[3.3] The Poet's Pen Volatile Dead/Bodyswap "Shaper Down"[Inquisitor ✌]

How much cooldown recovery is needed?
hi, have a question, is there any way i can improve my build. right now i have 6818 in life, and this is my gear

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Hi, I do not understand why i get 1 shot by hydra please help :(
Where did i go wrong?
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This build..! Wow! The most fun I had leveling a char!

I just "activated" the build and now I just can teleport around the map to the next zone while killing mobs in the process.. it makes leveling a breeze!

Thanks a lot!
I was wondering if abyss jewels with add x to x dmg to fire spells was working with VD?
why is that i run out of mana against bosses when your dont ?

some questions on your build:

1. why unearth > desecrate + Spell cascade and VD + spell cascade? this creates like 9 fireballs at once! gies you enough time to dash around and then cast again.

2. why leech? arent xyou supposed to NOT getting hit? wouldnt life regen make more sense? there is a lot of % life reg in the upper left corner

// btw i think at lvl 20 desecrate provides a bigger damage boos t than unearth.
pro: corpse level 100 (unearth only lvl 80!)
con: cooldown/charges
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why is there no leveling guide on this? what skill should i use to level with before getting all the items?
so i decided to try this build after tired of all LL and MF build. i have a blast and enjoy it so much. i dont understand why people have problem with body swap on boss. i find it much easier to dodge the attack or maybe i just bad with hit and run
do u think atziri's acuity is better then gloves with increased attack speed ?
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change tree for 3.4.0 pls

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