[3.8] Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Juggernaut

This is my first guide ever and my main language is not English, sorry if anything amiss.

Putting those aside, welcome to my Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Juggernaut Guide!

This guide started from 3.1.
The significant changes are Juggernaut Ascendency, passive trees and Molten Strike mechanic itself.

3.8 insight

Ancestral Call support no longer have damage penalty on lvl 20. This is a pretty good buff for clearing.

Still doesn't help to alleviate the clunkiness of the play style though.

To able to deal with Blight League mechanic smoothly especially red tier map, you required a huger investment in order to deal with them smoothly. Oof. (Like actually getting a Xoph's Blood amulet etc just to able to deal with Blight Unique mob quickly)

3.7 Molten Strike Nerf

What a bad news for Molten Strike, now you need to strike the target to produce the Magma Balls so the Ancestral Call support trick for Single Target is no longer viable. If you want to deal maximum damage, you need to swap Ancestral Call to other offensive support gem. Molten Strike clunkiness is now back for single target.

Attack In Place is now not recommended since you may whiff your attack and place yourself in danger. Thus having some move speed is good so you can home and walk to your target (just hold the attack button) faster. Molten Strike is just isn't as fun to use now.

Molten Strike damage effectiveness is greatly reduced too (160% -> 130% damage effectiveness at lvl 20). The secondary projectile also deal even less damage now. (30% -> 50% less damage)

The added fire damage is quite a nice thing though since we are purely deal fire damage anyway. (similar to Lvl 16 Anger buff effect with lvl20 Molten Strike)

Molten Strike somehow will cause crash times to times in 3.7, so beware.

3.7 Change

Skill tree remain almost the same.

Molten Strike damage is definitely lower than before. No surprise here.

Blood and Sand will be replacing War Banner. War Banner now only provide 21% increased accuracy. Both share the same mana reserve but Blood and Sand will provide us with better benefit. Blood Stance will increase our area damage up to 15% more (yay for Molten Strike) and lessen our AoE by -5% (yay for Molten Strike single target).

Precision is now a good lvl 1 Aura to use if you have the spare socket, it's provide 40% critical chance (for elemental overload) and 100 Accuracy Rating for only 22 Mana Reserve. It's also have good Watcher Eye mod along with it.

Rage support is good for mapping but very bad for bossing. Use as you like.

Averagely bad against clearing Legion Monolith and Timeless Conflicts but you at least averagely tanky against them. May also cause crash from times to times. Can be a downside in 3.7

CWDT Immortal Call is still usable but will have much longer downtime. Remember to get at least 5 endurance charge to get 100% physical immunity for 2s.

Vaal Molten Shell and Molten Shell is good to use manually or high lvl CWDT if your armour is 20k or above.

3.6 Change

Tombfist lost it's attack speed. It's still pretty good for it's intimidation debuff on enemies, but you won't feel you miss out a lot of damage by not using it.

Loreweave max resist nerf. 2% less max resist = 10% more elemental damage taken.

Bosses which previously had 60% or 80% less effect of curses on them now have 33% or 66% less effect of curses on them respectively.

Offensive Curse is actually good on bosses now. 44% resist reduction -> 29.3% against regular boss/ 14.15% against shaper/elder/guardians!

Wow, Wave of Conviction is such a nice skill. Just cast once (or CWDT) and enemy having -25% fire resist from exposure! (Since we are using Avatar of Fire, the highest damage type from WoC will always be fire)

3.1 has been a great update for PoE. Especially with the addition of Ancestral Call support that make single-target attack such as Molten Strike much more fun to use.
A newly added Unique weapon enticed me and make me create a new character instantly to build around it.

