Development Manifesto: Content Update 3.1.0 Balance

take Blizzard as an example! I would love to see more build's get buffed instead of getting nerfed. It can help a lot. I have returned home.
why are you patching around the upper tier of players and mod the mid tier you know some people use vacation to for races balacing around top tier players is not the way to go. it should be right down the middle not to the high end or low end
Midkraft wrote:
that change to xp need for very high levels have just ensured that i will NEVER attempt 100, thanks a bunch shitty people that ensured that this came to pass, have fun no lifing that much more

I agree.. pos neckbeards!!!!! They ruin everything.
The problem isn't in nerfing Vaal Pact. The problem is the lack of defensive mechanics in the end-game for the masses. I mean that you can achieve okay armour or evasion numbers for SOME builds, but only for some. Evasion is not crap on its own - it works well when you have lots of it + capped dodge & spelldodge (though I think dodge is a dirty hack dictated by "evasion being crap"). Armour also isn't crap considering the average % of incoming physical damage, it also works when you have 60-80k of it. Block is also OK when it's capped. Even regen is good with a 4k regen trollbuild.

But how many builds can really use something of this? A little. That's why everyone needs VP and that's what should be fixed...
Game going ded now. Time to find another....
armyguyclaude wrote:
It's tomorrow.... Was kind of hoping to see the rest of the patch changes when I got home from work like you stated you would post :P

All uh dis
drak751 wrote:
I do not see where this got balanced remove the vaact pact. This will destroy several item builds, CwC, CoC. As if the path, had the same dynamics of games q has no instantaneous life. Where you have time to dodge and it hardly takes hit kill.
Sevidor HC, will die several class and item. Only if they get back to life is the same as Slayer, then even understand. But other than that, for me GG managed to ruin the game. Good side that I will no longer spend money on gambling, because I will stop playing.

What you've just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having listened to it.

I only skimmed his post, r I still dummmer too?
I thought buffs are coming. But this in general are more nerfs. Did I understood it right - you have not added character coments for new acts? Then it is very bad GGG.
Ascendancy is the best Path of exile update since 1.0 and Labyrinth is the best optional content so far.
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Why not buff some weak builds? Like some summoners QOL and fire skills that become worthless after delete double damage ignite, right now ignite one of the WEAKEST effects, worse than poison.
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Dear GGG ... you will destroy my 4 characters ...I playing only as warriors and I don't like soft characters like casters, tricksters, rangers etc. ... Actually I want play "sonic sunder" ... but without vaal pact you broke this build and broke fast and strong builds... like legendary Soultaker/Dual striker You was spoil this and make this skill nearly dead ... and now I was dreaming my dream is back! (sonic sunder) but Yea you must do it again! ... You lost in my eyes ... lot's of.

No I don't want do blade flurry ... it's too easy... But I'm glad Barrage is nerfed.

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