The Abyss Challenge League

So breach basically? I'm ok with that
awesome! :D
love this concept of scary shit coming out of the ground looks super cool
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HYPE <3 <3 <3
Cool beans :)
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Gaming Granny :D
This looks great! And those wings are finally in reach for casual players like myself! Also, hopefully those monsters provide some serious challenge, like breach monsters for example.
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Flat phys
Flat life
Huge flat cold dmg

on jewels?! holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy god.
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Nice change from shiny purple/blue colors to dark embraced green/grey :)
Jewels look sweet, make sure the crack density is insane and we got a league!
I am very excited for the league and the league specific mtx sets, god i hope they are dark\death themed i'm liking what i see in a few of those screenshots!

I really like the animation of the fault line and the sort of burrow with mobs coming out !

Tbh at this point I don't really need to read about the league i'm sure its going to be a blast with the new support gems !!
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