Why I Love Grelwood Shanks

1. 2 Additional Projectile on Enemy Hits ( 4 if dual wield )
2. 80% increased Armour while standing still ( 160% if dual wield )
3. It is an unique from a great weapon base, Eternal Sword ( 1.5 Aps, 475 accuracy rating implicit , can use Whirling Blades )
4. Free Point Blank (Save us some passive points)
5. Free Iron Reflex while standing


+ Being a Tank (7 Endurance Charges or 5+ Endurance Charges with CWDT + Immortal Cry + Unflinching)
+ Can easily stack Armour to make use of Molten Shell damage reduction.
+ Being a FAST Tank ( Move with attack movement skill while we have tons of attack speed )
+ Can do Uber Lab full key run reliably while decent geared
+ No weapon swap (Unless you want much faster Leap Slam with Brightbeak)
+ Much QoL feature, immune to freeze/ temporal chain / stun in a ascendency
+ Can tackle any endgame content

- Caution : Molten Balls may affect your FPS and drown your GPU.
- Grelwood Shank require you to face-tank hits to dish out more damage
- Can't do Elemental Reflect Maps
- Can't do No leech Maps (Unless you are using Thief Torment or Life Gain On Hit Rings)
- If you looking for high-end DPS destruction or sonic-speed screen clear build, this build is not for you
- 6k-ish HP with no block/dodge/evasion mechanic. Still need to beware "extra damage as elemental" map mod and "- % maximum resistance" map. End Game Bosses 1-shot will almost probably 1-shot you.

Required Uniques (Also Weapon)


Build enabling Unique. Neat

You can opt out 1 Grelwood Shank and go for

It's also grant you 2 additional projectile and the additional projectiles is always active since we always move around by movement skill (so you don't need to be hit to gain the effect). Evasion rating while moving and far shot is useless though.

You can always go for 1 more expensive Rare 1-hand sword instead of Beltimber Blade to get more damage (just be sure the highest APS be the main hand weapon to get the fastest travel speed), or shield to get more survivability. 1 Grelwood Shank/1 Beltimber Blade is already sufficient enough to get to end game.


Decent Molten Strike damage and coverage boost. A must have.

Optional but nice fit (and change) to the build:
(I Love Thief Torment)

More reason later in other part of equipment section.

Other Part of Equipment

If you don't have enough Dexterity (and you will) or Intelligence (more likely to meet requirement), you might want to get Dexterity or Intelligence from Uniques or Rare equipment.

You can always get Strength from Rare equipment to get more HP/Damage :D.



Focus on these stats
-Nearby enemies has -% fire resistance (Only craftable with Scorch Fossil from Delve League)

If you have decent resists

Fill our missing dexterity, HP and attack speed. High evasion rating to be converted to Armour. More crit chance to proc Elemental Overload.

Body Armour

Focus on these stats
For rare 6-link, you can trade Divination card "Emperor of Purity" for 6-link Holy Chainmail or "Celestial Justicar" for 6-link Astral Plate. Just remember to trade Celestial Justicar with characters that is over lvl 80 to get Astral Plate that is item level 80, otherwise the astral plate item level will follow your character current lvl (which possibly to be 1!)

Recommended if you can get 5-link version

Brass Dome not only provides a huge armour boost (with Molten Shell = YUM), it also make us receive no extra damage from critical strike, thus no sudden spike of damage from BOTH spell and hits.

For much labyrinth QoL and you have the currency,
Get the Crab Armour,
Craiceann's Carapace
Besides huge Life and Armour (again for Molten Shell) with some resistances, it also has Immunity to Bleed! ( Hurrah for Lab and screw you Corrupted Blood )
Aspect of the Crab is optional but usually ignored, we have sufficient T H I C C to go for pure damage aura and buff.

Offensive Body Armour. Some Life, Elemental Damage, All Attributes and Global Crit Chance for Elemental Overload ! The best of the best is locked Max Resist so unaffected by - Max Resist Map Mod! (Which is deadly to us)
To compensate for the low Armour, you can choose to go for CWDT + Immortal Call + Increased Duration Support to mitigate sustained heavy physical damage from enemy.
3.6 Update : Now have 78% maximum roll on max resist. You take 10% more elemental damage compare to 80% legacy version.


