your ancestral call clone hit the boss =
Producing 2 sets of Molten Balls that can damage the bosses.
This method may need actual test to determine its effectiveness compare to another support gem.

Reminder : If you using Multistrike , DON'T stand in the melee range to the boss, the repeated attacks will auto-target the boss, thus producing 1 set of molten balls only. This is much easier to happen in 3.4 with Molten Strike having increased range.
If you are using thief's torment and are against Shaper, you may need to replace Multi-strike with other support gems since you need to be in Melee Range to prevent Shaper from using his projectile attack. (Elemental Damage is still deadly to us)

4-Link Movement : Whirling Blade/Leap Slam+Fortify+Blood Magic+Faster Attack

If you use Whirling Blade as movement, be sure to use 1 socket to socket Leap Slam for ledge crossing.

Buff : Herald of Purity, Blood Rage

Utility : Herald of Purity + Blind Support Optional)+ Culling Support(Optional)

Aura : Anger, Blood Rage

Warcry : Enduring Cry (For endurance charge generation)

Totem : Ancestral Protector (Ancestral Warchief melee damage buff won't affect Molten Balls)
Alternatively you can link Combustion to Ancestral Protector if you don't want to link Combustion to Molten Strike while also don't have enough gem socket for CWDT combustion setup.

Banner : War Banner
Recommended only for Thief Torment or mana gain on hit version since it's another 10% mana reserve. The maximum 2.5 second adrenaline buff alongside its accuracy increase is worth it to use during mapping.

CWDT Setup (Optional, work well with new Unflinching) : Lvl 1 Cast When Damage Taken + lvl 3 Immortal Call

CWDT Elemental Overload/Combustion Setup - Lvl 1 Cast When Damage Taken +Storm Brand + Increase Critical Strike Chance Support + Combustion Support
Mix and match however you like for CWDT buff/debuff.
I not quite a curse fan until they adjust the value for bosses.

Some neat lvling Unique Gear Recommendation

Lvling Weapon :

Lvling Helmet :

Lvling Body Armour :

Lvling Gloves :

Lvling Boots :

For Dex to use Daresso Passion and Ichimonji:

Lvling Ring:

Lvling Amulet :

Lvling Belts :

Lvling Combo (Reliable damage until Lvl 70!):
Brutus Lead Sprinkle +
+ Astramentis

My Alternate version for this build

My 3.3 1-hand Grelwood Shank+Invictus Solaris aka too lazy to check for degen

PoB : https://pastebin.com/0NukX7Yk

Reasons why I go this version:
Sometimes I hate ignite and I don't want to use dousing flask for it (and that's it). Here come Invictus Solaris!

Immune to ignite, +2 level to socketed so we can put Ancestral Proctector, Anger and Blood Rage in there (both of these benefit from +lvl) and life!

Fire Aegis is a temporary force field that can absorb 1000 fire damage (recharge after not taking damage for 10 second). Useful when you find yourself accidentally get caught by Detonate Dead or Volatile Dead or even elemental reflect Nemesis mod because they both fire damage and you have more hp to tank it.

I need to sacrifice my offensive stat for it though, so I have gone for Loreweave for damage (also max resist lock in the same time).

Net myself a neat helmet later so now I am rocking a 6-link Combustion Shield Charge! (Much luxury I know but now I can apply combustion without waiting enemy to proc my CWDT)

I am now immune to poison (upgrade Soul of Shakari), Bleed (Death's Door) and Ignite (Invictus Solaris)! The only degen in the game that can affect me now is Chaos/Cold Pool!

Example of a League Starter gear (3.4)

Thief's Torment price has risen to the sky of the roof (Usually 10 chaos, now 25+ chaos). So I back to life leech.
Grelwood Shank is also still pricey, so I am still waiting for price drop for both of them.

Currently lvl 87 and my gear :

All my rare's (except armour) cost around 1-2 chaos, including the 5-link armour that I replaced. I bought a set of "Emperor of Purity" card (7 cards total up to 28c) to net myself a 6-link Str/Int Armour and craft it with Screaming Essence of Greed (2c each) to get myself a "good enough" armour.

Ichimonji (1-2 chaos each) is suffice as a replacement for Grelwood Shank until you get it. Alternatively you can get Fate Upgraded Redbeak which is Dreadbeak (more potential damage but also more expensive) but I love the innate attack speed of Ichimonji more.

Beltimber blade is actually a good replacement for first or second Grelwood Shank if you don't have the currency to afford it since it's cheaper. You only need 1 Grelwood Shank for point blank.

I am using Hrimnor's Resolve (1 chaos for good roll) because it's has all the stat I want, cold resist, life and fire damage. Starkonja's Head is a little bit too pricey for my taste.

