[3.1] Gladiator Reave | Slayer Cyclone | Oni-Goroshi | Budget & Beginner Friendly

Hello! I usually go by Zein and this is my first written build guide.
It's nothing too fancy, and started out very successfully after just about 25c worth of investment. With a few upgrades it's a pretty consistent build for mapping. Very flashy and clears quick. The best part about this build is that you can start it up extremely cheap (25c and under) but invest a lot into it to make it an absolute monster end-game. You never really stagnate.

This guide also covers Slayer Cyclone with Oni-Goroshi, so feel free to ask about Slayer Cyclone if not Gladiator Reave. In its current form it doesn't have enough raw defenses outside of Life/Leech to safely steamroll content, but provided you know boss mechanics it's not difficult.

Posted a new video to showcase mapping with Cyclone!

Cyclone video guides

Update Video+Mapping video: https://youtu.be/Sf2l9sFktuY

Shorter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8keyerixGI

Longer: https://youtu.be/Ww19EpIGw5A

tl;dr Example Budget gear

6k life with this and around 300k-400k tooltip.
Total costs: 30c or under (chest costs 1c, farmed Oni-Goroshi)

tl;dr Gear/Link/Tree Setups

tl;dr Current Gear/Links+Tree for Slayer Cyclone


Path of Building

~500k-600k dps
7k life

tl;dr Current Gear/Links+Tree Gladiator Reave


Path of Building

7k life
~300-400k tooltip dps fully buffed

Table of Contents

1. Concept
2. Pros and Cons
3. Bandits
4. Ascendancy and Pantheons
5. Skill Tree
6. Leveling
7. Gear and Upgrade paths
8. Abyss Jewels
9. Reserved for Videos if requested


We're playing a Gladiator which offer lovely utility towards the bleed mechanics. Frenzy generation that offers a more damage multiplier, very high chance to bleed per hit, lots of increased damage, blood explosions, and block. Very solid ascendancy offensively. Note that other ascendancies are totally viable here like Slayer, but I have a personal preference towards Gladiator.

We can also pick Slayer which offers insane defenses and boss-utility in the form of increased leach as well as Leech not stopping at full HP. This allows us to treat Her Embrace as a raw buff with no downside.

Reave is a skill that hits an area in front of you, and every time it hits an enemy, it gains a stack granting increased range. This eventually can reach the size of your entire screen when utilizing the Vaal Reave interaction with stacking.

Cyclone is the other option that just hits an area around you and acts as a movement skill. Really strong skill, solid and easy to use.

We then scale damage with lots of crit and bleed stacking (thanks to the Crimson Dance node).

Our weapon of choice is very easy to farm, though it is a bit of a time sink being Oni-Goroshi.

This scales really really easily with level. You get it by farming Twilight Strand on a new character (took me 8 hours to get two). Most of the time is spent on getting the new characters to level 7 in the Twilight Strand, and then afterwards the swords just come in within a shorter period of time.

Note that THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. If you don't want to farm Oni-Goroshi, or purchase it, you can spend around 2c-5c on dual wielding this.

If you choose to dual wield please keep in mind that you'll need to look at the variations for passive tree. My current one is for Oni-Goroshi, but there is a dual wield one.

Lightpoacher, Lightpoacher, LIGHTPOACHER. Probably one of the strongest additions to the game in Abyss League. Abyss jewels are strong so its 1-2 Abyss sockets are lovely. But what's important here is "Trigger Level 20 Spirit Burst when you use a skill while you have a spirit charge". Spirit Burst sends balls out in a nova around you that automatically pierce enemies and travel very far.


We use a handful of Abyss Jewels (which are very cheap) in this build so we have no trouble stacking the spirit charges to get a series of Spirit Bursts to happen very consistently.

Lightpoacher combined with Reave and Whirling Blades makes for really quick and consistent map clear. Along with satisfying explosions with Herald of Ice.

Pros and Cons

+Budget-friendly. Startup cost is under 25c for solid functionality
+High-DPS when fully buffed up
+Very easy to play
+Versatile in terms of build path
+Very high-end upgrades available so you'll never get stuck
+Reaching 8 stacks with Vaal Reave makes Reave clear entire screens
-Has a wind-up when you have no stacks or charges
-Not the tankiest build around
-Need to counteract degen if using Oni-Goroshi


We help Alira. Straightforward there.

Ascendancy and Pantheons

1. Gratuitous Violence
2. Blood in the Eyes
3. Outmatch and Outlast (IF you're using Ahn's Might, take Painforged instead)
4. Painforged (if you're using Ahn's Might, take Outmatch and Outlast only after you replace it).

Note that you can also do:
1. Gratuitous Violence
2. Painforged
3. Outmatch and Outlast (IF you're using Ahn's Might, take Versatile Combatant instead)
4. Versatile Combatant (if you're using Ahn's Might, take Outmatch and Outlast only after you replace it).