Focus on these stats
-X Fire damage against burning enemy (Delve Fossil Crafting or Incursion Temple Mod)
-Attack Speed
-Added physical damage
-Projectile Damage Implicit

If you have decent resists

Permanent Intimidation and sweet abyss jewel socket :D
3.6 Update : It now don't have attack speed.
3.7 Update : Abyss Jewel nerf.
All the above update cause Tombfist to not always be the BiS (Best in Slot) glove anymore.



Immune to Stun+Immune to Temporal Chain+Immune to freeze and chill+Huge life
All in one boot.

Since we have dual wield bonus along with Undeniable attack speed bonus, we just use Whirling Blades/ Leap Slam as our method of travel instead of walking

If you spec Unstoppable on tree :
Only consider this if you not using Loreweave and try to fight Uber Elder/Shaper as a end goal,

Get the fire damage to attacks with the purity of ice version. We can use purity of ice to improve our survivability even more for Uber Elder and Shaper fight.

Focus on these stats
-Elemental Damage with Attack (Crafted)
-Movement speed (so when you need to walk, you walk a little bit faster, very optional)

120% critical chance increase if not crit recently boot enchant is BiS enchant for this build.


Focus on these stats
-Attack Speed
-Life gain on Hit (Elder mod)
-Added Physical damage
-Added Fire Damage
-Weapon Elemental Damage

Or just completely change your way on sustaining in fight
(I Freaking Love This Ring With Molten Strike)

Wait! No Life, average elemental resists and zero offensive stat on both 2 Ring Slots! What madness is this!?
Some Item Quantity, Fantastic Life and Mana Gain on Hit (4 extra projectile from Dual grelwood shank say Hi), curse effect reduction. 5 (or 4) passive points since you can now respec off leech.
Also can do these map mods more effectively too !
No Leech Map Mod
60% Less Recovery Map Mod

Alternatively, you can go for double
X Life gained on hit
on Elder Rare Ring to gain similar effect of Thief Torment, while able to get more life, resist and damage from rare ring.


Focus on these stats (You might want to go Offensive with Amulet because if you gonna change to Xoph's Blood, you won't worry about other Rares)
-Physical added as Fire (Elder Mod)
-Added Physical Damage
-Added Fire Damage
-Weapon Elemental Damage
-1% increased damage per 15 strength (Elder Mod)


League starter amulet. Cheap and great for early uber labyrinth lab running.

Life, Added Fire Damage, Life Regen and Free Flammability Blasphemy Curse at the cost of your 2 gem socket.

Recommended if you can finally afford this (Or as a lucky drop by doing Xoph Breachstone which can be cleared easily with this build)

More than 30% damage boost in an amulet.
Free AoF (save us 1-3 passive points depend on tree), fire penetration.
Enemy who hit us is covered in ashes and triggers our Grelwood Shank bonus effect, nice!


I recommend Stygian's Vise. Stygian Vise is undeniably better than other bases as long you can get a good Abyss Jewel.
-Weapon Elemental Damage
-Increase Fire Damage (from Scorch Fossil)
-Increase Elemental Damage (from Prismatic Fossil)


Get Bleed Immunity and Shock Immunity. Curse Immunity is Optional.
Get Life Flask with increased Recovery or instant recovery.
Recommended utility flask bases are Silver, Sulphur, Granite (for Molten Shell it's pretty good) or Basalt.


If you want to further boost your damage with flasks. These 2 unique flasks are recommended.
For Wise Oak, get your uncapped fire resist to highest of all 3 elemental resists to get fire penetration.


Since 3.7 abyss jewel damage nerf, they now on par on usefulness. Abyss Jewel still can give you a lot of damage however since Molten Strike already provide such high raw fire damage, it's may have diminishing return.

Abyss Jewel
-Fire Damage (Base or Sword)
-Physical Damage (Base or Sword)
(50% recommended)-Other elemental damage (Converted by AoF with 50% value)
-Attack Speed when Crit

-Max HP%
-Fire Damage %
-Attack Speed %
-Area Damage %
-Damage %

Wildfire, already mentioned in above.

