[3.1] The Immortal Pulser - Freezing Pulse Inquisitor Tank - Immortal Call Spammer - End-Game

Is this build still viable for Delve?

EDIT anyone??
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Lovecraftuk wrote:
Is this build still viable for Delve?

EDIT anyone??

I'm currently running fp. so far so good. not this build but fun regardless.
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Any update on this build...?
~ Seph
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What is the purpose of Volls Devotion?

There are no sources of Power Charges anywhere, so what purpose does it serve? How are you generating power charges to make use of it?

Without Voll's, in the boosses fight, u generate endurance charges manually with enduring cry, u'll have most of the time 1 charge when proc IC, sometime 0 charge, so the heal part is almost inexistent, for the Trashes i freeze almost everything, just need a good positioning for dont have problems, dont go to close to enemies.

That doesn't have anything to do with Volls amulet though, it just reduces the duration of Power/End charges, and when power charges expire it turns them into endurance. How does this help generate any form of healing when there is no power charge being generated?

Edit: I'm an idiot, nevermind. Romira's Banquet.
~ Seph
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Sorry guys but currently I don't have time to devote to the game and to the improvement of the builds, I've just become a dad, so I'll be out of the game for a while :/
Trying to run this now and still seems like a good build.
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