Path of Exile 3.1.0: War for the Atlas Patch Notes

Burning Ground in Trial makes now Fire dmg without my Fireres 76%?and 2sec for death?
earlyer i can go without fire damage and now instant death ?
Fix the Fire Trap vs Res pls
BlazeSTX wrote:
TenTonBlue wrote:
Its strange that were saying Vaal pact is ok for Life because to avoid a 1 shot Life will need its entire HP pool, but part of the reason the game gets so 1-shotty is because the game is balanced around things like Vaal pact where you can have 100% EHP at all times.

Seems like this fellow TenTonBlue is still trying to understand the basics of the game.

1st of all - the 1 hit is not an issue with or without Vaal Pact. You are just 1 hitted and that's all. Period. It means usually that your build is not match for the mob, or just the mob is Super OP. Nothing more, nothing less.

2nd - The life builds were and still been THE OP into the game since they always have HP + ES, while the CI's have only the ES.. Do You see the small difference in here ?! Math ?! Someone ?!

3rd - The game is just wrongly designed about the HP, and the crygirls which is not sufficient just to go to lvl 100, but also 1 hit the Shaper ( aye. those are always the HP builds.. ) seems like see this thing like insufficient, and they have decided to kill the fun of the minority which is dealing so-so, and actually rarely even end to lvl 100 or kill the Shaper - The CI's.

Some guys just can't live if someone else is happy. That's all.

2 is completely off. Life was considered significantly worse than a ci or shavs build pre-nerf when it came to survivability or rf dmg. Before we could reach 16k with only a modest investment and and use instant leech on spells for es. Now the best hc builds, because our effective life is now half (since es is pretty shot) and armor - dmg mitigation is still shit, is to do a high block chance build.
I do agree the nerfs seemed brutal.

Vaal Pact was so cool pre nerf. BUT from looking at builds and tinkering in PoB there are ways to deal with it.

As to the other nerfs, cant speak to them personally as I dont have a toon or a guild mate (that i know of) running them.

Its a balancing act on a knife's edge for GGG.

How fun would it be to just facetank all the way thru endgame and hardly touch your keyboard?

To me that would be boring as shit and would be outta here in a league or two.

So I assume that's why GGG does what it does and tweaks what it thinks are way too OP builds. It's happened before and its unbalanced the game.

Im sure they run hundreds of hours of sim and input from the "community" before the feel the need to squeeze the OP'ness out of our favorite build(s).

In the end they usually do the right thing and if its nerfed too bad then there are literally dozens of great builds out there that you and I can try.

And next patch, or league, they'll make good. Usually ;-)
Great Builds [3.1] Used By Me or Guild Mates:
Check out Engineering Eternity on YT - no B.S. right to the point reference videos, and more! Good Stuff...
Hi. Game will patch before or after bestiary countdown ??? Thanks for info cuz i started game and seems like it doesnt patch just checking resources. Thanks :)
"The experience penalty at very high levels has been increased. This predominantly affects characters at level 95 and above."

Absolutely ridiculous!!
"Vaal Pact has been significantly reworked. It no longer grants instantaneous Life Leech, and instead doubles the rate of your Life Leech as well as your maximum Life Leech rate. It has been moved into the Duelist's area."

When are you guys going to stop screwing with this...............
POE는 가뜩이나 밑에서 터지는거 제대로 보이지도 않는데
이번에 도대체 몇개나 쳐 넣은거냐?
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