Watcher's Eye Jewel (Optional)
Anger Version (Fire Penetration, Added %Physical Damage as Fire Damage, Fire Leech).
(Really Optional)
Precision (Increase Attack Damage, increase attack speed)

Equipment Combo

Only use these equipment if you have both of them.
A lvl X Concentrated Effect + Lvl 20 Immolate Elder Helmet

or add "socketed gem have 30% more elemental damage for a 6.5 link


Less gem sockets (You have 4 less gem socket to utilise). Trade other body armour unique attributes (Max resist lock for Loreweave, Immune to Crit and High Armour for Brass Dome) for more HP.

Act 2 - Bandit Choice

Either Oak or kill all.

The 2 passive point usually end up as 2*5% maximum hp node = 10% maximum health, but is very useful if you want to reach Avatar of Fire and Elemental Overload early.

2% physical reduction + 1% hp regeneration on Oak is very useful in labyrinth. 20% global physical is a bonus.

In the end, it's either more max health ( I usually take more max health because most of my death are from elemental damage/chaos damage )
more QoL. ( Physical reduction work against trap and more hp regen for labyrinth run)

Passive Tree

Lvl Requirement may vary, if it have a lower lvl requirement for a passive tree, it means that you can utilize those extra passive points while you level up for more life/damage or even more jewel socket!

All the build paths assume you kill all bandits. If you help Oak, +2 to lvl requirement.

While leveling, eventually proceed to Avatar of Fire and Elemental Overload while spec some useful notables along the way.

I do not recommend levelling with Molten Strike, it's just not fun at all until you get more projectiles from Grelwood Shank/Beltimber.

Since syndicates is now integrated into core league, I recommend getting chaos resist wheel. 20% extra chaos resist can be a life saver.

Soul of Steel is a pretty good defensive boost :o You can save 4 passive point if you not spec into it.

At start of league, both Grelwood Shank (even Beltimber Blade) and Thief Torment/Life Gain on Hit Ring can be quite expensive, so here my alternative :
Lvl 88 League Start Life Leech + Non-Grelwood Shank version :

Lvl 87 Thief Torment / Life Gain on Hit Elder Ring + 7 Endurance Charge version (Recommended for non-CWDT+Immortal Call setup. Especially if you are using Kaom's Roots and are spec-ing Unrelenting instead of Unstoppable in Ascendency) :

Lvl 75 Thief Torment / Life Gain On Hit Elder Ring + 5 Endurance Charge version (Only use this if you are using CWDT+Immortal Call, basically an version which save up tons of passive point for other usage like getting more life% or damage)

Alternative Lvl 78 Xoph Blood/ Thief Torment / Life Gain On Hit Elder Ring + 5 Endurance Charge version + Fortify Cluster + Non-Chaos Resist Life Cluster (Less Chaos Resistance but you have close access to another jewel socket and some extra passive point to be utilise, we also have more fortify effect and some damage boost while we have fortify)



One of the tankiest class out there!
For Kaom's Root :
1 / 2 : Unflinching or Unbreakable
3 : Undeniable (Latest being Merciless Lab before you proceed to mapping)
4 : Unrelenting

For Other Boots :
1 / 2 : Unflinching / Undeniable
3 : Unstoppable
4 : Unbreakable

Now for more details on notable ascendency notes that we will took :


+1000 to Accuracy Rating
1% increased Attack Speed per 200 Accuracy Rating
Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your Strength
30% increased Accuracy Rating if you've dealt a Critical Strike in the past 8 seconds
30% increased Damage if you've dealt a Critical Strike in the past 8 seconds

With 475 base accuracy implicit from Grelwood Shank and +1000 accuracy from this node, you can easily cap out Chance to Hit easily (95%) with only some accuracy investment on passive tree alone. You can then utilise Elemental Overload to get more damage.

The attack speed bonus from undeniable is the reason why Juggernaut is so smooth to play. You usually ends up with 6000+ accuracy rating which provide you 30% attack speed!


30% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when you are Hit
+1 to Maximum Endurance Charges
25% chance that if you would gain Endurance Charges, you instead gain up to your maximum number of Endurance Charges
Gain an Endurance Charge every second if you've been Hit Recently

Guarantee to have full endurance charge up while in battle.

