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One auction house would make trading fore efficient and easier for new players.
I was really hesitating to post a comment, because it is a very difficult and sensible topic... First off, I want to express my love for the game and all the work and effort GGG puts into it and everything around it!

This is a really big thread and should therefor have an impact and show how important the subject of trading (naturally) is to players. It really seems to be the genereal wish to have a ingame trade integration, which I agree with, but I do not think it should be fully automated. So no AFK or offline trading... I like the trade manifesto and agree with chris on many terms. i would however like to have an online ingame trade system. Others already mentioned this... a window pops up (like party invite) and states the trade request. You can then agree or deny the request or even nagotiate. I enjoy finding or crafting valuable items, but selling them gives me the same feeling of joy, so I wouldn't want to miss this. It would feel strange logging in and seeing you got more currency, but some items disappeared...

On a sidenote... when I started playing POE casual I did not know about trading, did not know what hideouts were for and so on. I heard about by accident from a friend and then started googling it.

Edit: Also I'm running 2 makros atm to cope with the current trade system. When in lab, I run 3 makros... There should not be the need to do this. In a game where trading is so important as in Poe a working trading system should be provided by the game and the need to rely on third party software should not exist...
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can we just sell everything in this site too? it seems to be good at first place but it really difficult to sell anything in our stash without any helpful program such as acquisition...
Game is soooo hard, life is sooo rough
nowitsme wrote:
One auction house would make trading fore efficient and easier for new players.

i dont know it is a good or bad ideal because we have a lession in diablo 3, that not healthy for game, POE is a game without any official currency, so it should be fine if we can bargain price, it is the game unique feature, i think GGG should not ruin it, a trade site is good but i think it seems to be late and this is a worse trade website than, it need to improve by the time. too many newbies in this game dont know how to trade, have no ideal about, and just know about the trade chat channel... and that is a worst channel ever for a newbie => get 1 league to know about, + 1 league to learn how the currency trade work (too many afk but not real afk)
To GGG: i need to search not only the unique item, high stat rare item, somewhat unique mods from essence, unique mods from rare item from map, i want also find some crafting item (i see no prefix and surfix tier - it hard to know and remember which is high tier and low) and i also want to sell in this site (maybe GGG should give us a trade stash? just 1 stash similar to premium stash to sell item in website? or all 4 i will appreciate that), => if GGG want to get a trade website? recruit the one make or make a easy copy
Game is soooo hard, life is sooo rough
nowitsme wrote:
too many newbies in this game dont know how to trade

that is so true! there is absolutly no information about "real trading" ingame. the newcomers are getting heavily scamed in that "worthless" trade channel.
"worthless" because endgamers are constantly running maps or labs, most of them do not spam in tradechat, wait and hope for answers.

I have a friend who played about severel hundrets of hours and he didn't know about he never reached the guardians or farmed for vaal queen, until we met ingame and i had to tell him the story with poe trading...

at least a "real trading tutorial" or any kind of trade lobby or live trade interface,
call it tradeboard, should be integrated and set it in every city next to the eventsboard or somethin

i understand that face to face trade should be a important part of trading process but the reality is like:

- NO ANSWER -> repeat along the 10 offers of the first page, because ppl are not forced to sell or generally bound to their offers and spam the trade page to push down the prices.

-SOLD (long time ago but still in system)

- Finaly real, online, not sold, trade offers:
- Lab
- Lab
- Lab
- Lab
- XYZ has invited you to Party.
- Teleport to his Hideout
- Finaly the the Trade Offer Window pops up

GGG now has an official Trading Site to continue exactly THAT. I understand that some efforts in trading and face to face meetings should be part of this game, but to be forced to go OUT OF THE GAME, to trade INGAME afterwards is just NOT A GOOD SOLUTION.

i read the manifesto and it is true that automated systems never should be in any tradesystem but plz make more presence ingame!!
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yeah! make the game better and better.
Working but also playing too!
I like the idea and i get it is just beta, but it is nowhere as good as interfacewise.
now find a way to get rid of those market price manipulators ( post lowest price but do not trade) and then we'll call it good progress. Unless there is a nice feature like that, I don't see why people would switch to use this beta site when they can use with a nicer interface and bigger customer/seller base since it is better known.

But here, have a cookie for the effort of making a copy of

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It's going to take some getting used to but the site is great and already seems better than the old. Good job!
I have briefly tried out the trade section at, and i'm fairly disappointed.

I was looking for the Labyrinth enchant "REDUCED Herald of Thunder/Ice Mana Reservation" and while I can find it just fine via ( it will not show up in the /trade/ section because it simply doesn't exist as an option.

The options for ALL Mana Reservation enchant's are based as "INCREASED Herald of Thunder/Ice Mana Reservation".

Several other searches pertaining to attack speed also fail.

I have not personally experienced any other issues, simply because I have stopped using it after the first few attempts failed.

In my personal experience thus far, I can definitely say that your trade section needs some serious proof checking/testing done.


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