3.1 KimiiG's LowLife RF/SR. Facetank whole Atlas! 1.4m+ dps.

KimiiG wrote:

- I don’t use any GG ES – items, I can clear whole Atlas

Proceeds to link GG es/triple damage jewels

With which skill do you procc elemental equilibirum?
I have lightning damage to attacks at my opal ring but with shield charge it doesnt procc.



So other than continuing to level up, and buying some more decent jewels, what would yall recommend I try to do next to upgrade?

Get boots enchant with 2% life region when hit!

first of all thanks for sharing this awesome build,this is my first rf build at lvl 71 now got few questions
1)which watcher's eye jewel is better?
Life Regenerated per Second while affected by Vitality
or 2.5% of Maximum Energy Shield Regenerated per Second while affected by Disclipine
2)plz share ur new skill tree paste bin after lvl 68 i cant find where to go.
Hi could i get some help im not able do much past t10s could i get some help and im not able to use the blood magic with vit and purty of ice any help pls
my pob shows a total dps of 700k though, did you change anything in the build after making the pob link?
ur pob url for me shows 349k shaper dps with scorching ray and 337k shaper dps with righteous fire, did anything change about the build?

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