You can utilise CWDT + Immortal Call if you not using Molten Shell to gain damage immunity to physical damage and some elemental damage reduction for the 2 seconds as long you consume 5 endurance charge. You will gain back all your endurance charges back in just matter of seconds.

You can also use

to get Endurance charge up before entering a battle.


Armour received from Body Armour is doubled
5% reduced Damage taken
2% of Life Regenerated per second
1.5% of Total Physical Damage prevented from Hits in the past 10 seconds is Regenerated as Life per second

Convenient tankiness in a node.

2% hp regeneration and 5% reduce damage taken is generally useful in all occasion while being a huge QoL for Labyrinth.

1.5% prevented physical damage gained as HP regen for 10 seconds can be very strong. Physical damage negated while Immortal Call is active is also included in the calculation!

Double armour from body armour allows you to easily reach 10k~20k armour (or even 50k armour with Brass Dome), negating much of the physical damage from smaller mobs. This also help in boosting Molten Shell HP threshold.


Action Speed cannot be modified to below base value
Movement Speed cannot be modified to below base value
10% increased Movement Speed
Cannot be Stunned

This node is basically kaom's root, immune to stun, freeze and temporal chain. The big difference is that you can evade! You can utilise blind to let enemy have 50% less chance to hit you


8% reduced Elemental Damage taken while at Maximum Endurance Charges
1% additional Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge
+4% to Chaos Resistance per Endurance Charge

If you choose to use Kaom's Root and make Unstoppable irrelevant, you can spec this instead to gain even more tankiness. Ditch Immortal Call if you are using this ascendency node.

Gem Link

Get link on listed sequence
Reminder: Don't take Elemental Damage with weapon or Fire Penetration until you can convert 100% of physical to Fire with AoF or Watcher's Eye Anger convert physical to fire version.

Normal Life Leech Version:
6L - Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + Elemental Damage With Attacks + Concentrated Effect + Fire Penetration + MultiStrike

For Thief Torment (We need more attack speed) :
6L - Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + MultiStrike
+ Elemental Damage With Attacks + Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus

For Kaom's Heart with Helmet pseudo 6-link :
Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + Multistrike + Elemental Damage With Attacks

For bossing : Switch Ancestral Call support for Fire Penetration support gem. If the bosses have many adds or minion, you can choose not to switch instead.

4-Link Movement : Whirling Blade/Leap Slam+Fortify+Blood Magic+Faster Attack

If you use Whirling Blade as movement, be sure to use 1 socket to socket Leap Slam for ledge crossing.

Buff : Herald of Purity, Blood Rage, Blood and Sand

Blood and Sand recommended only for Thief Torment or mana gain on hit version since it's another 10% mana reserve. Always toggle Blood Stance. It's more area damage and less area of effect benefit Molten Strike a lot.

Utility : Herald of Purity + Blind Support Optional)+ Culling Support(Optional)

Aura : Anger, Precision (Optional)

Warcry : Enduring Cry (For endurance charge generation, Optional)

Totem : Ancestral Protector (Ancestral Warchief melee damage buff won't affect Molten Balls) + Combustion Support (Optional)

Defensive setup (Choose 1 of 3) :
Either Immortal Call if you have low armour or Molten Shell if you have high armour (>20k armour)

low lvl CWDT Setup : Lvl 1 Cast When Damage Taken + lvl 3 Immortal Call / Lvl 10 Cast When Damage Taken
Damage reduction as soon the damage come, less effective


Manual Setup :Lvl 20 Immortal Call (If low armour) / Molten Shell
Damage reduction at maximum potential but require good reaction


High lvl CWDT Setup : High Lvl Cast When Damage Taken (Depend on how many damage threshold you want it to proc) + Supported Lvl Immortal Call/ Supported Lvl Molten Shell
Can provide up to maximum potential damage reduction although only will trigger if you in danger.

