The Abyss Challenge League


The league is starting in less than 6 days, when will we get :
- the list of 40 challenges ?
- the list of new item types to prepare the filters ?

Also, will there be any changes in the passive tree ?

Thank you !
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Next week is action packed from a news perspective. In addition to the teasers that we'll be sharing on the forum, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit we'll also have some significant news days as per the following in NZT:

Mon: Abyss League Challenges and Rewards.
Tue: 3.1.0 Balance Development Manifesto.
Wed: 3.1.0 Patch Notes.
Thu: Passive Tree and Item Filter Information.
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Nice, going to try it out


i got 4 days of 14 hour shifts starting the 8th :c and 4 days off before :'c

still i spose i can spend all the loots i earn from seasonal overtime to snag me a supporters pack :) , evry cloud has a silver lining
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Grats. You've finally made it to D2 status. Socketing jewels in gear. I'm all for this.
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