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Useless. More of the same. Trade doesn't suck because it is hard, it sucks because it is boring and dull. I would be a-OK if trade in PoE was as hard as it is now (hell, even harder), but actually a fun experience. The other problem is that we need to use external programs and sites to trade, when we should only need the open game to do it, no more.

I'm a noob, ok.. whatever. Give me a solid reason why you dont have this " like thing" inside the game??

this always alt-tabbing it's soooooo annoying.

P.S. I've an old pc and NO DOUBLE screen. so...

hope I'm not the only one that feels this way.
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Until you give people at least the ability to just set a buyout for an item in their searchable stashes and let people just buy them without having to do an in-person trade, the real problems with trade accessibility in this game will not be solved. Your concerns about "instant" or "easy" trade are completely misguided and you need to get over them.

If you check your player statistics I would expect you'd find that people who participate in trade end up playing a league/season longer than those who don't, yet you're afraid of accessible trade for irrational reasons. The fact that people who trade play longer and get more involved in the game should be all the proof you need that we need more accessible trade in the game. The evidence is right in front of your faces but you refuse to accept it for whatever reason. Your thoughts about trade in the trade manifesto are misguided. Your concerns about accessible trade stem from inaccurate comparisons to other games like D3. Many people look at the D3 AH and think it proves something about accessible trade in ARPGs that it simply does not. D3 did a lot of things wrong that had nothing to do with accessible trade. D3 would have been perfectly fine with accessible trade if those other issues had been addressed. They likely lost more players by removing trade than they got back by removing it for RoS.

This game is also nothing like D3 outside extremely basic ARPG elements. In D3, you could buy an item and use it. You had no other use for it. There was nothing else you could do to it. D3 didn't have the robust crafting and currency systems this game has. D3 did not have numerous items (or any actually) with interesting affixes that could be combined in unique ways to change up how you play. In this game trade accessibility would encourage people to explore the possibilities that the unique items offer. People who don't trade end up leaving early because they're not getting interesting items they want to use. They have no reason to keep playing without trade because you simply can't fully explore the possibilities in this game without trade. In D3v the only purpose of getting an item upgrade was stat upgrades. It was a far less complex game. The complexity in this game would make trade accessibility thrive far more than it ever did in D3v, and it was actually quite popular in D3v despite what many try to claim.

The idea that more accessible trade would require reducing drop rates is also completely misguided at best. The drop rates in this game are already abysmal enough that playing without trade tends to mean you're highly unlikely to ever get specific items that you want. The idea that you're done once you get the items you want also makes no sense. The people who already participate in trade get their items faster. Then they continue playing longer, using the items and build they have to farm for items to trade or for other builds. Trade accessibility would likely lead to a significant increase in how long players stay around as trade is an important end-game activity in an ARPG where there is no other end-game activity besides acquiring more items.

TLDR: Trade accessibility is a good thing. Trade accessibility will lead to higher participation and people sticking around longer. We need asynchronous trade, this isn't good enough.
Completed 11 ChallengesBorgsFury wrote:
Until you give people at least the ability to just set a buyout for an item in their searchable stashes and let people just buy them without having to do an in-person trade, the real problems with trade accessibility in this game will not be solved. Your concerns about "instant" or "easy" trade are completely misguided and you need to get over them.

I completely agree with this and I would have welcomed an option (especially for cheaper items) where buyer goes to seller's stash, picks item, gives currency and the trade is done without disrupting buyer's or seller's gameplay. If easy trade is too scary just put a limit on the price of items we can buy/sell with the non-interaction trade.

I really enjoy finding good deals on items and getting that expensive drop that can help me get the gear I need, but trading can be really tedious. My main frustrations with it is that I end up spending more time trying to buy an item than playing because of all the dnd/afk/mapping/leveling/lab/cba to port because item is cheap/playing another league sellers. It takes away the fun when you sit there browsing sell offers for 2 hours and still get left empty handed. And when I'm selling stuff I often close the shop after I've returned to hideout several times only to have the buyer not show up.

There are a few things I've really missed when using
- Automatic support for new mods and unique items as they are found in leagues.
- A trade-specific blacklist to hide item listings from abusive players.
Especially that blacklist feature is a huge plus, but I think I won't be using the official trade site. It looks too messy and confusing :/
How the hell do you sell anything? I can't figure it out.
can you make this function available to non premium stash tab users? I don't like the hassle of making a trade post and copying and pasting a line of code for an Item that I needed to sell on and since you already have this platform, why not make it easier for us to list the items for trade? don't get me wrong, I don't like the idea of making an instant trade auction house, what I want is an ease of use of this platform. I don't mind if I had to use my browser to list it, just make it easy for us. But if you could make it function in-game then that would also be better
Are you against new players? This appears to be an excellent new feature and I have been struggling to understand how to use it. I have bought and sold (with difficulty) using this feature but now I find I cant list items.
I visited the forums and found newcomers/trade/general guides dated 2013....instructions not to post on the forums until reading the FOQs which turned out to be an out of date,unindexed 30+ pages of misc. information.
Most of my knowledge of the game has come from Google but most of this is now too old.
IS THIS GGG POLICY make the game SEEM to be more making it more difficult to not releasing instructions
Not having it as an in-game feature is one thing but coming up with a website that's inferior to the third party one is just ridiculous :)

I had a chuckle loading up the site, eh.
Needs a fix, seems to be sluggish and not workin most of the time.
No shaper/elder/unique/jewel mods available.

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