Additional Offensive setup:

CWDT Elemental Overload/Combustion Setup -
Lvl 1 Cast When Damage Taken +Storm Brand + Increase Critical Strike Chance Support + Combustion Support
Help to proc Elemental Overload and can easily ignite enemies to apply Combustion debuff.
If you somehow cannot manage to fit in combustion support for CWDT offensive setup, switch Elemental Focus support on Molten Strike to Combustion support.

Even more Debuff Choice (Pick what you like) :
Wave of Conviction> Either self cast or CWDT, enemy hit will have exposure, which have -25% to resist depend on WoC highest damage type (which always be fire since we have AoF). You can link it with your low lvl CWDT defensive setup if you have it. Can also link Combustion support for some RNG ignite if you don't have enough socket for Storm Brand.

Flammability>-29.3% Fire Resist to Regular bosses and -14.15% to Guardians/ Shaper, it's pretty good now. You can link it with your high lvl CWDT defensive setup if you have it.

Pastebin - My usually go-to full build version (3.6 outdated)


Xoph's blood is a luxury. You don't need it for Uber Elder fight. I prioritise on getting good body armour like Brass Dome or Loreweave first.
2 free socket in case you want to use 2 socket tombfist. (If not, CWDT + Wave of Conviction looks neat)
Death's Dance is just QoL and can be replaced with a rare boots + 1 staunching magic flask.

Some neat lvling Unique Gear Recommendation

Lvling Weapon :

Lvling Helmet :

Lvling Body Armour :

Lvling Gloves :

Lvling Boots :

For Dex to use Daresso Passion and Ichimonji:

Lvling Ring:

Lvling Amulet :

Lvling Belts :

Lvling Combo (Reliable damage until Lvl 70!):
Brutus Lead Sprinkle +
+ Astramentis

Example of a League Starter gear (3.4)

Thief's Torment price has risen to the sky of the roof (Usually 10 chaos, now 25+ chaos). So I back to life leech.
Grelwood Shank is also still pricey, so I am still waiting for price drop for both of them.

Currently lvl 87 and my gear :

All my rare's (except armour) cost around 1-2 chaos, including the 5-link armour that I replaced. I bought a set of "Emperor of Purity" card (7 cards total up to 28c) to net myself a 6-link Str/Int Armour and craft it with Screaming Essence of Greed (2c each) to get myself a "good enough" armour. For a little more expensive option, go for "Celestial Justicar" card which will grant a 6-link Astral Plate that have a "12% to all elemental resistance" implicit.

Ichimonji (1-2 chaos each) is suffice as a replacement for Grelwood Shank until you get it. Alternatively you can get Fate Upgraded Redbeak which is Dreadbeak (more potential damage but also more expensive) but I love the innate attack speed of Ichimonji more.

Beltimber blade is actually a good replacement for first or second Grelwood Shank if you don't have the currency to afford it since it's cheaper. You only need 1 Grelwood Shank for point blank.

I am using Hrimnor's Resolve (1 chaos for good roll) because it's has all the stat I want, cold resist, life and fire damage. Starkonja's Head is a little bit too pricey for my taste.

2-abyss socket Tombfist is a luxury (I got it as a drop). A 1-abyss socket Tombfist (around 5 chaos) is suffice for the Intimidation debuff on enemy.

Bloodgrip is still useful as ever for Labyrinth run and Delve darkness manoeuvre because of the life flask recovery.

The Nomad belt is a great damage boost and flask charger, also provide a lot of dexterity which our build needs for Blood Rage and Faster Attack support. Manually fate upgrade it yourself (require Act 9 though) to save more chaos.

I using doedre's elixir because it's can manually proc my CWDT (for Immortal Call and Orb of Storm (Use Storm Brand for 3.5) ). Eventually Wise Oak will replace it.

Passive Tree is the non-Grelwood Shank + non-Thief Torment section in my passive tree recommendation.

My 3.6 adventure of using Energy Leech Support (Uber Elder down)

Energy leech support leech energy shield, but also provide quite a lot of damage while leeching. (Up to 39%)

There is two ways to go for this :
1) Spec Eldritch Battery with 200+ energy shield so we can reserve all of our mana, ditch blood magic support on our movement skill and use energy shield for all our skills instead.

