The Hungry Loop Unique Ring

CoC with Scold bridle. Oh wait more spells are triggered. With proper gear the leech provided refounds the self damage.
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When I first saw this ring I thought it was fantastic. Now that I've carefully read what it can and cannot do I have mixed feelings. Yes, it's a five link. The ring can gobble up four support gems and you can socket a skill gem in the socket. But it has no stats. It would be great to set it up and give the ring to a starting character for leveling, but it has a level 70 requirement. At endgame I depend on the stats that my rings provide. Perhaps there are niche uses for this and I hope somebody finds some use for it. For the builds I run I can't see me using it.
Well i certainly see it as another trade off item and i love that it will mean it can't be meta. But a 5 link would certainly benefit something like a dual wield kaoms heart build
the new 30ex item. finaly :P
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jahcinto wrote:
the new 30ex item. finaly :P

I still fail to se where this ring shines, other than cwdt, summoner and herald builds i can't think of anything.

For real, a shaper/elder rare with just one supportmod and one useful stat is strictly better than this ring.

But please enlighten me? :)
"Axe bad! Fix please!"
Nicksiren wrote:
But will the Hungry Loop accept Cats on Crit?

What kind of cats are those? On some special condiment?

=@[.]@= boggled
=~[.]^= naughty wink
Shield charge, leap slam, though probably not whirling blades due to it's lack of aoe.
+ Faster attacks
+ Fortify
+ PCoC
+ Either ECoMS or Ice bite.

You can easily get 2/3 charges and fortify with your movement skills while mapping. This could prevent the need for bloor rage

My berserker uses sybil's in a ring slot anyway, so If I went slayer and got 75% from the ascendancy and pantheon, then that would free up a ring slot and provide an additional 10% phys reflect reduction. This would also free up another 4 sockets or allow using kaoms boots and chest more comfortably. 2 6-links and a 5 link, along with supposedly socketed belts!

too bad the cheap supporter packs succ. only things i want are in the $160 pack x.x
Kaoms Heart Kaoms Roots Facebreaker builds incoming Kappa
With this new ring, we definitely need an improvement in to see the XP progressbar of a gem, along with its level.

For example, gem level 19 with 0% XP and gem level 19 where you just have to socket it in the ring and click the "+" to make the gem 20... :)

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