2-abyss socket Tombfist is a luxury (I got it as a drop). A 1-abyss socket Tombfist (around 5 chaos) is suffice for the Intimidation debuff on enemy.

Bloodgrip is still useful as ever for Labyrinth run and Delve darkness manoeuvre because of the life flask recovery.

The Nomad belt is a great damage boost and flask charger, also provide a lot of dexterity which our build needs for Blood Rage and Faster Attack support. Manually fate upgrade it yourself (require Act 9 though) to save more chaos.

I using doedre's elixir because it's can manually proc my CWDT (for Immortal Call and Orb of Storm (Use Storm Brand for 3.5) ). Orb of Aiming to get a great deal out of Wise Oak next.

My current passive tree is the same as my proposed 3.4 league starter tree in Passive Tree section.

My ascendancy is slightly different to what I recommended on Ascendency section, since delve has more cold damage mob and stun source at early lvl, I go unstoppable first, Unflinching next then finally Undeniable. Uber lab being Unbreakable.

3.1 Video

Dual Grelwood
Shaper Run (Deathless):

Maze of Minatour :

Lair of Hydra (Showcasing Thief's Torment Life Gain on Hit) :

Pit of Chimera :

First time ever Alluring Abyss (Thief's Torment is Fun, 5 deaths though :( )

3.3 Video

Uber Elder Run (2 Deaths) I admit I lazy to farm more uber elder so there no improvise version like 0 death:/

About Hall of GrandMaster

My experience

Cleared HoGM with my 3.1 alternate build version. I am lucky to not meet with heavy chaos damage grandmaster and ES Aegis GM (GodDamnIt Guben). Die twice though, once to the a lvl 100 lightning arrow Ranger while I forgot to setup my Flask and once to already dead grandmaster's ancestral warchief totem. (God I forgot how warchief totem still active even if the master is dead lol).


-Not recommended for Life Leech version. Some grandmasters could not be life leeched as they have bloodless (bottom left notable life node, enemy can't leech you) which make sustaining almost impossible. Try to use life gain on hit support or Thief Torment for sustain instead.

-Brass Dome is recommended and is more important than any life armour for melee character in HoGM. Some grandmasters (especially Ranged) heavily invest in crit multiplier while also having high base damage to go with it. Nullifying extra crit damage = nullify one of the greatest wall for melee character to clear HoGM. I recommend Brass Dome even with CWDT Immortal Call setup, Elemental Crit is no joke.

-Get Block Chance and Dodge Reduction support. 100% crucial against max block grandmaster. Some grandmasters may even be unkillable with block chance reduction :/ (Since Molten Strike hits so many times that proc their Aegie Aurora effect) OH GOD GUBEN. Another way to counter CWDT Max Block master is to get Balefire off-hand and burn them with Scorching Ray, nice and easy.

-Get Amethyst Flask with Increased Duration/effect to up your chaos resistance. Having negative or low chaos resists while going against any grandmasters that focus heavily with heavy chaos damage usually end up with duo KO.

-Immune/Remove curse flask on utility flask (like Amethyst Flask) is optional but is very useful since notable grandmasters can tri-curse. (Thief Torment halves curse effect but still dangerous).

-Immune/Remove Bleed and Shock however is crucial in HoGM. Topaz flask with immune shock works wonder against lightning damage grandmaster matchup. Immune/Remove bleed could be from either life flask/utility base flask or Death's Door boot depend on your preference to counter puncture Grandmaster.

-Need more experience on ignite grandmaster since never die from heavy ignite damage. Life Flask that remove burning would suffice.

-Go slow. Be safe than sorry. Avoid fighting the whole grandmaster group while you onto the next wave.
Recommended tactic: Zip (Whirling Blade) into next wave, attack ground with Molten Strike then Zap away. Try to lure Grandmaster to 1v1 battle.
You can always retreat to regen up to full HP if you out of life flask charges. Refill / change flasks or equipment with portal if necessary.

-Beware summoner grandmasters. Some minions HIT HARD while some summoners take Minion Instability just to tick you off.

My experience with this build

Very Fun (If your PC can handle the molten balls). Abyss Jewels really helped in both HP and damage-wise.
Decent labyrinth runners and boss clearer. Mapping maybe slower with Molten Strike but as soon you get used to strike needed per pack, it is a smooth run as long you get a loot filter.
This is also a build that can utilise Thief's Torment until the very end content, which is my most favourite Unique item in the game.

Although not having higher DPS for bosses, I am having fun with non-trivialised T16 onwards boss fight. It is a learn-to-dodge-one-shot simulator.