2) Normal energy shield protect life thingy - Undesirable since this build usually don't have energy shield on gear(unless rares). We also don't have enough energy shield % on passive tree.

Eldritch Battery is quite far up on the tree so we need to spec quite a lot of points to advance into there (which is discouraging). However, I happen to found myself a

So basically I am sacrificing 280+ HP, evasion rating-to-armour and 10% attack speed from Starkonja (or stats from other helmets) to get a helmet with +1 socketed gem, 20% less mana reserve of socketed gem alongside Eldritch Battery! (160+ base ES too)

By getting both Herald of Purity + Culling support, Herald of Ash and Anger in there, I still have enough mana reserve for War Banner while still have 8% of max mana left (For emergency)!
Offensive option at it's finest. (Unless it's a 7 link elder helm with 30% more elemental damage + conc effect/immolate)

Tips : Looks up Jeweller Colouring method while trying to roll 3-4 off colours in an equipment. (like my 4 off-colours in this helm) Will help to save you a lot of currency in the long run.

Finally done Uber Elder with this setup! ( 5 Deaths though :( )

Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/Lbakut8T
5 death videos : https://youtu.be/DiewLTiQulo

Not planning to redo it since I done with Uber Elder + League
You can notice the gear is highly unoptimized, it is!
No Xoph Blood needed, no Tombfist needed, thanks for Diadem so I can still use HoP+Anger+Purity of Ice.
Proved that Uber Elder can be down with just some investment (below 2ex) and I am happy for it.


Notes :
Since I am playing Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Strike, I thought to myself "Oh hey, I already have the necessary equipment for Molten Strike, now let see how worse Molten Strike become" so I just share the equipment which is Kaom's Heart, Xoph's Heart and a Fire Penetration Anger Watcher Eye. Since I am using kaom's hearts, I will be using pseudo-6 link helmet instead. All videos is done in one sitting and I am lvl 89 during the recording. Obviously my gear isn't min-maxed but I don't care about it at this point.

PoB : https://pastebin.com/dfkaKYV8

Uber Elder (3 death though :( ) :

Shaper :

Shaper and Uber Elder Guardians

Maze of Minotaur :

Forge of Phoenix :

Lair of Hydra (Feature 1 Death from Legion Rares):

Pit of Chimera (After 1 Crash, do I mention Molten Strike can cause crash in 3.7?):

Enslaver (Feature 1 DC and awkward walk to boss room):

Constrictor :

Eradicator :

Purifier :

Old Videos

3.1 :
Dual Grelwood
Shaper Run (Deathless):

Maze of Minatour :

Lair of Hydra (Showcasing Thief's Torment Life Gain on Hit) :

Pit of Chimera :

First time ever Alluring Abyss (Thief's Torment is Fun, 5 deaths though :( )

3.3 Video

Uber Elder Run (2 Deaths) I admit I lazy to farm more uber elder so there no improvise version like 0 death:/

My experience with this build

In 3.7, I dare say the whole build feel awkward and less fun to play with the Molten Strike new mechanic. Molten Strike also doesn't do very well against Legion League mechanic so there's that.

Very Fun. Have sufficient damage, speed and tankiness to be labyrinth runner while being a decent map and boss clearer.

May need to get use to Molten Strike while mapping but as soon you get used to strike needed per pack, it will be a smooth run.

Able to ignore temporal chain curse with immunity to freeze and stun make mapping even smoother.

This is also a build that can utilise Thief's Torment until the very end content, which is my most favourite Unique item in the game.

Having only averagely high (6k~7k life) life with fortify as only defence mechanism require you to have awareness on extremely dangerous situation. (especially 1-shot or heavy elemental/chaos barrage from enemies). It is a learn-to-dodge-one-shot simulator.

Fact : I hate rares because value-ing rares make me headache. I often try to use as much Unique as I can.

Hardcore-viability will always be a mystery. (May need to go shield for that)

Thanks for reading my guide! :D I am free for further discussion!


