3.1.1 Patch Notes

6300+ hours played $2000+ of support and all i get back is more and more stupid grind... the grind is getting worse and worse every freaking league last league you had to make the grind easier but i am sure a lot of people left before you did it... now in this league i grinded for 4 full freaking days and only found 1 lich and i understand that i am lucky to have found 1... and yeah you write it is now 3 times easier to find a lich but tell me what is 3 times 0.00001% you are driving you players away GGG when even veterans that supported you so much are going away... a game is ment to be fun not to be a freaking work.
Few Facts I would like to share in raging tone:

1. Since the new expansion I'm stuck at lv90 - unable to level because of the constant bugs and crashes(Died 4 times to unkillable bosses e.t.c)

2.Tried Abbyss League for few hours and decided I couldn't be bothered with the useless grinding.

3.When I open Bug report section in the forum I despair seeing so many bugs reported and only minor fraction of them considered from GGG to be fixed

4. Leaving this meat grinder called POE indefinitely and maybe forever
And No - You can't have my stuff(I might decide to return in a month or year if GGG decide to fix this shit)

p.s. Sorry for my not so perfect English - it's not my first language. It is my fourth.
EDIT: I'm playing POE on and off since Feb 2013
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Yes, this patch makes the experience quite bad. Not only is it grindy, but the bugs and crashes really detract from the experience. I've run into several "exception errors" and crashed to desktop at least 5 times in maybe 40 hours of playtime. Today, my computer began restarting while playing.

IDK what's going on but please please do more QA before pushing these patches.

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