The Abyss Challenge League

can not wait to play again, every league has lots of new content, love it and then the expansion at the same time :o
Unfortunately, in the war for the atlas trailer it looked like they added shoggoths to the game, so I'll have to at least try out the new league long enough to encounter them...

I imagine you're referring to the tentacled creatures seen in the trailer while the Shaper comments on having seen things not meant for the eyes of man. A miniature version would not be unwelcome as a pet (also applicable to the roaming 'void orbs' seen in Shaper-controlled maps).

I seriously hope GGG folks will greatly buff Bringer of Rain for the 3.1 as it will become completely useless unique compared to the shaped/elder 7l rares.

'Completely useless' would be in all likelihood an exaggeration, sir. Keep in mind that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
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Well, I've been thinking and believe the new one button to play the game meta will be Blade Flurry - CWC - Unearth - Bodyswap - Fortify - Storm Barrier with Arctic Armor, Tukohama PP and the new boots.

Stand still while moving, exploding everything in the way based on your own life pool.
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Into the Labyrinth!"
nice and still an amazing work !!!
Brace yourself, Hype incoming!
I know it's so late to ask, but I really hope we are also getting a new intro. The first was my favorite; it gives backstory of the characters from their own perspective making them more sympathetic from their own perspectives and this makes them more likable, even when they are obviously in the wrong (Duelist "He had it coming..." and Shadow "I would have kept my mouth shut") with the Oriath opening putting perspective on the courts, governed by
which is just one aspect of this expansive game.

So if it's not to late, if you are not going to bring back the boat intro I hope you give a new intro that puts more emphasis on the characters. As I write this I realize your intent was to present the abilities of the character classes skills.

[It also makes me curious of whether an angry mob killed the witch's family or they were executed by the Oriath officials and whether shadow was smuggled onto a boat unconscious or whether he stood trial, the witches' story making a very slight difference in game lore]
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i cant WAIT for harbinger league!!!
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I think I've finally found a league where I want to go for 40/40. This is gonna be good!
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Someone speculated there are two sides, void and cell, and you can pick a side and fight for it, forever changing the map. This is very exciting.

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