[3.1] Budget FrostBolt Totems 1mil+ dps on 6link -Fast clear -Guardians & Shaper down!

This is a budget build that can reach over a 1.500.000 trash dps and 650.000 vs shaper/guardians built around the new cheap unique shimmeron

Picture of DPS fully buffed solo. 146,505 each totem not accounting for projectile weakness, cold penetration or vaal lightning trap on a 5 link.
Looks like a lot but only takes a couple of seconds, also very good if u decide to play a few shaper runs.

Important Mechanics & Tips

Now this build might not be great for beginners, i have 7 skills active along with the 5 flasks.
And to optimize damage and defense you should use these actively. Also if you wanna go even further like i am in high endgame, im using Brightbeak for speed trashclear and actively swap for high hp targets such as bosses or abyss cracks/breaches which we dont want to move away from anyways. I also keep Vaal clarity with this set up in case i get hit while charging from a huge hit which drains the mana pool. (vaal clarity makes spells free)

Arcane surge
This should be active as much as needed, it adds a huge chunk of dps. around 20% of it.
We activate this by linking it with Increased Duration and Projectile Weakness. (BOSSES SHOULD ALWAYS BE CURSED WITH THIS!) now remember, even with increased duration Arcane surge is only active for about 7 seconds.

Vaal haste
Great for movementspeed and cast speed.

Maintaining power charges
Is A and O in this build, the damage isnt bad without them but they add way to much damage to not keep up during the map and on bosses. Just place totems more often if you feel you are having problems with maintaining them.

Curse immunity flasks
Are super important to keep up as much as possible, you should use these flasks smartly. And if you are doing a bossfight and run out, a town visit will re-charge them and can save you time.

Flame dash
We are NOT supposed to flame dash over mobs in this build, that's the reason we're scion and using totems in the first place. When you crit a mob you take 400 x 2 x amounts of power charges you currently have active. This is why I highly recommend brightbeak in weaponswap, partly for backtracking but also to move forward sometimes if there's a big space to next pack.

"Im taking damage but im not using flame dash over mobs?!"
This means you probably have a glove enchant which does some damage and can crit.

I feel very squishy and im around level 65-80
Some of the recommended gear is not to be used during this stage of the build, prioritize hp before damage!

Also, don't use shimmeron before you've done cruel lab. As stated, they wont be amazing without power charges!

-realistic- maximum achievable dps

1.000.000 dps vs guardian/shaper @ 330k per totem without vaal lightning trap
using the jewels im currently using to equal out that you might not have 11 curses active on urself
and no, this is not how you should build this character, it would be solely for quick gearswap when doing shaper/guardians or red elder to optimize damage.

Required Gear and why

Soul mantle = 1 alch
Soul mantle is a great way to boost totem life, get a link for free and most importantly, 3 totems instead of two. The QOL in having 3 totems cant be stressed enough, it adds great clear while running ahead of the mobs. Another option could be running one of the new rare elder/shaper helms with hypothermia and base crit chance. That would act like a 6 link while still having 3 totems (from scion hierophant). But having a 6L soul mantle will beat this in dps and still be able to use decoy totem)

2x Shimmeron = 5c each for 10crit multi [was 5c when i started this build]
I dont know why this weapon is so cheap. Beats void battery in damage while going for the same things a void battery build would go for.

2x Frozen trail jewels = 1 alch each
For extra projectiles, a must.

