[3.2] Bobby's Lacerate Bleed Gladiator [Budget Friendly | HC Viable | TANKY] UPDATED!

Kaddomir wrote:
Hello and ty for a build. But i have a question, u sayd this build can be played as reave main skill, so if i will use reave as main skill passive tree, gears and etc will be a same? Or what will change

Hey there, no problem. Yes you can swap Lacerate for whatever attack skill you want (though lacerate overlaps and applies two bleeds per swing, so you'll take a bit longer to apply 8 stacks). But yes, gear and skills would be the same.
ArkBloodJaw wrote:
Hi Dude, I have a question for you. Can you recomemend some unique equipment instead of your helmet and axe? I hope you understand what I mean, because my English is so bad)

Uh, I mean, definitely just get rares, but I guess for Axe- Jack, the Axe. Helmet, I have no idea. No good uniques come to mind for this build since we're Resolute Technique. I guess Devoto's Devotion if you MUST have a unique but again, not a good idea. You want a helm with lots of life on it, as well as resists.
i choose ''blade flurry'' for main attack because it writes,

''20% more Damage with Hits and Ailments for each stage'' blade flurry has 6 stage so that means huge dps..

so what do you think? lecarete is better when dual wielding imo... can you critcize pls?

bladeflurry is good or bad thing?
Is this build capable of doing things like uber elder? It looks like a fun build, I love tanky characters, but would hate to just have to inevitably bench the character as a currency farmer instead of using it as a main character.
At what point did you decide to go with a shield during your leveling process?
Hey I am interested in your build. What if I changed from Gladiator to Slayer and went 2h with Sunder? Should i still take Mind over matter? What would change about the build?

Ho boy ho boy ho boy, I really want to try this build in 3.3, waiting for the PoB update to see the difference, do you personal;ly think it's still gonna be good ?
I mean we get less multiplier but %more damage and chance to bleed and we apply bleed stacks faster (25% attack speed ), what about that ?
I've been trying to theorycraft out the 3.3 changes since they went public but I'm only seeing the lacerate changes as a buff to mapclear. I wanted to use it in uber lab and it appears for all the world to be nerfed for that.
Hey Everybody

I have played this build, currently level 79 in Incursion, used this as my first character , haven't done Uberlab, however, I wanted to give a few tips and maybe ask a few questions if other can answer!

A few things about this build and / or my experience etc :

Very Tanky build, the defensive layer include: High Life Pool, Mind over matter, Blind, little bit of leech, Block (both hits and spells), Phase Acrobatics, Armor, Evasion, arctic armour/immortal/molten shell

Levelling : It was relatively slow before Cruel Lab, you really need both Bleed Node from Gladiator to feel good, honestly, I think it's a Solid enough first character.

Mid game > Maps : The damage was Fine in my opinion, the clear speed is not anything special, single target is "acceptable" with totem, I think this build really do need a 6 Link to feel "comfortable" while mapping. It's Tanky and quite safe, but if you want high damage you need to spend on a 6 link and a much better weapon

Overall, the character is really tanky, clearing trash and boss is good because you're tanky, but it's not fast whatsoever.

Some Tips:

Use a Tabula until you can get at least a 5 Link perfect form (usually cheaper to buy blessing of Tul + Snowblind grace and upgrade them to Perform form yourself)

Your 6 Link should be : Lacerate > Chance to bleed > Melee Physical > Multistrike > Brutality > Deadly Ailment(6link) Multistrike makes this build feel a lot smoother to play, the reduced damage won't affect bleed , just huge QOL > Faster attacks

Try and get a good physical damage weapon ( attack speed and damage with bleeding is really good)

On skill tree, drop diamond skin, get cloth and chain near the leech nodes below Duelist, grab life+mana leech instead of only mana leech, same points, offer more!

Try and get Blood rage + lightning golem somewhere in set up, feels a lot smoother

Flask set up : Instant recovery Divine Life flask for freeze removal, Eternal mana flask for bleed removal, Rumis, Last two slot you can choose whatever you want!

Final Thought :

Probably not going to play this character anymore as I have work to do IRL, and it's very slow compare to what I have played in previous league ( Kinetic Blast, Tornado Shot, Cospri Discharge, frost blades etc)

Still a very Tanky build! THX OP, hope you can update the build guide for Incursion!

(For any Skill tree Questions / Links check my Character if you're interested) (I'm not OP)

Edit: Forgot to say that my Flask Set up is not finished yet, so ignore the hybrid flask, just trying thing out, also, I got MOM quite early and it feels good as long as you have mana flask and the nodes on the tree!! , about 900 Maana unreserved atm at level 79

Edit 2 : I really hope someone can optimise and maybe make this build get a lot higher damage without sacrificing the core concept of the build, either through skill tree/items, Really fun to play a tanky character overall!
Last edited by Raymand on Jun 5, 2018, 6:40:19 PM
Thanks Raymand for the info, I played the KissMeQuick glad build but there is nothing new and it's very boring to play, leveling arc trap enjoying it so far.
Since my first deception with the glad build Im really considering this one but sadly there is no update to it, will probably give it a try, all I really want for this is uberlab farm mostly so end game maps will be for other chars, anyway thanks again for taking the time to write all of this !

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