3.1.1 Patch Notes

Abyss Packs AND fixed Spectres? It's a christmas miracle!
Spectres hype! Supporter Packs hype!

Thx guys.
Thx, for making Minions Happy now. /Dance
Will the Eradicator be able to be completed now? Or will he disappear again like he did with me earlier? Lol.

I just want to avoid that. I know it's difficult sometimes to avoid bugs. But I don't want to waste a map again.
Please fix mentioned mine detonation while moving as soon as possible <3
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Fixed a bug where Spell Echo and Multistrike's repeating behaviour did not work correctly when supporting Minions.

Means that Skeletons affected with Dead Reckoning Jewel cast there spells now twice? :0
Can you make Eradicator a more fair fight? Right now it's a dumpster fire in terms of balance.
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guys - thank you so much for your hard work. this patch in particular is HUGE. it fixes so many peripheral bugs that affect certain skills.

also adds the Abyss supporter packs - cant wait to see these.

Lich Boss appearances balanced more appropriately. Minimap visuals for better Abyss tracking.

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Fixed a bug where "Projectiles gain x% on Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage per Chain" was not working if you only had 1 Chain.

does this also mean that gloomfang will actually be working with magma orb or is that still broken?
Audio not playing is the biggest one for me. I dropped an exalt and didn't hear the sound at all when I chased an abyss crack. Dropping it on the ground afterwards confirmed that my filter was set up correctly.

Big fix, thanks!

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