While you finally get your damage to be sufficient high, this build can do Uber Elder, Shaper, Uber Atziri, Elder, Guardians, as long you remain alert.

Having lower hp (6k-ish) make you still vulnerable to one-shot from heavy elemental damage.

Fact : I hate rares because value-ing rares make me headache. I often try to use as much Unique as I can.

Hardcore-viability will always be a mystery. (May need to go shield for that)

I am free for further discussion! :D Thanks for reading!

2.1 :
Added bandit choice recommendation. THAT IS VERY LATE.

2.2 :
3.4 passive tree update. Oh boi more buff. Updated Gem Link.

2.3 :
Some update around skill. Added Nebuloch + Grelwood Shank passive tree.

2.4 :
3.5 Update arrive. Changed recommendation.
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Last bumped on Jan 29, 2019, 7:02:14 AM
Hei, I like the idea behind your build. Would you be able to post a video of a game play?

Also, I saw Engineering Eternity post his version of this build. Can you give your opinion on it?


Thank you.
Completed 11 ChallengesSidhuraj wrote:
Hei, I like the idea behind your build. Would you be able to post a video of a game play?

Also, I saw Engineering Eternity post his version of this build. Can you give your opinion on it?


Thank you.

In my opinion, EE build is more suitable towards boss fighting since it has over-leech and more hp. (In my build I still require life flask to survive sustained fight)

Meanwhile, just found a weapon that complement pretty nicely with the build (Hint: Nebuloch). Gonna update the thread :D.
Last edited by RobakoGarena on Dec 27, 2017, 1:25:17 PM
Hi, can i do HoGM with this build ? thanks :D
Completed 26 Challengesdante112233 wrote:
Hi, can i do HoGM with this build ? thanks :D

Have not attempted HoGM yet with this build. I may try it after I get sufficient chaos resist from my gear. (Currently at -60% with Dual Grelwood or -32% on Nebuloch off-hand) :\

Not quite recommended to go HoGM with this build because Molten Strike does not deal as much damage to human-sized target (Molten Balls is more unlikely to hit them) and fast moving target (Molten balls take time to land). Those Max Block Aegis GMs may take ages to kill too.
Last edited by RobakoGarena on Jan 1, 2018, 10:38:34 PM
thanks for the build, can i build hrimnor's resolve?
zPieee_HD wrote:
thanks for the build, can i build hrimnor's resolve?

It can be used while leveling from lvl 55 to lvl 67 before you can use Kaom's Root to get freeze/chill immunity.

If you are using rare or other unique boots, unstoppable ascendency on Juggernaut is sufficient and you go for offensive oriented Helmet instead. ( Need other source of stun immunity though like Unwavering Stance or Unbreakable )
Have you ever tried this route on tree?


Looks slightly better to me, with 1 more jewel socket. ;-)

And alternatively for only 2 more Points a Little bit increased dmg and better attack Speed this one:

Or moving two points to get access to the little sword cluster: poeurl.com/bM7q

Also possible with 4 more points for more armour, movement, res & reg: poeurl.com/bM69

And this would be the leveling route for the first 65 points spent in the new league due to having bad gear with bad res early on: poeurl.com/bM7m
Last edited by haGrOck on Mar 1, 2018, 7:48:44 PM
haGrOck wrote:
Have you ever tried this route on tree?


Looks slightly better to me, with 1 more jewel socket. ;-)

And alternatively for only 2 more Points a Little bit increased dmg and better attack Speed this one:

Or moving two points to get access to the little sword cluster: poeurl.com/bM7q

Also possible with 4 more points for more armour, movement, res & reg: poeurl.com/bM69

And this would be the leveling route for the first 65 points spent in the new league due to having bad gear with bad res early on: poeurl.com/bM7m

To be honest, no. I kinda bad at min-maxing build ( Thus not quite good at utilising Rares )

Your version should be better than mine, especially with that 1 jewel socket (Abyss Socket is nuts) and no wasted passive point of melee physical damage.

Although I may go for more HP instead of more armour, at higher tier map I usually die to heavy elemental damage instead of physical damage.

Will PoB on my current Juggernaut to see how much more buffed I am as soon as I am free, thanks for the head up!
Last edited by RobakoGarena on Mar 1, 2018, 9:09:31 PM

You are *REALLY* missing out by not using Concentrated Effect in your molten strike setup. It has multiple behaviors that really work negatively with increased AoE. If you swapped out Fire Penetration for it, you'd see a huge gain versus all content. See this reddit post (includes a video explaining, and a GGG post confirming how it behaves):

Last edited by Xyrm on Mar 1, 2018, 9:11:23 PM

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