2.1 :
Added bandit choice recommendation. THAT IS VERY LATE.

2.2 :
3.4 passive tree update. Oh boi more buff. Updated Gem Link.

2.3 :
Some update around skill. Added Nebuloch + Grelwood Shank passive tree.

2.4 :
3.5 Update arrive. Changed recommendation.

2.5 :
3.6 Update arrived ! Dual (or one) offensive curse is a good damage boost, new skill tree basically buff this build. Energy Leech support bring new variation! Wave of Conviction = another -25% fire resist. What an excitement!

2.6 :
Updated guide while removed some outdated section.
Added levelling skill tree!

2.7 :
3.7 update :(
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Hei, I like the idea behind your build. Would you be able to post a video of a game play?

Also, I saw Engineering Eternity post his version of this build. Can you give your opinion on it?


Thank you.
Sidhuraj wrote:
Hei, I like the idea behind your build. Would you be able to post a video of a game play?

Also, I saw Engineering Eternity post his version of this build. Can you give your opinion on it?


Thank you.

In my opinion, EE build is more suitable towards boss fighting since it has over-leech and more hp. (In my build I still require life flask to survive sustained fight)

Meanwhile, just found a weapon that complement pretty nicely with the build (Hint: Nebuloch). Gonna update the thread :D.
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Hi, can i do HoGM with this build ? thanks :D
dante112233 wrote:
Hi, can i do HoGM with this build ? thanks :D

Have not attempted HoGM yet with this build. I may try it after I get sufficient chaos resist from my gear. (Currently at -60% with Dual Grelwood or -32% on Nebuloch off-hand) :\

Not quite recommended to go HoGM with this build because Molten Strike does not deal as much damage to human-sized target (Molten Balls is more unlikely to hit them) and fast moving target (Molten balls take time to land). Those Max Block Aegis GMs may take ages to kill too.
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thanks for the build, can i build hrimnor's resolve?
zPieee_HD wrote:
thanks for the build, can i build hrimnor's resolve?

It can be used while leveling from lvl 55 to lvl 67 before you can use Kaom's Root to get freeze/chill immunity.

If you are using rare or other unique boots, unstoppable ascendency on Juggernaut is sufficient and you go for offensive oriented Helmet instead. ( Need other source of stun immunity though like Unwavering Stance or Unbreakable )
Have you ever tried this route on tree?


Looks slightly better to me, with 1 more jewel socket. ;-)

And alternatively for only 2 more Points a Little bit increased dmg and better attack Speed this one:

Or moving two points to get access to the little sword cluster: poeurl.com/bM7q

Also possible with 4 more points for more armour, movement, res & reg: poeurl.com/bM69

And this would be the leveling route for the first 65 points spent in the new league due to having bad gear with bad res early on: poeurl.com/bM7m
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haGrOck wrote:
Have you ever tried this route on tree?


Looks slightly better to me, with 1 more jewel socket. ;-)

And alternatively for only 2 more Points a Little bit increased dmg and better attack Speed this one:

Or moving two points to get access to the little sword cluster: poeurl.com/bM7q

Also possible with 4 more points for more armour, movement, res & reg: poeurl.com/bM69

And this would be the leveling route for the first 65 points spent in the new league due to having bad gear with bad res early on: poeurl.com/bM7m

To be honest, no. I kinda bad at min-maxing build ( Thus not quite good at utilising Rares )

Your version should be better than mine, especially with that 1 jewel socket (Abyss Socket is nuts) and no wasted passive point of melee physical damage.

Although I may go for more HP instead of more armour, at higher tier map I usually die to heavy elemental damage instead of physical damage.

Will PoB on my current Juggernaut to see how much more buffed I am as soon as I am free, thanks for the head up!
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You are *REALLY* missing out by not using Concentrated Effect in your molten strike setup. It has multiple behaviors that really work negatively with increased AoE. If you swapped out Fire Penetration for it, you'd see a huge gain versus all content. See this reddit post (includes a video explaining, and a GGG post confirming how it behaves):

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