[3.2] Bobby's Lacerate Bleed Gladiator [Budget Friendly | HC Viable | TANKY] UPDATED!

no problem BozoLaCrevette

If you like tanky character you really should give this a try, maybe for your 4th or 5th or whatever character

it's a pain to get 3 or 4 off colors on Perfect Form though

I also highly recommend for people to try multi strike over faster attacks as well as implementing the "attack speed" golem and blood rage into the build as it makes it feel a lot Better, maybe not stronger, but feels better
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I believe instead of aiming for Perfect Form it is more reasonable to just get physical Impresence - let's you wear any armour you want. Also, for softcore Abyssus looks like viable choice if you really want those deeps.
After about 400 hours and a few leagues of going at it alone I decided to follow a guide. Sort of wish I had started that way, this league has been probably the most fulfilling for me so far and I have to give you a massive shout. I haven't perfected the build but I'm getting there. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

One super quick question, how do you feel about warloards mark over vulnerability? Losing too much dps? I played with it and the mana leech was nice.

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