If you're running Slayer:
1. Endless Hunger
2. Brutal Fervour
3. Bane of Legends
I don't pay Pantheons as much mind, but I am currently using:
Soul of Solaris
Soul of Shakari

Skill trees

Skill trees (with Oni-Goroshi)

Skill tree(For both Reave and Cyclone)

If running Gladiator drop a life node and take Crimson Dance

Path of Building Pastebin for Reave

Path of Building Pastebin for Cyclone

Skill trees(Dual-wielding)

Skill tree

Path of Building Pastebin


Regardless of whether you're running Oni-Goroshi or Dual-wielding, pick up Frost Blades, Molten Strike, and Ancestral Call Support ASAP. Just use these until you transition into Reave/Cyclone (I did this at around 68).

I had Frost Blades, Molten Strike, Ancestral Call, Multistrike, Elemental Damage w/ Attacks and Faster Attacks linked while leveling.

Note that these trees are only Guidelines
Take attribute(dex/int) nodes, life nodes, life/mana leech nodes until you feel comfortable with how you are leveling.


Level 35 tree

Level 60 tree


Level 35 tree

Level 60 tree

Older (Still usable) Links

(Reave)6 Link - Reave + Multistrike + Ruthless Support + Melee Physical + Increased Crit Strikes + Increased AoE/Conc Effect swap for bosses
(Cyclone)6 Link - Cyclone + Increased Critical Strikes + Maim + Melee Physical + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Increased AoE/Conc effect swap for bosses

Lightpoacher 2 Sockets - Greater Multiple Projectile + Volley
Lightpoacher 3 Sockets - Greater Multiple Projectile + Volley + Phys to Lightning conversion OR just whatever lone gem you want to fit in that doesn't support Lightpoacher.

Pick 1 of the two:
Herald of Ice set up. LESS defensive
3 Link - Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark (this is our Power Charge generation)

CWDT Set up with Herald of Ash

2 Link - CWDT + Immortal Call
Lone gems - Herald of Ash

3 Link - Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify Support

Lone gems (no links needed) - Hatred, Ancestral Protector/Warchief (drop this down during bosses), Ice Golem(optional)

Current Links/My setups

I dropped Lightpoacher because Cyclone does enough damage to clear on its own.
3L - Vaal Cycylone+Life Gain on Hit+Increased AoE
Lone gem - Blood Rage

(Reave)6L- Reave + Multistrike + Ruthless Support + Melee Physical + Increased Crit Strikes + Increased AoE/Conc Effect swap for bosses
(Cyclone)6L - Cyclone + Increased Critical Strikes + Maim + Melee Physical + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Increased AoE


2L - Cast When Damage Taken(Level 3) + Immortal Call(Level 5)
Lone gems- Hatred, Herald of Ash

4L - Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic + Fortify Support
Can run Leap Slam instead.

Picking a Herald

The two contenders for Heralds in this build are Herald of Ice and Herald of Ash.
Herald of Ash gives you more raw damage, the the overkill burn is always nice for clear.
Herald of Ice gives less raw damage, but it allows you to shatter, has a very satisfying explosion (especially with gloom herald effect) and allows you to run a Curse on Hit setup with Assassin's mark for Power Charge generation. The difference in DPS is negligible between 3 power charges+Herald of Ice and just Herald of Ash (Ash wins slightly). But it depends on if you prefer the utility of the Curse on Hit or the raw damage provided by Ash. Note that using Herald of Ash does open up two sockets for whatever utility it is you need. Also makes it easier to run Kaom's heart.

Vaal Reave Interaction

Using Vaal Reave will provide you with Reave stacks, that overlap with normal Reave stacks. Reave normally reaches 4 stacks on its own giving it respectably AoE, but Vaal Reave can reach 8 stacks. These stacks are then maintained by normal Reave until you can't hit anything anymore, which means you can probably Vaal Reave again.

Gear and Upgrades

tl;dr gear

(or Dual-wielding) and then just get life and res on every other slot as a baseline. Upgrades include getting well rolled spiked gloves, reduce flask charges used stygian vise with good life/res, better pDPS sword if you're dual-wielding, and lots of damage on rings and amulets.

Current Gear

Gear is something I feel people struggle with figuring out, especially in builds that lack strict unique requirements. This build is one of those builds, as it can easily fit in or not use a handful of uniques.

Lightpoacher is the only unique I super suggest because of how powerful it is at the moment. 1 Abyss or 2 Abyss sockets doesn't matter. Both work very well.

The weapons I already covered being either:

in which case upgrades aren't going to matter because of how well Oni-Goroshi scales on its own.


Eventually if you're dual wielding you'll realize that Ahn's Might and Grelwood shank fall off in that Ahn's Might loses a lot of DPS once you top off frenzy charges, and shank is just lower dps than you could get from a rare.
You can eventually build into using a high pDPS (Physical DPS) one-handed sword and a stat-stick off-hand weapon. An example combination that would run you ~80c in total would be:

Eventually, if you really enjoyed the build, you could push towards getting even a 5-20 exalt sword that ranges from 400 to 500 pDPS. But there's never any need.