Diamond flask with curse immune
We put curse immune on this flask because we want to have it up all the time. Try get experimenters mod (increased duration)

Path of building

Gear & links Section

What to look for in each gearpiece
Head - Life, res, dex/str, Best enchant is frostbolt cast speed
Chest - Soul Mantle
Gloves - life, res, dex/str great option is winds of change
Boots - Movementspeed, life, res -- *new* If you are playing hc, consider using corrupted gloves with temporal chains curse and go for whispers of doom on passive tree.
Rings - Essence worm for haste aura - rare ring with life, dex/str, res -- Malachai's artifice for massive single target boost. Put fire golem in gemslot and keep him up in boss fights, he will apply EE on things he hit[/b]
Amulet - Life, resists, str/dex, crit damage, crit, spell damage great option is The Pandemonius and bisco's collar
Belt - Life, resists, %reduces flask charges used. Pref abyss belt for extra jewel.
Weapon - Shimmeron
Jewels - 2x Frozen Trail jewels, Clear mind and then rare damage and life jewels *if missing dex/str consider using pure talent for 25 to all attributes and 5% ele pen.
Off-Hand - Brightbeak + rare attackspeed shield for weaponswap backtracking

My Gear

What i use in my links

Head - Decoy totem (can only be placed in head due to ascendency) - Increased Duration - Vaal lightning trap - minion and totem resistances

Chest - in this order Frostbolt - controlled destruction - faster casting - Cold peneration - increased critical strikes - Hypothermia

Gloves - projectile weakness - increased duration - arcane surge (level only so 1 projectile weakness cast will proc it - vaal haste

Weapon 1 - summon chaos golem - flame dash - faster casting

Weapon 2 - vaal haste number 2 - increased duration

Boots - cast on damage taken - immortal call - increased duration - enfeeble

Ring - haste aura


Leveling with this build is fast and easy, these are the uniques i recommend:
axiom(level 10) which i used until shimmeron with no problems at all
wanderlust(level 1) and dusktoe(level 18)
Essence worm with haste aura
Any berek's ring
An abyss belt for the jewel slot with flat elemental spell damage
Tabula Rasa until soul mantle at level 49
2x frozen trail jewels
Clear mind jewel (take note, you cant reserve mana to gain the effects)

You start off with fire trap + freezing pulse until you get access to 1x frozen trail jewel and 1x clear mind. Then you swap to frostbolt. And when you reach ancestral bond you go totem. Look in link section for gem priority. Until you get access to those gems added cold is fine, maybe even at mid level, you'd have to see the dps numbers for yourself. I recommend getting diamond flask early, with axiom we go crit instantly.
Ascendancy pathing & bandit

2 templar
1 templar > hierophant
1 ranger
2 templar > templar done
2 ranger > pathfinder

In bandits we get alira for mana sustain and crit damage, the res is also nice.

Guardians & shaper

Gonna do videos of these fights as soon as i move.

Ill add pictures as I progress through these, so far i've only found the phoenix map
Killed him deathless on a 5l, wasnt the easiest fight though, but the inc aoe mapmod made it worse than it should've been


Fight was pretty easy, altough with 2 damage mods he chained my totems and killed me with a oneshot and when i reentered there was some invisible thing going on that also killed me as soon as i started to move due to my golem triggering this area attack probably.. Other than that the dps was great! Still on a 5l.


Minotaur was the longest fight of them all, but have been due to the mods.


Super easy fight, make sure to weapon swap when he does cloud phase, thats the only part that would be able to kill you.


So shaper is down on first attempt. Died twice due to poor play but he's definitely doable without dying!

Pros & cons

+Can do every mapmod
+Very fun, it's more engaging and mechanically fun than a regular spell caster.
+Freezes all trash/rares in all tiers when playing solo
+Doesnt overlap decoy totem like normal totem build
+Competes with the best meta builds in clear speed and even surpases them in open maps
+wrecks uberlab solo in early endgame (i was level 76)
+HC viable with some adjustments
+If skilled with flasks, divination destillate is very usable

-Loses alot of dps and get rather dangerous when curse immunity flasks run out (only happens if playing poorly vs some t13+ bosses
-Has a lot going on, not your usual totem noob friendly build


Im gonna add more here soon, along with videos with my speed setup

Last part of the shaper fight. Ill probably make a full fight video on a later occasion

Park tier 13 with bosslife
Also I ran out of mana due to getting hit a few times before the bossfight, i recommend having at least 50% mana in bossfights.. But i tried to make the video quick due to the size of the file and my internet ^^

For ascendency we chose hierophant for the power charge generation and Pathfinder for the extra damage and movementspeed. There is no other class for this build, we need those power charges up all the time.