Keeping in mind that our baseline is still Lightpoacher and either Oni-Goroshi or Ahn's Might+Grelwood Shank, all that's left is topping off life and res. Rares do a very easy job of this, and allow you to even fit in Kaom's roots for a nice boost in life.

As for Flasks:
Staunching Life flask is always extremely important.

Atziri's promise is a really good source of damage and leech which aids our build both offensively and defensively.

Getting a Diamond Flask for lucky crits and Silver flask for Onslaught greatly increases our dps. Roll these for whatever is giving you issues, I currently haven't re-rolled my flasks so they're on Curing and Heat, but eventually I plan to use Warding and Grounding.

The last flask can either be a Quicksilver flask rolled for either Perpetual Adrenaline or whatever utility you need, or a Lion's Roar which offers a huge boost to damage.

Abyss Jewels

Abyss Jewels are strong, cheap, and help increase our spirit charge count for Lightpoacher. A neat little package.
The stats we care for the most are:
Maximum Life
%increase Damage if killed recently
%increased Crit Strike Multiplier if killed recently

If none of your rings or amulet have any added fire damage to attacks, you want at least one of your jewels to have a fire damage added to attacks or fire damage added to sword attacks roll, replacing any of the preferred stats listed above. So for example:

and then for every other jewel socket:


Cyclone Mapping- https://youtu.be/Sf2l9sFktuY

That's everything I could think of writing into a guide. Remember that a guide isn't absolute. You can alter the build in any way you feel is more comfortable for how you play the game. If you have any questions or notice that I've made any mistakes, please feel free to bring it up with me. Have fun mapping~

Why is my tooltip dps so low?

DPS Tooltip actually becomes quite high, but you need your buffs, charges and flasks. In town I have a very small tooltip of around 20k dps, but then in maps I get:

How do I handle Oni-Goroshi's degen if I can't leech?

Weapon swapping will turn off Her Embrace and make you stop taking damage. If you're unable to leech and are just taking free degen damage, just weapon swap back and forth really quick to preserve life.
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Added a more defensive variant of the build.
Updated PoB links to include more accurate Oni-Goroshi swords thanks to NightFly5.

Swapped to Slayer to test Cyclone with Oni-Goroshi. Going really well so far, I've added my setup to the guide. Instead of altering/making a new post guide, I've added on the gear/link setups for Slayer Cyclone here as well.

Posted Cyclone video guides!


Changed up the Cyclone build pretty significantly
Posted new video to showcase mapping w/ Cyclone.
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i think im gonna try this build . btw if i only have 1 socket lightpoacher,what gem i should use ?
23exe wrote:
i think im gonna try this build . btw if i only have 1 socket lightpoacher,what gem i should use ?

You would put the 3rd socket as Phys to Lightning conversion or Physical Projectile Attack Damage support. Or if you need more sockets, put in a skill you think you need like maybe Ice Golem, Vaal Reave, or Blood Rage. I don't suggest Blood Rage though.

If you're using Oni-Goroshi I just updated the tree.
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I like this!
gadereel wrote:
I like this!

This may be a really dumb question.. but where does the ignite come from for oni?
hunter_AS wrote:
This may be a really dumb question.. but where does the ignite come from for oni?

We're a crit build so when we crit, if we do ANY fire damage at all we are guaranteed to ignite an enemy that isn't ignite-immune or has "chance to evade status ailments".

So we get a bit of fire damage on a single abyss jewel (even as little as 1 to 2) or from Herald of Ash if you prefer Ash to Ice, and then we have 100% uptime of Her Embrace due to our ignites from fire damage that critically strikes.
Hey there! I'm currently doing a similar build with a duelist, however i was trying out cyclone with a similar tree. Any suggestions or comments on cyclone vs reave or any other skill that works with Oni?
Iceclops wrote:
Hey there! I'm currently doing a similar build with a duelist, however i was trying out cyclone with a similar tree. Any suggestions or comments on cyclone vs reave or any other skill that works with Oni?

In general I would use the same exact tree on a Cycloner, or any attack skill really. Blade Flurry is another big one the only difference would be the links you have your Cyclone in.

I'd use:
6L Cyclone - Cyclone + Increased Critical Strikes OR Faster Attack Support + Melee Physical + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Maim + Increased AoE/Conc Effect for bossing.

You may or may not have more trouble sustaining the mana cost, and you may not want to use Kaom's roots as they're very low in the movement speed department.

Getting 20-30% movement speed boots with good resistances/life, eventually working towards Kaom's Heart, and dropping Curse on Hit Herald of Ice for just Herald of Ash should make Cyclone very reliable and comfortable.
But even in the current budget set-up a mana leech node or two should suffice. If you'd like I can give Cyclone a try later today. Cyclone would deal about 2x-2.5x the damage of Reave but cover less area.

EDIT: Meant Maim, wrote Bloodlust, I wouldn't suggest Bloodlust here.
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