"No Shieldcharge = sucky slow build" Well you couldn't be more wrong. Most shieldcharge builds doesn't come close to the clearspeed of this beauty, 3 totems combind with frostbolt clears several screens and permafreezes even abyss rares tier 15 maps. And we play with haste and pathfinder = 20% free movementspeed pre boots. Also for backtracking we use brightbeak in off-hand with shieldcharge. Also when you get 6link you can use brightbeak for trashclear very effectivly!

"Most of these totem builds with multiple projectiles has severe single target problems, how does this build handle single target?" Lets just say I killed uber izaro in less than 3 seconds solo. As for tier 15 it takes about 30 sec, but with a decoy totem you are very safe from taking damage.

"Does this take long to level?" Im not a fast leveler and I got to act 10 in less than 6 hours never taking off axiom perpetuum, instatly swapping tabula for soul mantle when 49.

"How is the survivability?" around 5k life, 700es and MoM and since you freeze everything but some exiles in t14+ and bosses which you have decoy totem for, you feel very tanky

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Would love to see some mid tier map clear with this build <3 (just to see how it works and so)
IGN : Jarvandar
madgod88 wrote:
Would love to see some mid tier map clear with this build <3 (just to see how it works and so)

Sadly my internet sucks, otherwise i would love to. But this build clears as fast as you can run, and melts bosses. I did a couple of t14 last night and it felt the same as t5.*

I highly recommend trying this build, can even be played as spark with just a few changes. And the leveling is also really easy.

If you really need to see it in action you can add me (blubaer) and we can do a map :)
well the wand its not 5c anymore, even a 9% multiplier one its like 15c or something like that. how did you go about leveling? and what about all those glacial cascades you're leveling in the weapon swap, do you think they could be swapped for heavier single target if needed or were they just for selling/other build
How would you recommend leveling this build?
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hey what do u think of this version?
gaudixxx wrote:
well the wand its not 5c anymore, even a 9% multiplier one its like 15c or something like that. how did you go about leveling? and what about all those glacial cascades you're leveling in the weapon swap, do you think they could be swapped for heavier single target if needed or were they just for selling/other build

I just checked and on asc they are still selling for about 5-10c

I actually havent updated my current setup, im using brightbeak / attackspeed shield in offhand to travel when backtracking. The reason i had 6 glacial cascades was because i was playing glacial mines as my first character which was pretty good but slow and dangerous and those gems were almost 20 :).

I have no problem with single target so far. 450k dps vs shaper/guardians with decoy totem nothing really touches you.

Also i freeze every rare/white mob in t15.
Well, on SC wand is still cheap, got 2 for 4c each today.
Requesting more info about best gem stats.
Also, is it possible to use 2x Kikazaru and self-flagellation jewel? Jewel adds good chunk of damage under all those curses.

I recommend watching my profile for my current setup / putting it into pob and testing urself.

About kakazaru, sure. It would be amazing, but then we'd have to go away from scion hierophant which means power charges will be really annoying, maybe Inya's Epiphany + jaws of agony. But that's a lot of work just to maintain charges. Also that would mean we'd be losing decoy totem. But I would recommend trying the build and then be looking for changes if the dps isnt enough. Im having 0 dps problems in t15 on a 5link.
doChl wrote:
hey what do u think of this version?

Not sure what im looking at, i dont see any build info?
RavioliMusick wrote:
How would you recommend leveling this build?

I would recommend:

2x auxium
tabula until 49 then soul mantle
berek's pass
karui charge
clear mind
And maybe essence worm with haste

Passive tree:
Rush into double totems
then go as needed from my suggested tree

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